four corners monument

Four Corners Monument

Before you read this post, let me first apologize for the awkward photos. We had been driving for hours (I believe we put 1,700 miles on our car just that weekend), and the sun was extremely bright — hence the tired, squinty looks. And with that disclaimer, let’s get to it. We decided to check out Four Corners Monument while we were living in Arizona because some of B’s co-workers had mentioned the area. Plus, I really wanted to stand in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona at the same time. Four states at once… that sounds dirty. The monument area had picnic tables, benches, a stand selling fried bread, and Navajo vendors selling other handmade goods, and although the actual monument wasn’t that magnificent and the area was basically empty (aside from the random tourist), it was a fun experience. Plus, the drive was gorgeous! I can’t tell you […]


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colorado springs and durango, colorado

Things to do in Colorado Springs

Our weekend was supposed to be relaxing yet jam-packed with fun activities such as driving on the Pikes Peak highway and crossing the bridge at the Royal Gorge; however, lack of daylight put a damper on our plans. By the time we arrived in Colorado Springs, we had only a few hours of light left to explore. We decided to visit the Manitou Cliff Dwellings instead of Pikes Peak, and then had plans to take off and find the Royal Gorge. The Cliff Dwellings were interesting, but we were disappointed when we realized the Royal Gorge bridge had already closed. Only open until 4 pm — really?!  Instead of gazing into the abyss from a creepy, tall bridge, we stuffed ourselves with fast food {always a bad idea}, had Malcolm hair fill our vehicle, and drove to Durango to spend the night in a sketchy hotel.  The next day, we […]


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