sightseeing in brussels, belgium

Our stop in Brussels was… interesting. As soon as we deplaned and got in line for customs, we were hassled by three men while they looked through every page of our passports over and over again. They didn’t just ask us questions about our previous stops… they were grade-A jerks. After everyone else from our plane had left the building and we were the only couple still at the customs desk, we were finally allowed to go on our merry cranky way. Then we realized the airport wasn’t even close to the city center (a point I mentioned in my discount airlines post) and we had to ride a bus for a few hours. After we arrived at our hotel half-asleep and annoyed, we went straight to bed and woke up in the morning with a better outlook on life. But then my husband informed me that he would have to work […]


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bruges, belgium | a fairytale city

I have a confession to make. When I look at the majority of our travel photos, my eyes burn. We didn’t have a DSLR back then, and used a simple Sony point and shoot… WITH flash. Now, you can totally achieve an awesome photograph with a point and shoot, but when you throw a flash into the mix… What were we thinking? I try to edit these photos so they don’t make my blog look too terrible, but there’s only so much Lightroom can do. I almost feel like we need to plan additional trips to all of these cities because I need to take better photos. Any excuse to travel, right? Back to Bruges. Before we hopped on a plane to Bruges, B insisted we watch the movie In Bruges with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. To make a long story short, it was an awful movie. At one […]


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