random thoughts and confessions | vol 2

Bingo Game

+ I have two maternity shoots this weekend and I’d love to copy some of these poses and prop ideas. Thoughts? + Sometimes I dream about liver pâté. My grandma was from Germany so I basically grew up on the stuff and even though I shouldn’t want it because it’s LIVER, and a pâté, and looks beige and somewhat revolting, I still think it sounds like the most appetizing dish I could eat right now. Leberwurst… Mmmm. + A mint colored entryway seemed like a good idea at the time, but… it’s bright.We’re going to finish up painting tonight and then comes the task of decorating it. I’m hoping to bring in some neutral wall decor so the entire space doesn’t look like cotton candy… or Easter. P.S. My husband wants to kill me. + After we tackle this entryway and office renovation, the next project on my list is a […]


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random thoughts and confessions

Random Thoughts and Confessions

+ Last night I had a nightmare about making a serious grammatical error on my blog. Let’s be serious, this website is one big grammatical error, but for some reason I was shaking and crying in my dream. Apparently I was upset? Okay then. + Advertising a photography business is time-consuming and frankly, it blows. I keep thinking about how easy it would be to promote myself back in my home state since I have friends and family there, and in Virginia it’s the complete opposite. Be my friend? + Speaking of advertisement… I’m considering getting rid of all Postcards from Rachel advertisement options so I can focus on this little blog of mine. Have any of you made a similar decision before? + I’m trying really hard to get back to blogging for myself (hence ridding my site of advertisement options), but I just realized that I’ve gone back […]


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on my mind

+ I usually watch the news every day but I’ve been glued to Bravo and am honestly losing brain cells. Millionaire Matchmaker and Shahs of Sunset? God help me. + Weak handshakes creep me out and I’ve experienced quite a few in the past couple of weeks. I want to slap these people across the face and shout, “Pull yourself together, man!” + I started to look up hedgehog adoption groups in Massachusetts but stopped myself when I realized they’re illegal in some states. I could have avoided this whole animal-obsessed problem by becoming a vet years ago. + I’m almost out of contacts and this scares me. My glasses are so grubby I can’t even see out of them. That’s what wet dog noses will do to glass. + After living in Arizona and Florida, I’m finally used to the cold again. Hurray for boots and long coats! + […]


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