10 things i’m loving lately

Happy Monday, everyone! This weekend was spent organizing our house and going through old clothes, and seriously — I wouldn’t wear half of the things I found in those cardboard boxes. Sky-high heels? Pass. Shirts that show too much cleavage? Pssshhh… too old for that. It’s funny how dramatically things change in only a few years. Ahhh, married life. Anyway. Here’s a list of 10 things I’ve been loving lately: 1. This Zephyrus Terrarium from ABJ Glassworks. 2. Handcrafted bowls from Wind & Willow. 3. Geometric coasters from KOROMIKO. 4. Pradman Jewelry’s precious gemstones gold cushion rings. 5. Vintage Crams world globe. 6. Davs geometric wall clock. 7. Amanda’s blog post about Baan Chang Elephant Park in Thailand. 8. 32 uplifting before and after pictures of rescue animals (warning: some of the before photos are really sad…) 9. Story of My Life’s post regarding parenting. 10. This ink + adventures […]


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