paint colors of our home

Paint Colors of our Home

Let’s talk about something very serious. Paint colors.


I’ve always loved grey paint colors, but finding a shade that worked in our home was a pain in the arse since there are so many to choose from. We spent a lot of time looking for the perfect grey on Pinterest, and after a trip to Sherwin-Williams, we purchased a couple gallons of Conservative Gray. This color actually looks much lighter on our walls than it did on the swatch, but I’m still extremely happy with our choice. Conservative Gray brightened up our living room and upstairs hallway, and it goes with almost everything.

Travel Gallery Wall


Our main floor half bath was already painted this color when we moved in, so we decided to keep it. We were sick of messing with walls (isn’t painting the worst?!), plus we had a bunch of travel prints that matched the Copper Mountain color perfectly. I think it’s a fun pop of color since everything else is lighter.

Paint Colors


I didn’t want a white-colored kitchen so we decided on this blue/teal color. Copen Blue is a light enough color that it doesn’t look too out of place, and it compliments our bright yellow chandelier and bar stools.

Painting a Chandelier


Our entryway and rec room is currently a tan/cream color and although it’s lovely, it’s way too dark for our house. I bought a gallon of White Heron at Sherwin-Williams and plan on tackling everything in the next couple of days. I’m hoping it will brighten up these spaces, and because our entryway bench is patterned and I’ll have a bunch of prints in my office, a shade of white will work best.


This is the color of our front door and at first, my husband was totally skeptical and tried talking me out of such a bright shade. Brilliant Blue… I love you. And I hope our HOA doesn’t come knocking on said door because we didn’t get it approved.

Flower Wreath Door


So, funny story. I basically painted our entire kitchen this color (with the help of my husband and a friend) and then decided it looked too much like a nursery. Whoops. It wasn’t a good shade for a kitchen, but I think Blue Horizon will look wonderful in our master bathroom. It is a calming color, after all… and my soaking tub is located there. Ahhhh.

And those are the paint colors of our home (our bedrooms are all white). What’s your favorite paint color in your house or apartment?

+ I like the Sherwin-Williams HGTV paint because it’s a zero VOC formula.


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  • Jade @ Earth to Jade

    These are some really nice colours, Rachel! I love that you didn’t go with just plain old white like so many people are doing these days. I bet your house must feel so welcoming!

  • Abelleabroad

    OK, love the grey and that yellow chandelier is amazing!

  • Lisette

    I love that conservative grey in your living room. It looks a little pale blue against the sofa, (maybe it’s just my monitor) but I love it!

  • Lisa C

    I love the colors. That blue on the door is perfect!

  • Chelsea

    SUCH pretty colors!