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If you missed my post about Athens, Greece you can read about it here. On our second day in Athens, we scheduled a sightseeing tour to Delphi. As we made our way down a street in the center of the city to a hotel pick-up spot, we noticed stray dogs lining the sidewalks. The dogs were all large breeds and looked well-fed and happy. At one point, we had two dog friends follow us for six blocks. Unlike dogs in the States (or Malcolm and Ollie, for that matter), these dogs were very careful and waited at the crosswalk until the light changed to scurry across the very busy street. I wanted to scoop them all up and take them to the tour bus but we kept walking. When we found our bus, we noticed how large it looked and wondered how it was going to maneuver up in the […]


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Today I want to share some of my favorite photos from our trip to Greece! We traveled during a yearly demonstration against Americans, and luckily we didn’t have any issues. We just stayed in the hotel room the first night while locals were lighting stuff on fire. Lots of riots. Anyway… On this particular trip we visited the Parthenon, Temple of Zeus and Panathenaic Stadium. Oh, and we got lost on a few roofs and some old lady forced Brandon to carry her groceries. Exploring is fun! The Parthenon is a temple situated on the Acropolis, a flat-topped rock in the middle of Athens. We made the trip when it was warmer so the entire area was jam-packed with tourists, but the short hike to the top was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The view from the Acropolis was well worth having to deal with the crowds; you […]


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