a local’s guide to london

A local's guide to London

Even though Jen doesn’t yet consider herself a London local, her guide to London is so thorough and helpful that I’m calling her one. I mean, look at the detail of this guide! Her suggestions are wonderful so be sure to bookmark this page before your next vacation to London. And let’s give it up for Jen of Lady, Relocated! I’ve now lived in London for 9 months as Rachel mentioned in her most recent weekend postcard. I don’t consider myself a local but I have graduated myself to tour guide status. I’ve had several visitors rely on me for London ideas so I’ve refined my suggestions to a point I’m finally comfortable sharing. These recommendations are meant for first time London visitors who want to see highlights and squeeze in as much as possible during a short timeframe. I’ve also included some helpful resources from travelers much more experienced than me […]


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How we prepared While we were living abroad in Scotland, we were able to take a couple of trips to London because of direct flights from Aberdeen. Even though easyJet had last-minute options that were affordable, we always ran into the same issue: hotels. The ones in convenient locations were booked up quickly. If you know you’ll be making the trip in the near future, it’s important to compare expensive and cheap options in London, and make a list of amenities that you would like. For us, location and free breakfast are deal-breakers. We always find a place that’s close to everything so we can walk instead of spending extra money on cabs, and a big breakfast means spending less on lunch. And if you eat a ton like me, you can skip lunch and spend that time sightseeing — we always took weekend trips so this was important. Sightseeing […]


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In honor of the Olympics {we’ve been glued to our television} here are some photos from a couple of our trips to London this year. You’ll notice that the trip I took with my friends was in the middle of January and freeeeeezing cold {this explains the dorky London hats we bought at the Tower Bridge gift store} and the trip with Brandon and his parents was in the middle of May and a little better, but still chilly. There’s a lot to see in London so it was hard for me to narrow down the hundreds of photos we took for this post, but I picked a few of our favorites. Has anyone else been to London? What was your favorite part? I did a Changing of the Guard tour with my girlfriends in January and I’d have to say that was my most memorable experience. Our tour guide […]


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