a nuclear bunker in prague

Whenever I look at these photographs I can’t help but laugh because they’re so random. Brandon begged me to take a tour of a nuclear bunker in Prague and I obviously obliged. Hanging out in a smelly bunker complete with fun graffiti and stuff to mess with? Sign me up! The tour we found was a Communism and nuclear bunker tour so we started in the city and our guide walked us around. Then we hopped on public transportation and made our way to the bunker — part of it had been transformed into a bar. I’m not kidding. This 1950’s bunker was around four floors deep and extremely creepy. The doors and walls were thick and it almost felt like we would disappear underground forever. The guide showed us gas masks, atomic suits, and different weapons. I got to hold a grenade and a gun but my husband won’t allow me […]


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prague, czech republic during christmas


Today I’m going to talk about Christmas. Why? Because it’s getting colder in Boston and that means all of my favorite holidays are right around the corner. Yay! (I hope that’s okay with you) B and I were living in Aberdeen, Scotland when we decided to fly to a European city to check out all of the Christmas markets. And to drink gallons of warm, spiced wine. Our favorite! I can honestly say that this is one of the best places to be over the holidays because of the endless shops, sightseeing tours, restaurants, and of course, all of the decorations scattered around the city center. Visiting a fairytale city during the holidays is always a wonderful idea. Prague, Czech Republic during Christmas: The stalls in the city weren’t as fairytale-esque as the ones we’ve seen in Germany, but there was plenty of delicious food to purchase and it was […]


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