holiday gift guide for the glamper

If you’re like me, you’re still scrambling for gift ideas even though Christmas is a week away, and hey, that’s alright! With quality websites like Icebreaker you can pick up something unique for all of your travel-loving friends and family.

Icebreakers Gift Guide

The first thing you’ll notice about the Icebreaker website is that they have helpful gift guides for easy shopping. These gift guides are your one-stop-shop for glampers, globe trotters, over packers, fitness fanatics, snow bums, and the minimalists in your life, and you’ll find different items on each page. I decided to build my own gift guide with items from the “glamper” section because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Luxury camping? Sign me up. (It’s probably more enjoyable than camping in Scotland while insects attack your face and crawl into your nostrils, right?)

Holiday Gift Guide for the Glamper

Holiday Gift Guide for the Glamper:
+ This MerinoLOFT Chelsea vest looks chic and comfy and I’m sure it’s warm enough for chilly weather this winter!
+ I’m all about beanies this season so I included two different ones. My favorite has to be the magenta Skyline Hat.
+ Why are fingerless gloves so special, you ask? I wear these because it’s easier to type on my phone and use my DSLR.
+ I have these premium wool socks in grey and they are perfect for hiking! They’ll protect your feet and keep them warm without being too bulky.
+ And another hat because hats are definitely necessary in Virginia. This Valor Hat is unique and will go with anything!

That’s my glaming gift guide for you. If you’re in need of other ideas I highly recommend this women’s vest and wool beanie. I’ve been testing out both items for the past week and the quality is awesome, plus they keep my warm while walking the dogs.

Pick up a few Merino wool items for yourself and your loved ones!


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  • Deasy Noel

    Cute list! I’m heading to the Grand Canyon for a few days next week and am kind of freaking out on what to wear! I want to be warm, but comfortable AND stylish. Ah, the problems are real!

  • Jasmine Eclipse

    This is a wonderful list for all of us “glampers” out there. Thanks for sharing! (

  • EmilyAnne Thomason
  • Miles of Happiness

    I LOVE the tags. I really do!

  • kepandaian