struggling to live in the moment

As I’m sitting here, waiting for my husband to get home from work so we can start the first leg of our move to Boston, I’m reflecting on our six months in Florida. We spent time at our favorite restaurants near the water, went zip lining at the zoo regularly, and both of our families came to visit, but I could have made our stay more enjoyable. I took our life here for granted — something that happens more often than I’d care to admit. When you’re thrown into this situation and you get used to picking up and moving every six months {sometimes a year}, it’s difficult to really live in the moment. I’ve found that instead of exploring the city I’m currently in, I continuously plan and do research for our next possible assignment. I could have hopped in the car every couple of days to photograph the wetlands […]


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bayfront marin house in st. augustine


We’re back from St. Augustine! We stayed at the Bayfront Marin House Inn and I can honestly say that it was one of the best bed and breakfast experiences we’ve ever had. The property was charming, our room was comfortable (and dog-friendly), and the staff was extremely welcoming and attentive. My favorite part was our private deck equipped with a porch swing and soft chair, and B loved the inn’s happy hour and homemade ice cream. Oh, and the breakfast? Let’s just say I felt absolutely disgusting after inhaling my plate of food in about five minutes. The homemade french toast was outstanding. What a relaxing getaway! This bed and breakfast had plenty of charm. From our private porch and the vintage furnishings in our room, to the lovely outdoor area where we enjoyed breakfast and drinks, each area was comfortable and unique. The Bayfront Marin Bed and Breakfast is […]


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food truck wars | melbourne, fl

Food Truck Wars in Florida

Can I just tell you all how much I love food trucks? Especially when they serve chicken and waffles, lobster rolls, cupcakes and other delicious snacks. Melbourne/Palm Bay, Florida holds a food truck event every month and we decided to check it out in June after Brandon got off work. Even though it had just stopped raining, there were many, many trucks and locals stuffing their faces. I quickly joined in because this is one event I will never turn down. The chicken and waffles truck was the most popular there so I had to wait in a long line for around twenty minutes. It was completely worth it! We were surprised to see all types of pets at the event. Not only did people bring their beloved pups, but we also saw a few people holding rabbits. Yes… pet rabbits. Since Malcolm and Ollie were bred to go after […]


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turkey creek sanctuary | palm bay, florida

Yesterday we ventured out to Turkey Creek Sanctuary to try and spot some wildlife. This nature preserve has boardwalk paths, trails for bikes and jogging, and a canoe dock on the creek. A few of our friends go kayaking often and spot turtles, birds, alligators and other local animals. It’s a very beautiful place. We were lucky enough to find five hawks sitting in a tree together, but because we didn’t bring our big zoom lens, we didn’t get any photos. Here are some of the ones I did get. The most interesting part of our short trip to the sanctuary was finding Mr. Manatee. He kept coming to the surface to munch on the leaves and made the strangest noises. He was a cutie.


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the lid in melbourne, florida

The Lid Tapas Restaurant

I love to eat, my husband loves to eat. I’m not picky, B’s not picky. We’re basically a foodie match made in heaven.¬†That’s why one of the things we miss most about living abroad is trying new restaurants we wouldn’t otherwise find. No matter which country we were exploring, we would always find a small restaurant (or in Morocco — a family’s home) and try the local cuisine. Now that we’re back in the States, we’re on a constant quest to find little gems with unique food. This past weekend we went to The Lid, a tapas bar and grill in Melbourne, and now I want to eat there every day. They have a “do-it-yourself” tasting menu that entails choosing small plates from a long list of deliciousness and I’m fairly certain everything is good. If you ever find yourself in sunny Melbourne, Florida, I highly recommend it! We enjoyed […]


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st. augustine, florida

A shorter post today since I’m thinking about the Boston Marathon runners, victims and families, and all of my friends on Capitol Hill who are probably feeling a bit more nervous because of heightened security.  We took a weekend trip to St. Augustine, Florida last month and stayed in a cute bed and breakfast off of St. George Street. We had wanted to stay at the Bayfront Westcott House because of the water view, but since our reservation was very last-minute, it was booked. Instead, we spend the night at The Saragossa Inn — super romantic and also dog-friendly! The bed was comfortable and the room was decorated with vintage pieces, which made the experience much better than staying at a chain hotel. After our delicious homemade breakfast the next morning, we decided to explore the busy tourist streets.St. Augustine is the oldest European-established city in the United States and […]


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