marriage makes you useless

The first thing you should know about me is that I’m bad at finding my way. I might even be considered directionally challenged. Unfortunately marriage hasn’t rectified this issue because I’ve realized that keeping my eyes open while traveling with my spouse is completely unnecessary… I mean, unless I’m the one driving. So if you want to be super lazy and helpless like me, you can choose to nap in the car (my preferred activity), read your Kindle, twiddle your thumbs, listen to birds, people watch, and even adjust your makeup. And if you decide to walk instead of drive, just ensure that your hand is securely fitted to his and that he’s guiding the way. Voilà — you’re golden! This method is even flattering to your spouse because it says: “I trust you with my life. Thanks for always looking both ways before crossing the street.” Or something like […]


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why i chose my husband over my friends

Like many newlyweds, my husband and I had a rocky start and made mistakes in the beginning. This was exaggerated by our move abroad and move back to the States because the constant stress of packing up our lives and being away from family and friends made it difficult to find our groove. Eventually we figured things out, but some of the mistakes I made early on impacted my relationship with other people in my life. I have struggled with this for the past year or so. Before I explain, let me just say that my husband is my best friend and partner in crime. When we stood at the altar in 2011 and repeated our vows to one another, we both promised to put each other before anyone else. We decided that we would have a date night every week, that we would do activities as a couple, and […]


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marriage advice annoys me

No really, it does. Sometimes I read certain marriage advice websites and I either shake my head or scream at my laptop — and then Brandon inevitably gets an earful. I’m not talking about regular “we’re-adorable-newlyweds-and-we-take-lots-of-photos” blogs. I hate sites that post marriage rules for their readers. Bloggers who tell their readers that their marriage will fail if their significant other has an in-office meeting with the opposite sex, wait for it… alone. Bloggers who keep their marriages “pure” by basically stabbing out their husbands’ eyes before they go on walks around the city — ya know, just in case their spouse might be tempted by some good-looking lady. Bloggers who think they know it all when they’ve only been married for a year. I mean, my husband has meetings all the time and he has a separate Facebook account. I guess we’ll be getting divorced in a few years. That sucks. […]


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how moving abroad impacted my new marriage

I originally wrote this guest post for Bonnie’s ‘Love Week’ while she renewed her vows in Wales and figured I should reblog it a month later since it will give everyone a better understanding on our timeline before moving abroad. It’s important to me to discuss how moving abroad impacted my new marriage and what I’ve learned from the experience because it’s something I never thought about before deciding on this lifestyle. ++++++++++ B and I met at a happy hour in Washington, DC while he was working in finance and I was working on the Hill. Okay, okay… so it wasn’t exactly a happy hour because it was late and I was a little really tipsy, but that sounds better than saying we met at a bar, right? Right. Anyway, things obviously worked out because one year later we were engaged to be married. While I was trying to plan […]


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