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Photography books to spark your creativity: After completing a few photography classes and really getting to know my DSLR, I began looking for photography inspiration in different places. I spent a lot of time researching websites and books and came to the conclusion that I no longer needed instructions and a ton of boring text because I had already mastered shooting in manual — woo hoo! No more snooze-fests for me! Needless to say, I wanted something more visually pleasing. I found that Pinterest was a great resource for posing subjects, photography props, and even photoshoot outfit ideas, but I also wanted something that would inspire me to try new things for my blog because I love looking at other bloggers’ lifestyle photos and home photography projects. Here are the five books I’ve really enjoyed these past couple of months. 1. A Beautiful Mess | 2. Creative Photography | 3. 50 Photo Projects 4. Photojojo! […]


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six questions | ask me a question and win a gift card

Six Questions is a startup based out of Harvard and MIT for internet personalities to answer their fans’ top questions and a few weeks ago, they contacted me about filming a short introduction for their website. Now I’m not sure I’d consider myself an “internet personality” and who knows if I actually have blog fans, but I wanted to participate because it’s a fun and interesting concept. Since I recorded a 30 second video for them, I’ll be the featured guest until January 17th. During this period, you can compete to submit and vote up questions, and then at the end of the week, I get to answer the top six questions in another video and you can all make fun of my akward-ness once again. Yay! But wait — it gets even better because you can win cool stuff by participating. The reader with the top-voted question will receive a $25 […]


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top posts of 2013

2013 has come to an end and first and foremost, I want to thank all of you for sticking around and reading my blog. When I created this little space while living abroad in Scotland, I had no idea that it would grow to become such a creative outlet — and never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d make lifelong friends because of it. The beautiful thing about blogging is that when you’re vulnerable and decide to share your ups and downs with the entire world, you receive support in return. This support makes life a little easier and I’m certain it made 2013 a better year for me. So here’s to 2014. I couldn’t imagine a more excellent way to ring of the New Year than to share my favorite posts of 2013 with you all. ;) 1. Ways to improve your photography In 2013, I started […]


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blogger to wordpress transfer | my experience

In September of this year, I decided to transfer from Blogger to WordPress. Even though I’m enjoying this platform because of the plug-ins and customization, I can honestly say that this switch was the worst experience of my blogging career. My theme was completely botched and was causing loading errors for readers, my links weren’t working (Pinterest, Bloglovin’ and Facebook were completely useless to me), and all of that SEO juice I had built up over a little over a year? Gone. I still can’t believe I paid that much money for someone to completely screw me over and not even blink. When you invest hours upon hours of work into your website and an “expert” ruins all of that, you want to scream and give up on blogging all together. It gets better. The paperwork I filled out in the beginning of this whole process specifically stated that I needed to […]


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it’s looking a little different around these parts

You may have noticed that my blog got a little facelift yesterday. Thanks to Jenny from Maiedae, everything is organized and looking clean. She’s a creative genius and so easy to work with! Let me point out a few things that will be helpful if you’re a reader: On the left sidebar you’ll find a “subscribe by email” button and some of my popular post topics for easy access — there’s also a “lately” widget where I’ll be posting ad sales and other information from time to time. She installed a navigation bar with drop-downs so you can find even more topics with ease, and everything will be clutter-free from now on. I even have a new FAQ section and updated Advertise page. I kind of feel like a real blogger now! Lastly, I switched from Blogger to WordPress, and with a big transition like this, there are always going to be a […]


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blogging advice? yes!

Recently I’ve been getting emails asking for different tidbits of blogging advice so I couldn’t be more excited for this giveaway! I still plan on doing a blogging advice vlog to answer some of your specific questions (even though I’m not an expert), but in the meantime you can enter to win a blogging eBook from Alycia Crowley of the Crowley Party. I had a chance to review “Blogging At The Next Level” and this eBook is packed with valuable information. The eBook is only $5.00 and even includes a free copy of any addition materials Alycia writes. Yay! What you can expect to find in this eBook: TABLE OF CONTENTS DEFINE YOUR SUCCESS………………………………………….. 1 What, Why and “IT”! LOOKS MATTER..………………………………………………….. 6 What makes a good blog design? QUALITY IMAGES………………………………………………… 10 Quick tips for great photography TREAT IT LIKE A BUISNESS……………………………………. 13 Want to make money off of your blog? GETTING […]


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