jefferson hotel dc

Jefferson Hotel DC

My husband and I are obsessed with nice hotels — probably because we’ve accidentally booked stays at some really nasty ones in the past. Like the time we booked a one-night stay at a chain hotel near the London airport and a bunch of ladybugs dive-bombed from the hallway ceiling and smacked me in the glasses as I screamed bloody murder. Or that time in Colorado when we needed a place to crash after driving all day in an attempt to make it to Arizona in a timely fashion — ’cause when is a cross-country road trip ever a good idea? That hotel, though. The towels and sheets were yellow, and I sat there attempting to solve the puzzle… were they supposed to be a shade of yellow or had they turned yellow after many years of use? Who knows, but I used Malcolm as a pillow and didn’t shower the next morning because drying off my body with a yellow threadbare towel wasn’t something I was interested in. So, we like nice hotels. Hotels with beds so plush you want to stay in all day and order room service, and hotels with white linens. You can bleach white linens and that’s good.

The Jefferson Hotel DC is one of those really nice hotels.

Jefferson Hotel DC
Jefferson Hotel DC
Jefferson Hotel DC
The Jefferson Hotel

The Jefferson is a 95-room luxury boutique hotel located in downtown Washington, DC and the rooms are elegant and comfortably furnished. We had the chance to stay there a few months ago and if someone offered me the chance to reside there permanently, I’d take them up on that offer in a heartbeat — especially because of the award-winning restaurants and because of the custom treatments at the hotel spa. Yes, please.

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But back to the rooms. The beds were wonderful and we loved the robes and slippers the hotel provided. The rooms were clean and the furniture made me happy because it was elegant and that’s exactly what hotels in Washington, DC should look like.

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And the best part: they’re pet friendly! Dogs staying at The Jefferson receive their own dog beds, bowls, and treats, and owners will get information regarding nearby dog-walking routes and other pet friently places around the city. They even have their own dog mascot named Lord Monticello or Monti (cute, right?) and he’s been living at The Jefferson since January 2014 which I think is completely adorable. We thought about bringing Malcolm and Ollie to this pet friendly DC hotel; however, we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves since they’re evil and horribly behaved. Maybe next time… or after some extensive training.

Have you ever stayed at The Jefferson? You should!

The Jefferson DC
1200 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036


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  • Kelly

    I know where this is but have never been in, so pretty!

    • Postcards from Rachel

      You’ll have to grab dinner there when you’re back in DC!

  • Eden Mint

    Looks like an amazing property! While I’ve stayed in many luxury hotels and presidential suites (thanks to my parents being in the hotel industry), sometimes a regular hotel isn’t bad either. For me, I just want a clean and comfortable room that provides free WIFI. Depending on the destination, I usually don’t have enough time to spend in the hotel to fully appreciate it since I get busy sightseeing around town. :)

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Clean is key. I can’t sleep when it’s not.

  • EmilyAnne Thomason

    Wow that looks like a nice hotel! Great pictures for sharing!

  • Flitter Fly (aka My Transforma

    Even though I live in/around DC (when in the States, that is), I would definitely think about taking a little stay-cation here, thanks for the suggestion!

    • Postcards from Rachel

      It’s definitely worth a trip. I think we’ll go back for our anniversary. :)

  • Megan

    Ahhh I love this! I’m adding it to my list of places to stay when we do ‘staycations’. And love that they are pet friendly!

    • Postcards from Rachel

      It’s the perfect staycation hotel!

  • Christine
    • Postcards from Rachel

      It’s gorgeous!

  • Deasy Noel

    Oh, that’s such a cool hotel! The rooms look absolutely divine!

  • Rachel Frend

    The Jefferson looks gorgeous! Is it close to a lot of the touristy stuff in DC, or at least close to transportation? I’ve been wanting to visit DC for years but shudder at the idea of having to drive around.

  • DC Minute

    Isn’t DC the best? Love the elegance!!

  • kepandaian