our travel gallery wall

DIY Gallery Wall

Every time we go on a vacation, we come home with either a painting, a print, or something else that can be featured on a wall. And don’t forget about all of the photographs we take while exploring — we take lots of those. Because of this, we determined that we needed some sort of travel gallery wall to feature all our favorite places and memories. I love being able to look above our couch and view all of the great times we experienced abroad. Plus, I think it’s fun that we decided to include maps, a Scottish clan plaque, and everything else under the sun. It’s quite the collection of random adventures and mementos. A few months ago we started collecting random frames from HomeGoods, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx since we wanted an “eclectic” look, and then we unpacked all of the paintings and prints we had purchased over the […]


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a wreath tutorial

DIY Spring Summer Wreath Tutorial

Now that we have our own front door (ok, we’ve had a front door before, but you know what I mean), I’ve been looking for wreath inspiration on Pinterest. Since I didn’t want to use our house number, initials, or place a big bow on the front of it, I decided to go with something very simplistic… a wreath and flowers. That’s it. Luckily I found a thin wooden wreath at Michael’s and completely fell in love with the look of it. Then I picked out random flowers there, too. I figured coral, white and lime green/yellow flowers would look great with our new blue door paint and even my husband likes the end result. This DIY wreath is oh-so-simple and fresh, plus you don’t need a lot of supplies ’cause that’s how I roll. What you’ll need: 1. Natural grapevine wreath. 2. Your choice of fake florals. 3. Wire cutters. […]


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diy painted chandelier

DIY Painted Chandelier

After we moved into our townhouse, I didn’t want to spend loads of money switching out hardware and lighting fixtures because purchasing furniture was more important to me. Since I was already intrigued by spray painted chandeliers, I thought it was the perfect time to try out a DIY project. But first I had to research how to paint a chandelier since I had no clue whatsoever. Luckily, I found lots of tutorials online and most of them recommend some sort of primer/spray paint combo that works on various surfaces. The chandelier I used was bright gold and mostly plastic with a little bit of metal here and there. I could have left it alone since I usually enjoy antique-looking pops of gold throughout the house, but something about it screamed “cheap” — and I kept hitting my head on the stupid thing in the dining room, so we planned on moving it to […]


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diy painted terra cotta pots

The previous owners of our house left behind a couple of scuffed up terra cotta pots, so I decided to spruce them up a bit with a coat of paint and some cacti and succulents. And by spruce up, I mean that I wanted to find an extremely easy DIY that even I could do. These are basically the only plants I can keep alive because they don’t need much water or care, so to show my appreciation, I wanted to give them a stylish new home with some pretty craft paint. Thanks for stayin’ alive, plants! Keep up the good work. Since I already had two of the plain terra cotta pots, I made a trip to Michael’s to pick up a few more supplies.


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diy bath salts with essential oils

Because I enjoy relaxing baths, I go through a lot of bath salts. I finally decided to make them myself after realizing how much I spent every couple of months, plus I now know every single ingredient that’s going into my bathtub. This makes me enjoy my happy place even more! By following this simple recipe and making your own bath salts, you can include essential oils with many health benefits. I always make a batch of lavender bath salts because it reduces stress and helps me fall asleep at night, and also tea tree oil to help with blemishes on my back. There’s a perfect essential oil for everyone! Feel free to make your own and to also give them away as gift to friends and family members. What you’ll need for DIY bath salts: 1. Dead sea salt. 2. Epsom salt. 3. Essential oils or your favorite perfume. […]


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guest post: from a miss to a mrs {diy photo coasters}

Please join me in welcoming Nikki to this side on the Internet! She blogs over at From a Miss to a Mrs, where she shares money saving tips, crafts, and stories about life in general. Lucky for you, she’s sharing wonderful DIY photo coasters on my blog today: ———————– Hi bloggers!! Thank you soo much to Rachel for letting me introduce myself and share my blog and my new project with you!! I blog over at From A Miss to a Mrs. and I talk about… life in general. I’m 25, a newlywed, mom to 3 dogs, homeowner, budgeter and wedding planner. I like to read, shop, use my crock pot and blog about real life trying to balance all my jobs with being a good wife. We have a lot of fun over there so come visit!! For my guest post, I wanted to share with you a crafty […]


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