couple photography session | lb and mike

LB in Wonderland and her boyfriend Mike were nice enough to volunteer for a mini photography session over the weekend in Boston Common. I’ve mentioned before that I have perfectionist problems and this means being paranoid when it comes to taking photos of people — mainly because posing is difficult sometimes and I want everything to look wonderful. So before I start charging for sessions, I want to squeeze in as many of these shoots as possible. If you’re in the Boston area and you want a free session, let me know! As long as you’re not some creepy guy who’s going to kidnap me and wear my skin, we’ll be good. By the way, I know how to shoot a gun — Although I don’t own one so my skills won’t really help me in a serious situation, but it still makes me sound like a bad ass, right? […]


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photography tips, part 2 | understanding aperture, shutter speed, iso and exposure

Before I discuss shooting in manual (we’ll do that in a later post), let’s learn about the most important aspect of photography: exposure. In a nutshell, exposure is the amount of light that enters the camera when you take a photo. This is dependent on 3 different factors — aperture, shutter speed, ISO. So let’s talk about understanding aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure. Aperture: Aperture is the size of the hole in your lens. This opening allows light to travel through and you can determine how much by adjusting the f-stop number. The lower the f-stop number, the bigger the hole and the more light that enters through the lens. The higher the f-stop number, the smaller the hole and the less light that enters through the lens. Aperture also controls depth of field. If you set your camera to a low f-stop number and the hole is wide […]


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capture the colour photo challenge 2013

You might already be familiar with the Capture the Colour Photoblogging Competition by Travel SuperMarket. Bloggers are supposed to choose some of their favorite travel photos to showcase a few colors, and I was tagged by Casey from We Took the Road Less Traveled and Amanda from Living in Another Language. I’ve had such a blast looking though everyone’s photographs and I hope you will enjoy mine! RED (Peppers hanging in the Amalfi Coast) GREEN (Hairy Coos in the Scottish Highlands) BLUE (A blue door in Tunis) YELLOW (Women carrying hay in Marrakech) WHITE (The Leaning Tower of Pisa)  Which photo is your favorite?  Since I’m so late to the game, I’m tagging all of you to participate in the capture the 2013 colour photo challenge. If you want… :)


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my favorite senior photo poses

Senior Picture Ideas

I have wanted to get into photography for a while now and since I still don’t have a working photography website, I think it’s safe to say it’s been a tedious process. I’ve always been a perfectionist and I also have a tendency to compare myself to others, so when I don’t think my photos are good enough, doubt bubbles in the back of my mind. I understand the importance of engagement, newborn and family photo sessions and before I take anyone’s money, I want to have mastered every setting on my Nikon, every photography tip and trick in the book, and I need to be confident in my abilities. Therein lies the problem because photography is a constant work in progress. And you know what’s funny? I completely understand the technical stuff but posing makes me nervous. Posing is hard! I consider myself a creative person and I’ve been a […]


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ways to use your instagram photos | remembering special moments

I’m addicted to taking photographs and putting them on Instagram, but I don’t have time to constantly scroll through my feed to remember special moments. This is why I rely on different apps to print my Instagram photos and even turn them into fun items like stickers and magnets. Today I’m excited to share my all-time favorite apps! Here are ways to use your Instagram photos: 1. Printic This is one of my favorite apps to use with Instagram because it’s simple and fast. For only $0.99 each, Printic will turn your favorite Instagram photos into glossy, fun polaroids. I was able to choose seven photos from my Instagram feed, customize them and submit my order within minutes. The best part? They were shipped to my house within a few days. These vintage-looking polaroids are so cool. 2. StickyGram Because we spend a lot of time in corporate housing, it’s […]


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digital photography tips | ways to improve your photography


Photography is a fun hobby for me because it’s a constant work in progress. The more classes I take and the more time I spend exploring my camera’s settings, the better my photos become. This is fulfilling because I can look back and see how much I’ve grown. Being able to visually see results is a wonderful thing! I thought that for my first photography post, I’d talk about how to make your photos more visually appealing because who doesn’t want eye-catching photographs on their website? There’s no need to go out and buy a new DSLR because all of the tips and tricks I’m about to discuss can be applied to a point and shoot camera. I’m by no means a professional photographer, but here are a few of the photography tips I’ve learned in different classes. I’m constantly thinking about them as I snap away: 1. Rule of […]


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morning stretches

Weekend mornings are my favorite because we’re allowed to take it easy and relax. The sunshine pours through our bedroom blinds, the dogs stir and begin to stretch, and we lie there… enjoying the moment. Usually one of the dogs disturbs our moment of peace {Ollie, I’m talking about you}, but on this particular morning they were gems. How was your weekend?


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