is times square worth the hassle?

Times Square is Worth the Hassle

You’ve all probably asked yourselves this question while planning a trip to New York City. Is Times Square worth the hassle? Well, I’m here to help you out. I’ll admit, I’ve visited Times Square on three different occasions and sometimes it really does cause you to feel claustrophobic and completely overwhelmed. There are tourists everywhere, traffic is so bad it’s laughable, vendors approach you with every tour bus deal under the sun, and the winding line for discounted Broadway tickets makes walking on the sidewalk impossible. But still, I choose to explore the area every single time because it’s so different from the Midwest or downtown DC — or any other place I’ve lived, for that matter. And for this reason I think that Times Square is worth the hassle… and the headaches you’ll probably develop while listening to the constant noise of car horns and tourists screaming for the […]


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new york city in instagram photos

New York City in Instagram photos

After we returned from New York City a week and a half ago, I was borderline obsessed with convincing my husband that we should pick up and move to the East Village neighborhood. We found 15+ awesome restaurants in the span of two blocks (we like to eat), plus drip coffee shops on each corner. Is this Heaven? No, it’s the East Village in all it’s glory. Then we looked up rent for a one bedroom apartment and had heart palpitations. We’ll keep our townhouse in the ‘burbs, thank you very much. Even though this area was our favorite to explore, there was a lot to see in NYC and the overall experience was great. Here is New York City in Instagram photos: Have you ever been?


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