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I have something bratty to admit. While we were living abroad and traveling every couple of weeks, I got burnt out and almost sick of it. I took our unique situation for granted and exploring other countries almost became the norm. Now that we’re back in the States, I realize how lucky we were to have that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Not that I wasn’t aware of how wonderful it was before, but now that we’re unable to hop on a plane every weekend, reality has hit me with a little more force. I have the travel bug right now, and at this moment, there’s nothing I can do about it. We are at a different place in our lives and although living abroad once again is still a future goal, we’re currently focused on making our new house a home and catching up with friends and family. After a year of […]


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stockholm ice bar

While in Sweden, we decided to go to a Stockholm Ice Bar at the Nordic Sea Hotel. The bar is kept at a temperature of around 23 degrees Fahrenheit and everything inside is made of ice, including the tables and chairs. With our Icebar Stockholm experience, we were each given a voucher for one fruity cocktail made in an ice glass. Refills were also available but like I said in a previous post, everything is more expensive there so we passed. Why so expensive Stockholm? I’ve always been obsessed with eating ice, so Brandon made fun of me as a tried to consume my entire cup while chilling inside the ice bar. Doesn’t everyone do that? Side note: I’m always cold —¬†always — but somehow the smelly cloaks they gave us kept me warm enough to stay in the ice bar for a while. I actually enjoyed our time inside! […]


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stockholm open air museum

If I could live anywhere in the world, it would either be Barcelona or Stockholm. Probably Stockholm, but there’s one problem. The city is extremely expensive. We figured it would be pricey, like every other European city we had traveled to, but we weren’t expecting to pay $45 for a couple of sandwiches and bottles of water. We also ran into a problem when I noticed I had forgotten my face wash in Scotland. We went to a department store and purchased a bottle there, but quickly returned it after we realized a small bottle had cost us around $56! Needless to say, I used hotel shampoo on my face the rest of the trip (thank goodness it was only for the weekend). So, if I had a ton of money, I would definitely live in Stockholm. The sun was out the entire time, which was a nice change from […]


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