What do you do?
I have a degree in political science and worked on the Hill for a few years. After B proposed, we decided to take an assignment abroad. I quit my job and we moved right after the wedding. I guess that’s my way of telling you that I’m not using my degree. It’s difficult to find a job when we’re moving around every 6 months so I blog and take photographs.

Why do you move so often?
My husband is on a corporate rotation right now. He’s smart. ;)

How did you meet your husband?
We met at a DC bar and it was a hilarious night. At some point, I’ll have to write about it on the blog.


Why did you move to Scotland?
Brandon was offered a field assignment in Aberdeen, Scotland and we jumped at the chance to go. He spent two weeks abroad before our wedding and flew me out for three days to visit (I could only get a few days off of work), and after that, we made the big decision to move. I quit my job and we hopped on a plane after our honeymoon.

What was living abroad like?
Great question! We absolutely loved it but it was tough at times since we were living so far away from friends and family. I have a series on this blog called The Expat Diaries and you can learn more there.

Will you ever live overseas again?
Yes! We definitely want to. This depends on my husband’s job, but we’d all like to go overseas again (including our dogs). Experiencing different cultures and traveling all over the place is our favorite.


What type of camera do you use?
Unfortunately, most of my blog travel photos were taken with a simple Sony point and shoot – that’s why they’re so blurry! After living abroad for around 6 months, we finally invested in a Canon Rebel T2i which was a great starter DSLR, and then after moving back to the States, I switched to a Nikon D600 and my husband took my hand-me-down. I wanted a full-frame camera and I love how the D600 feels in my hands! I guess our family is Team Canon and Team Nikon.

What are your favorite lenses?
I almost always use my 50mm 1.4 lens because it’s compact, great in low light situations, and I like the look of bokeh… lots of bokeh. I also have a 24-85mm lens.

How do you edit blog photos?
I use Lightroom 5 to make very minor adjustments to my photographs. I like to fix the white balance, exposure, and sharpen for web, then I resize everything. Since my blog is so photo-heavy, this is an important step to ensure everything loads quickly.

How do you edit professional photos?
Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS6 for Mac. I won’t go into detail because the process is long and boring, and something I’ve finally perfected after about a year.

I don’t understand my DSLR. Do you have any tips?
I have a photography series on my blog. You can check it out here.

What’s the name of your photography business?
It’s called Voyage Photography Studio and you can find the website here.


Why did you switch from Blogger to WordPress?
I decided to transfer my site to WordPress after hearing about other blogs being deleted by Blogger. I put a lot of time and effort into this space and I don’t want to lose all of my work! Plus, I really like the WordPress plugins.

Do you have website hosting suggestions?
Quite a few bloggers use Bluehost and I started out doing the same, but after dealing with an extremely slow website and other hosting issues, I switched to WP Engine. Honestly, I wouldn’t use anything else. It’s more expensive but it’s managed hosting, you get free daily website backups, super fast caching, and expert WordPress support — I love it! And I really love it when I screw up my site somehow and it gets fixed in less than two minutes. Yay for managed hosting!

I’m a new blogger. Can you help me out?
I recently started a series regarding growing your blog, sponsorship and other pieces of advice. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.

I like your photos. Can I use them on my website?
All content on this blog belongs to me. You may not use anything without written permission. Sorry!


Your dogs are cute; what are their breeds?
Seriously, I get this question a lot. And my dogs blush every time. We got Malcolm while we were living abroad in Scotland and he’s a purebred Westie. He just turned 2 years old this August. We adopted Ollie while we were living in Scottsdale and we know he’s a Dachshund mixed with some kind of Terrier — maybe a Yorkie or Schnauzer. We have no idea! He turned 1-year-old in October. Our dogs are both sassy little buggers.

Is your Westie really from Scotland?
Why, yes he is! He was born on a farm in Glasgow and we decided to adopt him and bring him over to the USA after our assignment abroad. It was the best decision we’ve ever made as a couple.

Was moving your dog to a different country difficult?
The process was surprisingly painless but it stressed me out a lot. Here’s my experience with moving a pet abroad and some tips for those in a similar situation. Feel free to email me, too!


Do you have a favorite country you’ve traveled to?
My husband and I liked Morocco because it was so different from the European countries we traveled to that year. We rode camels, visited a Berber Market, explored the Atlas Mountains, and had lunch at an Imam’s house. I’d love to go back!

Where are hotel recommendations on your blog?
I’ve only written about a few hotels in the United States, but I plan on creating travel guides for every city we’ve been to. Look for these in the next couple of months!

Do you have any travel tips?
Check out my “Travel Bloggers Tell All” series for tips regarding hotels, airlines, packing, and exploring!


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