holiday gift guide for the glamper

Icebreakers Gift Guide

If you’re like me, you’re still scrambling for gift ideas even though Christmas is a week away, and hey, that’s alright! With quality websites like Icebreaker you can pick up something unique for all of your travel-loving friends and family. The first thing you’ll notice about the Icebreaker website is that they have helpful gift guides for easy shopping. These gift guides are your one-stop-shop for glampers, globe trotters, over packers, fitness fanatics, snow bums, and the minimalists in your life, and you’ll find different items on each page. I decided to build my own gift guide with items from the “glamper” section because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Luxury camping? Sign me up. (It’s probably more enjoyable than camping in Scotland while insects attack your face and crawl into your nostrils, right?) Holiday Gift Guide for the Glamper: + This MerinoLOFT Chelsea vest looks chic and comfy and […]


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the best camera straps for travel

Best Camera Straps for Travel

Whenever I bring my camera with me during our travels, the thought of someone stealing all of my stuff is constantly in the back of my mind. My camera and all the gear that goes along with this very expensive hobby/profession is worth a pretty penny and it would take me a while to save up enough money to replace everything. Like, a really long time. That’s why I think it’s important to follow a few steps to ensure your gear is safe, and do simple things like switch out the camera strap you’re currently using. There are a few issues with the strap that comes with your camera body and here’s why (and why I think that iMo has the best camera straps for travel): 1. Uncomfortable. Have you ever walked hours on end with a camera digging into your shoulder? It’s not pleasant. That’s why I’ve made the […]


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ugobags customizable luggage

Ugobags Customizable Luggage

I had the opportunity to review UGOBAGS customizable luggage and instantly fell in love with my unique piece when it arrived on my doorstep. My customized carry-on made travel way more interesting and I can’t tell you how many flight attendants complimented the logo and colors I used. Plus, it was easy to spot in the overhead compartment which is important to me. I usually pack my DSLR in my carry-on suitcase, so my UGOBAGS white hard shell and brightly colored straps prevented panic as I was trying to find my suitcase a few rows up. I could easily keep an eye on my belongings and felt stylish rolling down the plane aisle and around the airport. c/o UGOBAGS Not only are you able to customize almost every part of the suitcase including the size and handle colors, your able to choose the color of your wheels as well. Since […]


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travel essentials | battle of the natural deodorant

Best Natural Deodorant

In my quest to switch to all things natural, I’ve been experimenting with different deodorants to see which one holds up best. An “OK” deodorant is fine when you’re sitting at a desk all day, but when you plan on taking vacation that involves the summer heat and lots of walking, you want something better than that. Especially if you sweat like a man… like me. It’s been a long and smelly road, but I’ve finally found a few natural deodorants that work. 1. Tom’s Lavender Deodorant Stick. Oh, Tom’s. I wanted to like you. I really did. This deodorant doesn’t work for me at all. Sure, the lavender scent is nice, but after only an hour, I already smell. It’s not pleasant… plus, I don’t want Brandon to divorce me so in the trash it will go. 2. Earth Science Deodorant. This is better than Tom’s but not by much. […]


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travel essentials | in my camera bag

Travel Essentials Camera Bag

I always love hearing about blogger’s favorite photography equipment so I figured I’d give you all a peek of what’s in my camera bag… because being snoopy is fun. 1. Joby GorillaPod Hybrid Gray. While we were traveling across Europe, I used this mini tripod all the time. It was sturdy enough to hold up my DSLR while taking night shots of the Colosseum in Rome, and small enough to fit in my camera satchel. Because the legs are flexible, we were able to attach it to different surfaces and adjust the height while it was sitting on the ground. I highly recommend picking up one of these! 2. Nikon D600 24.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera. This is my baby. Like I’ve stated in my FAQ section, I started on a Canon EOS Rebel T2i but switched to the D600 when I returned to the States and wanted […]


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gift guide | the traveler

I’ve put together a list of my favorite travel products for that jet setter in your life. This gift guide for “the traveler” includes gadgets, journals, and essentials to make flights and road trips more enjoyable. I have the scratch-off map below and absolutely love taking a coin to different places after we’ve returned home, and one of the products on my wish list is the Fujifilm instant film camera. If I had this little gem, you’d bet I’d past photos all over our walls! It’s similar to that old Polaroid camera I had as a young kid, only a million times better! Let me know what your favorite item is: 1. USA Map Phone Case – Because everyone needs a travel map phone case in their life. 2. Beats Headphones – To make your flight more enjoyable. 3. Travel Stub Diary – Showcase plane and train ticket stubs, plus tokens from your […]


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top travel apps i can’t live without, part 2


I’ve decided to continue my list of the top travel apps I can’t live without, and to also include some of the apps my wonderful readers suggested. I’ve been playing around with a few of these for the past couple of weeks and I can’t get enough. I hope you’ll find this post useful! If you missed my first travel apps post, you can find it here. 1. EEBA Since we talk about traveling on a budget on this website, this is a perfect tool to use to keep track of all your expenditures. It’s similar to the envelope system some bloggers use, only you don’t need to carry around cash. You can continue to use your credit or debit cards and just deduct expenses from your digital envelopes. My EEBA app is synced up with my husband’s so it’s easy to keep track of how we’re doing every month. […]


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brachel boulevard | crossbody bags for travel

Hi all! I have also been blessed with the beautiful name of Rachel! My blog is called Brachel Boulevard. The term, “Brachel” started when my husband and I were joking about celebrity couple names. Brandon+Rachel=Brachel. Over the years the little joke has continued and the term has come to represent all the things we have done as a couple. Together we have two gorgeous children, have traveled to 14 countries, and have lived in 3. We now call gorgeous Barcelona, Spain our home. Just a few weeks ago, we were talking to a local policeman in Barcelona about safety while traveling. He pointed out that the best bags were like the one I was using-a small cross body bag-and here’s why. Crossbody bags can be placed in front of you and easily stay there. No need to look around to see if someone is reaching for your purse, it’s right […]


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travel bloggers tell all | air travel tips + must-haves

I find that people either love air travel or despise it. I happen to enjoy flights but many of my friends and family members think it’s a stressful experience. No matter which camp you’re in, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure your flight is as comfortable as possible. Do you tend to get cold while you’re in the air? Do you need a neck pillow to fall asleep? These are things you should ask yourself before you pack for your next trip. Need a few more pointers? Here are a couple of travel bloggers with air travel tips and their flight must-haves. Nicole from Treasure Tromp Blog | Twitter | Pinterest What are a few must-have items when you’re on a long flight? There are two very important things I think about when packing my carry-on: comfort and entertainment. When it comes to comfort, I always bring earplugs, neck […]


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travel bloggers tell all | exploring cities

Today I have a few bloggers discussing the most important part of travel — exploring cities! From booking tours to must-have items when walking around, these ladies have you covered. Feel free to leave them questions in the comments section, and enjoy! Casey from We Took the Road Less Traveled Blog | Facebook | Instagram 1. When you’re traveling to a new city, what resources do you use to find tours and other activities? Living in Europe and being surrounded by like-minded traveling friends, I often pick their brains first for ideas about things we should do and see. There’s nothing like getting heartfelt trip recommendations straight from the people who’ve already experienced where we’re heading next. My second stop while travel planning for “must-see” attractions and sight-seeing is TripAdvisor. I love their attraction ranking system and the honest reviews from previous travelers. Their site is a great jumping off […]


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top travel apps i can’t live without

When we traveled throughout Europe last year and the year before, we relied heavily on smartphone and iPad travel apps to guide us to top tourist sites, restaurants and pubs. We also used apps to check flight status, convert currency, help with common phrases, and to find public transportation. Here are a few of the top travel apps I can’t live without: 1. TripAdvisor (Offline City Guides) I love this app! We just arrived in Boston last Wednesday but I’ve already scoured TripAdvisor for must-see attractions, tours, shopping, and nightlife. You can also check in to places and view them in your trip journal later, and you can send postcards to people with messages like, “Greetings from Boston” etc. If you need help with public transportation, the transit option in this app is awesome. It shows you the nearest metro stop, metro system maps, and other information about each line. Download […]


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travel bloggers tell all | tips on planning, booking hotels + the best airlines

I’ve asked a few seasoned explorers to help me out with a new mini-series on my blog centered around travel advice. If you’ve ever wondered how to plan a big vacation without having to use a travel agent, which airlines you should fly for international travel, the best websites to use for hotel accommodations, and how to skip town on a budget, we have you covered. These ladies are going to share their top-secret methods with all of you (sounds intense!), and hopefully in the end, you’ll book that trip you’ve been dreaming about for months. Hold me, readers! I feel a severe case of wanderlust overcoming me. Here’s some tips on planning, booking hotels, plus their favorite airlines! Casey from True Colours Blog | Twitter | Bloglovin’ What are some tips for planning a big trip? When I start planning a big trip, the most important thing I do […]


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travel essentials | let’s be adventurers

Travel Essentials

1. Documenting our experiences abroad is important to us so we bring our camera everywhere. Instead of lugging a large camera bag around, I tuck it into a bag that looks like a purse and put it across my body. You should always have your hand on the bag to prevent your equipment from being stolen! 2. An extra memory card is a must. You might need it for extra photos or for when your other memory card becomes corrupt due to not formatting (this happened to us on a trip to a castle). 3. We traveled with cell phones while we were living in the UK. A Lebara SIM card is handy because you can buy a different one in each country to make International cards. 4. Be sure to grab your hotel’s business card before you leave for the day to explore. If you get lost, you can […]


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travel essentials | leaving on a jet plane

Travel Essentials Plane

Since we are currently on our way to Rome, I wanted to post a few of my travel must-haves. 1. My hair is always a mess on flights. My bangs get greasy and everything else turns into static. Hair ties are a must — especially comfortable ones like these. 2. Because of a travel neck pillow I bought a few years ago, I can now sleep on any type of aircraft. It doesn’t matter if the seats are uncomfortable (they always are since I’m short), something about a pillow cradling my sore neck makes me fall asleep. It’s ah-mazing. 3. I have regular head phones but I want these so badly. They’re more expensive but would be completely worth it. On more than one flight, we’ve experienced a baby crying for hours. Plus theses look comfortable. 4. I use my Longchamp bag as a carry-on because I can fit everything in it. Sure, it […]


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