paint colors of our home

Paint Colors of Our Home

Let’s talk about something very serious. Paint colors. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CONSERVATIVE GRAY I’ve always loved grey paint colors, but finding a shade that worked in our home was a pain in the arse since there are so many to choose from. We spent a lot of time looking for the perfect grey on Pinterest, and after a trip to Sherwin-Williams, we purchased a couple gallons of Conservative Gray. This color actually looks much lighter on our walls than it did on the swatch, but I’m still extremely happy with our choice. Conservative Gray brightened up our living room and upstairs hallway, and it goes with almost everything. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COPPER MOUNTAIN Our main floor half bath was already painted this color when we moved in, so we decided to keep it. We were sick of messing with walls (isn’t painting the worst?!), plus we had a bunch of travel prints that matched the Copper Mountain color […]


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our travel gallery wall

DIY Gallery Wall

Every time we go on a vacation, we come home with either a painting, a print, or something else that can be featured on a wall. And don’t forget about all of the photographs we take while exploring — we take lots of those. Because of this, we determined that we needed some sort of travel gallery wall to feature all our favorite places and memories. I love being able to look above our couch and view all of the great times we experienced abroad. Plus, I think it’s fun that we decided to include maps, a Scottish clan plaque, and everything else under the sun. It’s quite the collection of random adventures and mementos. A few months ago we started collecting random frames from HomeGoods, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx since we wanted an “eclectic” look, and then we unpacked all of the paintings and prints we had purchased over the […]


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living room sneak peek + kenroy home pendant giveaway

Kenroy Home Giveaway

This post should be titled “living room and dining room sneak peek” but I ran out of room. But hey, after living in this place for a few months, I’m finally giving you guys a glimpse inside our townhouse. Small victories! My main goal was to create a bright and clean space because clutter freaks me out. I also wanted a neutral color palette with pops of yellow. Sherwin-Williams had a great variety of gray paints and we ended up going with the Conservative Gray HGTV formula. After that, we purchased our dining room table from World Market, dining room chairs from Target, couch from Wayfair, and coffee table and leather chair from West Elm. Our blue and white rug is from West Elm and we found the yellow one on Wayfair’s website. I love that our furniture doesn’t necessarily match but every piece compliments each other. I’m also in […]


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travel-inspired kitchen coffee station

Kitchen Coffee Station

My travel-inspired kitchen coffee station should probably be called a “drink station” since we have every appliance under the sun, but we use it mainly for coffee from our delicious Nespresso, so here we go. Here’s an update on our beloved coffee station. After looking at different coffee stations and nooks on Pinterest and becoming completely obsessed, I talked my husband into creating one in our own kitchen. Luckily our kitchen set-up was perfect because we had a bare wall we hadn’t used yet. Off to Target we went to find a cheap cabinet and then the fun really started. A lot of the coffee stations I found online included shelves and metal baskets hanging on the wall, but because I wanted to incorporate the sweet “YUM” sign we found at Target and our scratch-off map, I decided that simple was better. And the sorta travel-themed coffee station idea was […]


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a wreath tutorial

DIY Spring Summer Wreath Tutorial

Now that we have our own front door (ok, we’ve had a front door before, but you know what I mean), I’ve been looking for wreath inspiration on Pinterest. Since I didn’t want to use our house number, initials, or place a big bow on the front of it, I decided to go with something very simplistic… a wreath and flowers. That’s it. Luckily I found a thin wooden wreath at Michael’s and completely fell in love with the look of it. Then I picked out random flowers there, too. I figured coral, white and lime green/yellow flowers would look great with our new blue door paint and even my husband likes the end result. This DIY wreath is oh-so-simple and fresh, plus you don’t need a lot of supplies ’cause that’s how I roll. What you’ll need: 1. Natural grapevine wreath. 2. Your choice of fake florals. 3. Wire cutters. […]


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diy painted chandelier

DIY Painted Chandelier

After we moved into our townhouse, I didn’t want to spend loads of money switching out hardware and lighting fixtures because purchasing furniture was more important to me. Since I was already intrigued by spray painted chandeliers, I thought it was the perfect time to try out a DIY project. But first I had to research how to paint a chandelier since I had no clue whatsoever. Luckily, I found lots of tutorials online and most of them recommend some sort of primer/spray paint combo that works on various surfaces. The chandelier I used was bright gold and mostly plastic with a little bit of metal here and there. I could have left it alone since I usually enjoy antique-looking pops of gold throughout the house, but something about it screamed “cheap” — and I kept hitting my head on the stupid thing in the dining room, so we planned on moving it to […]


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diy painted terra cotta pots

The previous owners of our house left behind a couple of scuffed up terra cotta pots, so I decided to spruce them up a bit with a coat of paint and some cacti and succulents. And by spruce up, I mean that I wanted to find an extremely easy DIY that even I could do. These are basically the only plants I can keep alive because they don’t need much water or care, so to show my appreciation, I wanted to give them a stylish new home with some pretty craft paint. Thanks for stayin’ alive, plants! Keep up the good work. Since I already had two of the plain terra cotta pots, I made a trip to Michael’s to pick up a few more supplies.


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project home | bar cart inspiration

Brandon doesn’t yet understand why we need a fully stocked bar cart in our living room, but he will soon enough. Especially when he has his friends over and a fruity cocktail is only an arms length away. But let me backtrack and confess that I rarely ever drink — I just think that bar carts are cute. I keep coming across bar cart inspiration photos on Pinterest and then I inevitably start searching for my own items to add. 1. Bar Cart | 2. Pop Fizz Clink | 3. Banded Bead Cocktail Shaker | 4. Balloon/Flute/Stemless 5. Dots Glass Coaster Set | 6. Brass Cocktail Decanter | 7. Candy Pink Flexible Straws A bar cart is a great excuse to decorate your home with gold accent pieces like the cart, stemless wine glass, coasters and decanter above, plus you can add fun pops of color. I thought the bright pink straws […]


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project home | the perfect white desk

Now that we’ve purchased our first home, one of the things I’m most excited about is my own office space. I need a creative area where I can focus on brainstorming for my blog, freelance writing, and editing photos because I’m more motivated when everything is clean, organized and looking pretty. Since we’re leaving Boston on Friday (here we come, new house!) I’ve been searching different websites for the perfect white desk. I’ve had brown and black desks but never a bright white one, and for some reason, I’m really looking forward to it. Here are my picks for the perfect white desk: Clockwise: 1. Randol Desk | 2. Threshold Basic Desk | 3. Parsons Desk | 4. Lumisource Pia Desk | 5. Micke Desk My husband has had the honor of studying all of these white desks (and then some), and after careful consideration, I think I’ll be purchasing […]


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project home | stylish indoor rugs

Hi! We’re back from our quick trip to our townhouse in the DC ‘burbs (I love saying that because I never thought we would live in the suburbs) and just in time for a Boston blizzard! I’m trying to not feel disappointed that we’re back in this lovely city, but you guys, I have six boxes of unopened Pampered Chef goodies from our bridal shower and wedding — and Chanel Chance perfume in another container. I’ve been dousing my body with DKNY Be Delicious for the last 2 1/2 years and although it’s a pleasant scent, it doesn’t smell like me, if that makes any sense. It’s like I’m finding myself once again because of this storage unit (cue cheesy pop song and dance party). We were able to paint our living room gorgeous grey and all of the walls of our kitchen are almost mint-colored which makes me really […]


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