relaxing holidays in europe

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Relaxing Holidays in Europe

Sometimes when you come home from a vacation, you’re so tired that you feel like you need to get away again just to recuperate! It’s hugely important to come back from your holidays feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, and there are a number of wonderful cheap holidays throughout Europe which will give you that rested feeling you’re looking for from a break.


Europe has some of the best spa resorts in the world, and many hotels now provide an in-house spa service for guests, so you may not even need to leave the confines of your accommodation to treat yourself to a massage or facial. Columbia Beach Resort in Cyprus is a particularly relaxing choice: set up on the hill looking down into Pissouri Bay and offering a village style retreat hotel experience, with the breath-taking scenery of Cyprus all around.


With the whole Mediterranean to choose from, Europe is one of the finest destinations for beach escapes. The Greek Islands can be a particularly restful destination, with an amazing history to meander through when you fancy a bit of sightseeing. If bars and boutiques are your preferred entertainment when your day on the beach is over, head to the French Riviera, where Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo will sparkle in the evening light.


There are many destinations in Europe which offer a great combination of spa therapy, beach side relaxation, and sights. A perfect example of this is Ischia, the largest island in the Bay of Naples. With beautiful white sand beaches and volcanic scenery, Ischia is called the ‘island of regeneration’ for good reason: it’s famous for its healing waters and curative spas.


If a beach sounds a little too hectic for you, there are many lakeside destinations to peruse. Lake Orta in Italy is a perfect destination if you’re looking to relax: it’s less famous (and therefore less busy) than Garda, Como and Maggiore, but just as charming and atmospheric. There’s swimming, boating, and the romantic lake island of San Giulio if you feel like a day trip.

You’re bound to find the perfect relaxing getaway for you in Europe: whether it’s beaches, lakes, spa treatments or all of the above, you’ll find the ideal destination, and you’ll return home feeling rested and relaxed once more!

What are some of your favorite locations for relaxing holidays in Europe?


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  • Helene

    I never seem to take a relaxing vacation and i need to change that!!

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Same with us! We’re always running around on vacation.

  • EvaS

    I always go to Madrid. I’m from there, but, although I love visiting, it’s not 100% relaxing. You want to go everywhere, eat everything, and see everybody. All that in just two weeks. But if I had to choose a relaxing place, it would be a beach in Spain but in the off-season. There’s nothing relaxing about a Spanish beach in August.

  • Michaela Novotná

    If you are a fan of spa and spa procedures, there are many spa towns in the west of the Czech Republic – such as Karlovy Vary or Františkovy Lázně :)

  • karolinapatryk

    We are from Europe and we think the best is to go to countryside. Walking and breathing the fresh air :)