foley house inn and savannah, georgia

Foley House Inn Savannah, Georgia

Well, we made it to our new place in Boston! We’re living in a high-rise and it’s hilarious to watch the dogs because they’re not used to this type of view. I already have my blogging desk set up (isn’t that the most important spot in any apartment?) and I completely agree with Malcolm and Ollie — the view doesn’t suck. Since B has the rest of the week off from work, we’ll be exploring the area and unpacking suitcases and boxes. Be sure to follow along on Instagram because I loooove oversharing. On our drive up to Boston, we were able to make a few stops and the first one was in Savannah, Georgia. Scotland turned us into bigs fans of quaint bed and breakfasts so we made a reservation at the Foley House Inn. It’s supposedly one of the most haunted buildings in Savannah but sadly, we didn’t […]


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