travel bloggers tell all | jet lag, fashion and moments

Welcome to my Travel Bloggers Tell All series! Today I have two lovely bloggers discussing jet lag, vacation fashion, and travel moments that have changed them forever. Anna from Eat See Do Blog | Bloglovin’ | Twitter Ideal outfit for exploring? I’ve been caught out on this a few times as I forget that visiting a little French village may involve scaling a big hill to get to a castle. So now I try and balance it out with pretty meets practical. I tend to live in an outfit of jeans (jean shorts in the summer) and t-shirts and my converse shoes which are just the right balance of trendy yet comfy and good enough for clambering when the need arises, which it does quite often. A raincoat is an absolute essential and has got me through many good tropical rainstorms. Best of all, you can usually fold them up into your […]


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travel bloggers tell all | what inspires you to travel?

Welcome to the Travel Bloggers Tell All series. Everyone has different reasons for traveling and today we’re discussing what inspires us to book that plane ticket or hop in the car. Sharon and Bryce from the Getaway Brigade Blog | Twitter | Pinterest What inspires you to travel? Everyone is different; for us, traveling is a way to achieve balance in life—so when we feel like our lives are lacking in adventure or contemplation, we find it in travel. We’ve driven to the airport and hopped on the first plane going out, just to break our routine. Or if life gets too hectic we’ll book a weekend getaway to carve out time to relax. We also find that our friends inspire us to travel and vice versa. We’re always discovering new places to add to our list through talking with friends, both in person and through social media. Favorite part […]


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travel bloggers tell all | lessons learned from travel

I’m excited for this week’s Travel Bloggers Tell All series because it’s all about lessons and self-growth. When people ask me about my time abroad, I tell them about the fun times had while traveling around Europe and Northern Africa, but I also explain that travel changed me. I learned about myself, my relationship, and what’s important. Here are more lessons learned from travel: Edward from Iceland, Defrosted Blog | Facebook | Twitter Favorite travel destination and why? Ha! This is an easy question. Iceland. I’ve written a book about my obsession with the people, places and music of Iceland. ‘Iceland, Defrosted’ is less about wars over cod, flight-halting volcanoes and globe-shattering financiers, and more about relaxing in natural hot pots, sharing barbeques in howling winter storms and eating waffles and rhubarb jam while watching playful Arctic foxes. Oh, and desperately, desperately searching for the elusive Northern Lights (which might […]


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travel bloggers tell all | exploring cities

Today I have a few bloggers discussing the most important part of travel — exploring cities! From booking tours to must-have items when walking around, these ladies have you covered. Feel free to leave them questions in the comments section, and enjoy! Casey from We Took the Road Less Traveled Blog | Facebook | Instagram 1. When you’re traveling to a new city, what resources do you use to find tours and other activities? Living in Europe and being surrounded by like-minded traveling friends, I often pick their brains first for ideas about things we should do and see. There’s nothing like getting heartfelt trip recommendations straight from the people who’ve already experienced where we’re heading next. My second stop while travel planning for “must-see” attractions and sight-seeing is TripAdvisor. I love their attraction ranking system and the honest reviews from previous travelers. Their site is a great jumping off […]


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travel bloggers tell all | traveling on a budget

I love taking frequent trips with my husband, but it’s important that we don’t break the bank each time. If we’re able to save money when booking flights, hotels and excursions, we’re left with more cash to use for another vacation at a later date. This is perfect because it’s everyone’s goal to see the world, right? Today I have three lovely bloggers sharing their top tips on how to travel on a budget. We hope you learn something new! Chelsea from Lost in Travels Bloglovin’ | Twitter | Facebook What are your tips for traveling on a budget? Hello! I’m Chelsea and I blog over at Lost in Travels where I talk about my husband and I’s daily life as expats in Korea as well as document our world adventures and share budgeting and travel tips we’ve learned along the way. So I’m one of the weird ones who actually […]


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