what to do in boston

Since this is our last week in Boston, I’m going to discuss what to do in Boston if you’re planning an upcoming trip! What to do in Boston: Fenway Park If you’re traveling to Boston, you have to schedule a Fenway Park tour — even if you despise the Red Sox. I’ve been on quite a few ballpark tours before and this was hands-down the most informative and enjoyable one. The ballpark has tons of history and there’s a great view of the city skyline. Plus, strolling around on the Green Monster was a pretty cool experience. We were able to attend one baseball game last year and the atmosphere was insane. Sam Adams Brewery This brewery tour is free! FREE… did you hear that? Just be sure to bring enough cash for a donation because all funds go to local charities. Since the brewery is so small, the tour is short […]


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head of the charles regatta | cambridge


One of B’s co-workers told him about the Head of the Charles Regatta, a two day rowing race that takes place on the Charles River, so we headed to Harvard Square over the weekend to check it out. The race takes place every year in October and athletes from all over the world participate. I couldn’t believe how many spectators gathered to watch! The bridge was packed so we stood on the bank of the Charles River with our hot apple cider. It was fun to see all of the rowers zip past us throughout the day. At one point, we thought that someone was barking orders like a pirate — but maybe we were just imagining that because we’re weird. Totally a possibility. I have to admit, we aren’t into rowing so the race wasn’t that exciting for us, but we loved the atmosphere, and all of the street […]


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fenway park tour

Fenway Park Tour.

As you can see, we’re really embracing our time in Boston by playing tourists every chance we get. And what’s sightseeing without a Fenway Park tour? Our best man stayed with us a few weekends ago and since he’s a big baseball fan (the Braves, but that’s OK) we scheduled a tour in the famous park. Unlike other baseball park tours we’ve taken, this one was packed! — but a bunch of Florida State fans were also in town for the football game. I know, because my husband forced me to go… yay… Noles. My favorite part was the view of the city from the park. It was such a contrast from the green color of the stadium (and Green Monster). We also felt important in the press box as a tour guide told us some fun facts about the Red Sox. ;) And of course, this is the red […]


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sam adams brewery tour | boston

If you’re ever in the Boston area, you must make a stop at the Samuel Adams brewery. It’s a tiny brewery located off of the Orange line in a residential area, but it’s fairly easy to access. Tickets are free of charge, although there is a donation bucket with funds going to local charities (bring cash), and the brewery is first come first serve. Since the brewery is so small, the tour was short and sweet. Our guide was very knowledgeable about all of the ingredients that go into their Samuel Adams recipes, and he was hilarious (always a plus). After the short tour we went into a tasting room where we received a complimentary Sam Adams tasting glass, and tried three different beers. The beers we tried included my personal favorites: OctoberFest and Boston Lager. After the tour, you have the option of taking the free party trolley to […]


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our first boston red sox game


B’s boss gave us tickets to the baseball game on Tuesday and even though they lost, we had a great time. It was our first Boston Red Sox game, the seats were phenomenal, and let me tell you, Bostonians are super nice! For some reason I was expecting Washington, DC stuck up (c’mon, you know what I’m talking about) but everyone sitting near us was outgoing and sweet. I foresee many more baseball games, and my husband loves hockey so we’ll be going to those games too. Have you ever been to Fenway?


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