venice, italy | murano glass and gondola rides

If you missed part one of our trip to Venice, you can read about it here. While we were in Venice this summer we strolled down all of the beautiful bridges and took photos of the detailed architecture. We ate street pizza, macarons, gelato and anything else we could get our hands on. And of course, we had to check out the famous Venetian masks and Murano glass. B and I always have so much fun looking for souvenirs. Whether it’s for family or for us and our future house, we usually end up leaving a country with paintings, Christmas ornaments and anything else the vacation spot is known for. In Venice, we bought a Murano glass vase with beautiful colors and bubble details. When we wanted to find an authentic Murano glass vase, we asked our gondolier where to go. He told us to go directly to Murano because not only […]


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venice italy | part 1

After our cruise ship dropped us off in Genoa and we rode the train to Pisa to spend the night, we decided to make our way to Venice. We had planned on spending the day in Florence so we could see the Statue of David and other landmarks, but we were tired of hauling all of our luggage in the August heat. Since we already had a hotel booked in Venice, we could at least store all of our belongings while exploring. When our train arrived at Venezia Santa Lucia, we hopped on a water taxi (note: the group taxis are much cheaper than the individual ones), which B loved, and traveled to our hotel. The Hotel Violino d’Oro was located in a convenient spot and was only steps away from a gondola stand. The rates were reasonable, the rooms were very large for a European hotel, the AC was blasting and […]


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pisa, italy | leaning tower of pisa

Every time I look at our photos from Pisa, I smile and think about all of the gelato and pizza we ate. And the fact that the picture below was the view from our hotel window. I’m not sure how we got so lucky, but being able to look out the window and see that view in the morning was wonderful. We’ve been to Paris before so we’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, but something about being in Pisa and seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa was so unreal. I can’t quite figure out why, but maybe it was because we went to the top… and it was tall… and it was leaning… a lot… and we could feel it. Brandon is afraid of heights and so am I, but I didn’t mind the tower at all. Brandon, on the other hand, was so nervous his feet started to sweat in […]


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genoa, italy

I told you I’d be back with more travel posts! You’re either excited or very annoyed. Either way, here we go! ;)Genoa, Italy was the last stop on our Mediterranean cruise adventure. We had limited time in the city because of a booked train trip to Pisa and Venice, so we spent our time on a small, pretend train — like children. The little train struggled to drive up small hills in the city, but it was a fun and educational experience nonetheless. And it made for some great photos.My absolute favorite thing about traveling in Europe is all of the colors. The buildings are beautiful and there are paintings everywhere you turn.


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amalfi coast, italy

My favorite stop on our cruise was, hands down, the Amalfi Coast. Something about the bright blue water, street markets, fresh laundry hanging from buildings, sweet smells and bustle of the small city mesmerized me. Unfortunately, we only had a day to explore so we made the most of our time by taking a great tour by a local guide. He took us to all of the top tourist sites and led us through back streets to the markets where he and his family shopped.The part I look forward to most when vacationing in a different country is taking in everything near these hidden markets. B and I like to spend most of our time observing everyone around us, taking photos of spices and pottery, and of course, trying the local cuisine. We always find something we love and try to create it at home.B and I could have spent […]


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rome, italy {part three}

I can’t believe it has been a month since we moved back to the States! It’s great to be back since everything is a bit easier here and I’m not 6 hours ahead of my family {sorry for waking you up all of those times, parents!}, but I think B and I both agree that we miss Scotland. Whether we were taking a road trip, or just running errands on a Sunday afternoon, driving around the Highlands was always such a pleasure. I miss running into hidden castles, looking around to see sheep and Highland cows scattering the fields, and most of all, I miss being able to access Mainland Europe easily. Have I mentioned that travel is cheap? B and I love exploring, but plane tickets out of the USA are so darn expensive! I suppose I should stop pinning travel destinations and focus on all of the countries […]


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rome, italy {part two}

Hey, friends. I know I keep bringing this up, buuuuuut… we’re leaving the UK tomorrow. And I’m sort of freaking out. We’ve been packing our suitcases for the past week or so {attempting to pack is probably a more accurate description} and we have clothes everywhere. I have a ton of clothes, but nothing to wear every day. Odd, isn’t it? So while I’m frantically trying to pack up our little life in Scotland and scrounge around the house for Monopoly money we still need to use before tomorrow, here’s the second part of our trip to Rome. I had obviously seen a million photos of the Colosseum before planning our trip, so I knew that it was massive, but I wasn’t expecting to hop off the metro and… BAM!!… For it to pop out of nowhere, looming over us. It’s truly a magnificent structure! We set aside an entire afternoon to […]


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rome, italy {part one}

For the past week, I’ve been trying to post photos from our vacation but NOTHING has been working. Our new MacBook Pro has been freezing up and I’m regretting spending so much money on it {if I see the beach ball spinning one more time, I might throw it out the window}, iPhoto decided to turn over half of our photos black {has this happened to anyone else? Please tell me you know how to fix it!} and Photobucket… don’t get me started. Since everything is breaking, I spent hours saving our photos to different folders and putting them all on an external hard drive. Hopefully this holds up until we get home and have Apple look at the laptop from hell. Now for the trip post… Since our Mediterranean cruise was scheduled to leave from a city just North of Rome, we decided to fly down early and explore the […]


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