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I survived photographing two weddings this month! I had the opportunity to second shoot a wedding in Alexandria a few weeks ago and absolutely loved the classic feel. Then, I photographed an outdoor wedding at a fruit farm in Berryville, Virginia over the weekend. It was a rainy and chilly day, but luckily the rain let up just in time and the clouds made for some wonderful shots. It’s crazy how lighting can give photos a totally different feel.

Here’s a peek at some of the images.

Bridal Portrait Ideas DC
Virginia Wedding Photographer
Virginia Wedding Photographer
DC Wedding Photographer
Alexandria Wedding Photographer VA
Alexandria Wedding
First Look Ideas
Morrison House Wedding
NOVA Wedding Photographer
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The Morrison House
Washington DC Wedding Venues

And the rustic/country wedding:

Bridal Portraits
Bridal Party Poses
Bridal Party
Photographing Weddings
DC Wedding Photographer
Groomsmen Ideas
Photographing Weddings
Vineyard Wedding
Photographing Weddings
Wedding Party
Photographing Weddings

What have you guys been up to lately?


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  • B. Britnell

    these pictures are beautiful!

  • Jessica
  • Jamie @ Gunters Abroad

    Fab!! Loving the vivid colors in the rustic photos!

  • Kayla Magness

    Both weddings are so gorgeous! Great job :)

  • Susannah

    These pictures are so great! I love how you captured each woman’s special day! :-)

  • Bethany Carson

    Lovely wedding photos!

  • Sophie

    These are so beautiful! Absolutely love the one of the groom waiting behind the brick wall while his bride saunters over … he looks so incredibly happy :)

  • Laura @ Inspiration.Sparks

    These are absolutely stunning Rachel! :)

  • Chelsea

    These are so pretty!

  • Lisette

    Love these! So different and pretty!

  • Kelly

    Oh my goodness, you have such a talent!

  • Fran

    these are so incredible, Rachel! Love them!

  • Erika

    Great photos! love the bouquet shots

  • EmilyAnne Thomason

    Great shots! I love the pictures of the small details that you do when planning a wedding, but usually do not get pictures of.

  • Karen Runwright

    I’d love to get into photographing too. These pictures are a great inspiration.

  • Jenny

    Beautiful photos! Love when the individuals still look natural and at ease while posing… it might just be the photographer in me, but I feel like when people aren’t being themselves, it definitely comes through the photo.

    PS may or may not be hunting you down as my photographer when the time comes (but I’m single sooo might be awhile haha)