the benefits of traveling abroad | five ways you can “get out”

Hey all, I’m Z from Sometimes Z Takes Pictures! You might’ve seen Rachel’s awesome photoshoot with me a few months ago – one of the most fun afternoons I’ve had in a while! Today I’m here not to flaunt my face (well…maybe a little) but to chat about studying abroad fall of last year. Whether you’re considering taking a semester to go abroad or reflecting on your college experience, I have a couple great reasons to take any kind of trip. I call them the reasons to “get out” – both physically and mentally. Enjoy! 1. Get outside your hometown For me, “studying abroad” doesn’t necessarily mean, well, “abroad.” My school has options to study in Washington DC, Los Angeles, or New York CIty, all based upon when you’re majoring in. By saying “studying abroad” I’m saying you should explore somewhere different. If that means bustling Shanghai or rural Montana, […]


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