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When I was in high school, I participated in a choir trip to Europe. Even though we visited spectacular countries all over the place, I had always wanted to travel to Spain to explore cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia. Luckily Brandon and I decided that while we were living abroad in Scotland, it was the perfect opportunity to visit beautiful Barcelona. After all, once you’re across the big ocean, traveling around Europe can be fairly inexpensive! — Even though Ryanair sucks… details. Barcelona completely exceeded our expectations. On the first day, the weather was mild and perfect so we set out to find a tapas restaurants that allowed guests to pay per toothpick. For some reason this concept really excited us, and hey, what a great way to try all types of food! After stuffing our faces and enjoying all of the architecture, we shifted to museum mode. The Picasso Museum […]


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One of the things I enjoyed most about Barcelona was the architecture. Well, that and the food because who can resist seafood paella? No one. When we traveled to Spain last year we explored Sagrada Familia, Torre Agbar Tower, Casa Amatller, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà, Hugo Boss building, Barcelona Cathedral, and Arc de Triomf. SAGRADA FAMILIA The Sagrada Familia project was begun on March 19, 1882 and has been in construction ever since. Antoni Guadí was brought on board in 1883 and continued to work on the structure until his death in 1926. Because so many different architects have contributed to the church, you can see the difference in stone color and the fact that one side looks more modern than the other. Personally, that’s what makes it beautiful to me. TOREE AGBAR The Toree Agbar tower was located next to our hotel and that made finding our way easy. […]


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sagrada familia | barcelona, spain

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain was one of my favorite places to explore on our vacation. The basilica is awe-inspiring, not only because of it’s size, but because of the intricate designs on every inch of the structure. The attention to detail is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Oh, and it’s been under construction since 1882. After the architect’s death, the design has been up for interpretation so you’ll notice the difference in stone color and that one side of the structure looks more modern. Antoni Guadí’s side (nativity facade) was more of a gothic style. Nativity Facade Passion Facade The stained glass formed rainbows on everything The ticket price was completely worth it and you should plan on setting aside two-three hours to fully experience the basilica. If I had to guess, I’d say we spent at least a full three hours outside, in the actual basilica, and […]


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palma, spain

I don’t have nearly as many photos from Palma as I would like because we were busy swimming in the freezing Mediterranean Sea. Since it was blistering hot out, we figured the Sea would be similar to the Gulf of Mexico. Wrong. As I was climbing down the boat ladder into the water very slowly, B kept telling me to “hurry up!” He quickly ate his words when it was his turn to get in. Muahaha.One important thing we took away from Palma? All dogs should learn how to balance on paddle boards. Because it’s cute.


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Ibiza, Spain

I understand that Ibiza, Spain has a reputation for being a wild party island, but it can also be laid-back. Like everything in life, it all depends on what you want to do! When we ventured out in the middle of the day, the atmosphere was very calm and I felt like I was in a tropical oasis. We went on a fantastic uphill walk with views of Old Town, walked along the harbor and listened to the waves crashing up against the rocks, and then we ate margarita pizza at a sidewalk cafe. Since there is a lot of walking involved in Ibiza so sensible shoes are a must. B and I wore flip flops and we were slipping on the cobblestone the entire time! There are plenty of street cafes, tours for history buffs, and a lot of stores filled with cute clothes you can’t find in the States. […]


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