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Dear Friday, Usually I’m happy to see you but my friend is back home already and I have no one to hike with during the day. And no one to shop with, complain to, and buy Sprinkles cupcakes with. By the way, has anyone tried Sprinkles new German chocolate cupcake? Oh my gosh. Stuff your faces now! Dear Camelback Mountain, I wasn’t expecting to have to pull myself up you with a metal railing, but I did it. And I’m happy to report that we made it to the top and back and I only fell once… and we didn’t get stung by killer bees. I’d call that a win. Dear Nikon D600, You’re so much heavier than my Canon. I honestly feel like I need to lift some weights before I use you as my regular camera. Have I ever mentioned that I have NO upper body strength? Dear Malcolm and Dexter, […]


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coronado beach and balboa park | san diego, california

Coronado was one of my favorite stops while we were visiting San Diego because there was so much eye candy. Every building was unique in its own way, and I especially loved the old homes lining the streets. After taking a trolley tour through some of the neighborhoods, we drove to Coronado Beach. Hotel Del Coronado takes up most of the beachfront and looks absolutely luxurious with its Victorian features. It’s a historic landmark and one of the oldest wooden buildings in California, and a handful of Presidents and movie stars have stayed there. If I ever make it back to San Diego with Brandon, we would love to stay at the hotel — for the history and the wonderful amenities.Balboa Park reminds me of New York City’s Central Park in that it’s huge. We could have easily spent all day wandering around the park and going into the museums and […]


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san diego, california

One of my good friends is visiting from the Midwest so a few days ago, we decided to take a road trip from Arizona to San Diego, California. The drive wasn’t as exciting as I figured it would be because we were in the middle of nowhere for a few hours, but sitting in a cramped car and eating way too many pumpkin seeds was completely worth the wonderful weather we arrived to. We stayed at the Marriott in the Gaslamp District and Petco Park area so there was plenty to do. We walked to restaurants and bars, and then took a trolley and boat tour in the San Diego Bay. We were surprised to see so many sea lions and dolphins during our daytime boat tour. If you ever visit San Diego, definitely try and book one!


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