travel-inspired kitchen coffee station

My travel-inspired kitchen coffee station should probably be called a “drink station” since we have every appliance under the sun, but we use it mainly for coffee from our delicious Nespresso, so here we go. Here’s an update on our beloved coffee station.

Travel Kitchen Coffee Station
Kitchen Coffee Station
Travel-Inspired Kitchen Coffee Station

After looking at different coffee stations and nooks on Pinterest and becoming completely obsessed, I talked my husband into creating one in our own kitchen. Luckily our kitchen set-up was perfect because we had a bare wall we hadn’t used yet. Off to Target we went to find a cheap cabinet and then the fun really started.

A lot of the coffee stations I found online included shelves and metal baskets hanging on the wall, but because I wanted to incorporate the sweet “YUM” sign we found at Target and our scratch-off map, I decided that simple was better. And the sorta travel-themed coffee station idea was born.

Kitchen Coffee Station with Globe
Kitchen Coffee Nook

We wanted everything to be relativity inexpensive since a lot of spillage could happen (it is a drink station after all), so the Globe and most of the accessories were purchased at Target. And then we included a SodaStream for sparkling water, our Nespresso and coffee pods, a stovetop espresso maker, tea kettle, and wine fridge. Inside the cabinet is another coffee maker for guests who don’t like the Nespresso (they’re crazy, I tell ya), and a blender for smoothies. We also use it for storage for tea, hot chocolate, and lots of mugs.

Kitchen Coffee Station with Map
Travel Inspired Coffee Station
Kitchen Coffee Station
Kitchen Coffee Station Cabinet

Then we have all of the fun coasters we’ve collected from our travels and of course, our bright yellow chandelier I painted. It’s a fun space!

Target YUM Wall Sign
Kitchen Coffee Station

I’m sure our little drink station will evolve over the years and maybe it’ll become even more travel-esque, but for now, I think it’s perfect.

Do you have a coffee station in your home?


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  • Madi | And So I Did

    I’m working on creating ours! We too had the perfect wall in our kitchen for one, and also had the cabinet! :) There’s no decoration yet, but I’m hoping it will come soon! :)

  • Meg Mookaht

    Absolutely lovely idea! Would be great if it had wheels so you could get it out into the garden on sunny coffee mornings.

  • Rachel Murphree

    That IS a fun space! I want something like this in our house, though I don’t know exactly where I’d set one up. We have counter space that is dedicated to coffee and tea, and maybe I’ll work on decorating that space over the summer.

    -Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  • Meg Henning

    what an awesome coffee spot and i love the travel theme instead of the typical coffee shop type of decor. that yellow chandelier is great

  • Katie

    I have that same scratch map. It’s so fun! Your coffee station looks adorable.

  • Jesse Blair-French

    That is so cool!

  • Kayla Horning

    I love the coasters collected from travels idea! I just might have to steal that from you!

  • Erica Baker

    So fun! I saw that globe at Target and LOVED the colors, but my husband has cut me off. I have too many globes :) So glad someone got the cute globe though! Such a great nook

  • Hannah Wasielewski

    I love it! I definitely want to incorporate some travel-themed things into my future apartment. and I need to get one of those scratch off maps too!

  • Sarah Shumate

    I love how your house has so many travel-themed accents – you’ve done a lovely job so far!

    We don’t even have a coffee maker, which annoys my dad to no end when he comes to stay with us. :) The only “appliance” we have is a stovetop tea kettle.

  • Elizabeth Georgian

    I love it! I have the same scratch off travel map too and it is such a nice way to show off travels.

  • Jess Elyse

    Love it! I really want a scratch off map. Those are so fun! And I love the YUM sign. Target has some great stuff!

  • Hallie Oceanside

    LOVE IT! how awesome!

  • heatherbquinn

    So cheerful!

  • Kati

    The YUM sign is great! Where did you get it from?

  • Rachel

    Your coffee station is so cute! I love Nespresso!!! It’s honestly the only kind of homemade/home brewed coffee I like. You might say I’m a little picky about my coffee haha!

  • Amanda

    Everything about this station is SO CUTE! I need one, exactly like it. ;) Someday I’ll hire you to come over to my house and make mine ok?!

  • Katie Cook

    love this idea:) and that chandelier is awesome!!

  • KC Saling

    Love the scratch off map! What a genius idea! And collecting the coasters is a wonderful travelers’ touch!

  • Setarra

    I’m not a coffee drinker but I love how you made use of the corner space in your kitchen! That scratch off map is amaze-balls. Will definitely looking into getting one of my own :)

  • Dannielle @ Chicadeedee

    We are looking at houses right now, and at everyone I’m just like “where can we put the coffee station?!” because like you we’ve got it all! It’s nice to have it all in one spot too. I love the YUM letters.

  • Nina

    The scratch off map is absolutely amazing! I got two of them for my husband on his birthday: a world map and the US map. They are the coolest maps ever.

  • Gina Alyse

    I’m definitely putting this on my list for my dream home! It is so cute and creative! I love the map and the “YUM” letters. It all goes well together :)

    xo, gina

  • Tina Byland

    We use coasters we’ve collected from Europe, too! The majority are from Munich, but we love them!

  • Misty

    Oh my gosh I definitely have to have one of those maps! It’s so funny because just the other day i was trying to come up with a map idea to hang on our wall that I could customize to show where we have traveled. Also, I love the coasters idea.

  • Chloé Arnold

    Oh my goodness I love this! SOOO copying you for our little coffee corner in our little Thai home :) Cutest!!

  • Megan C. Stroup

    I love it! My sister also collects coasters when we travel. I think it’s a great idea and wish I would’ve started earlier!

  • Megan Luff

    Awesome! The YUM sign is the best thing in the entire world. Where is it from? I have the map too – it’s great right?

  • Joanna K

    Good! phew! I’m not the only one with a map on the wall and stack of coffee at home! All in here:

  • Kenzie S

    That turned out super cute!