our travel gallery wall

Every time we go on a vacation, we come home with either a painting, a print, or something else that can be featured on a wall. And don’t forget about all of the photographs we take while exploring — we take lots of those. Because of this, we determined that we needed some sort of travel gallery wall to feature all our favorite places and memories. I love being able to look above our couch and view all of the great times we experienced abroad. Plus, I think it’s fun that we decided to include maps, a Scottish clan plaque, and everything else under the sun. It’s quite the collection of random adventures and mementos.

DIY Gallery Wall

A few months ago we started collecting random frames from HomeGoods, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx since we wanted an “eclectic” look, and then we unpacked all of the paintings and prints we had purchased over the years. The problem with buying art abroad is that the pieces are usually random sizes, so a lot of cutting and trimming is always involved. We’ve had some of our paintings professionally framed (they’re displayed in other rooms in our home), but since that gets pricey, we didn’t do it for some of the smaller prints and paintings.

Even though the trimming part sucks, if you have a paper trimmer like this one, your life will be a million times easier. I really need to purchase one… or steal my mother’s scrapbooking tools.

Travel Gallery Wall
Travel Gallery

I used pieces from a map of Scotland I found in one of our carry-on suitcases, black and white photos I printed at Walgreens, and basically any print and painting that didn’t already have a designated place in our home. Since we had everything but the frames, this project was fairly inexpensive.

Travel Gallery Wall
Home Travel Gallery Wall
Living Room Gallery

Before I started the process of actually hanging all of the frames on our wall, I set up everything on the floor and cut out pieces of paper that corresponded with each frame’s size. Then I taped the paper up on the wall and started organizing everything. Honestly, that got old. I only did this for a few of the frames, then I started randomly nailing. Since I have no patience whatsoever, this method worked out better for me. And I like that the space between each frame isn’t perfectly even; it gives it more of a random look.

Travel Gallery Wall
Deer Head and Gallery Wall
Gallery Wall Random Frames
Travel Gallery Wall
Kenroy Home Giveaway
Travel Gallery Wall

And that’s our travel gallery wall! We’ve added a few more pieces over the past couple of weeks so I’m sure the collection will grow.

Do you have a gallery wall in your home?


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  • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

    this looks beautiful, Rachel! I would love to create a gallery wall but I have no idea how long we’ll be at our current living situation so I’m hesitant to put anything up!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Yep, that’s exactly why I didn’t decorate any of our apartments. I didn’t want to create something fun and then have to take it down months later!

  • http://www.katiestrails.com Katie

    We have the same thing! A little smaller, though. http://instagram.com/p/nl9qMaHjQ_/

    • http://www.piesandtravel.com/ Muriel

      Oh wow this is awesome!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Ooh, I love yours! How fun.

  • http://www.stephyleephotography.com Stephanie

    This is such a fun idea and a beautiful wall! I love it!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks. :) I’m happy with how it turned out.

  • http://thebenroecks.com/ Lisa

    Wow, this is SUCH a fun and unique idea. And a great way to collect souvenirs without filling your house with useless stuff! I seriously love it.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Aww, thanks. I love it too!

  • http://www.piesandtravel.com/ Muriel

    We have a similar wall as well! But I love the idea of adding maps and little souvenirs to it.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks! I didn’t know what else to put in some of the frames I had, and then I happened to find that random map. It was perfect.

  • http://www.the-lifestyle-project.com/ Danielle @ The-Lifestyle-Prj

    We had a similar randomly scattered photo wall in our last apartment as well. I started planning out where everything should go too but also ditched that idea after approximately 2.5 minutes. I love that you framed prints and maps as well! Special touches like that really make your gallery unique.

  • http://www.iris-hanlin.com/ A Country Girl’s Daybook
    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thank you!

  • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

    We have been thinking of ways to create a photo wall and I love this idea! We have tons of pictures and mementos from our travels, I think a travel wall is the perfect thing to do with all of them.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Agreed. You should create one! :)

  • http://goldpolkadots.com/ Hanna Baror-Padilla @ Goldpolk

    Such a cute idea!!! I now want to start collecting postcards and paintings from all the places I visit!


    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Ooh, I didn’t even think about postcards. That’s a fun idea.

  • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

    I love it!!!!!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks, lady!

  • http://straightupzblog.com/ Z K

    I love this! I wished I lived in somewhere that was a little more permanent, since I’d love to have a big statement wall.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      That’s exactly why I didn’t decorate any of our apartments! Plus they were already furnished with… interesting art. Ha.

  • http://www.aweekendcrossing.blogspot.com/ Marla Rogers

    I absolutely love this!! I bought tons of little odds and ends when I was abroad and I’ve been looking for a nice way to display them. This is perfect, thank you for the inspiration!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Well then, I definitely think you should create a gallery wall. They’re a lot of fun! :)

  • TheJessaOlsonBlog

    I love this!! I think we need to do something like this. I still can’t believe how close we are.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I know!

  • http://shenaenagins.blogspot.co.nz/ Shenae

    This is such a great idea, I think I’m going to start collecting prints and art when I go to Europe.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Definitely do that! And prints are so easy to carry around too. Just roll them up!

  • thediynurse

    So pretty!! I love always being reminded of your travels. What clan are you? I’m Gordon!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      My family is Fraser and Brandon’s is Malcolm. We ended up buying the Malcolm plaque since that’s our dog’s name too. ;)

  • http://www.thewhatsinbetween.blogspot.com Zoe

    I’ve started buying all softs of prints/posters/postcards when I travel to take home and frame. My most favorite purchase is a huge set of TinTin + Le Petit Prince postcards from Paris! While I’m not sure if I’ll hang an exclusively travel-acquired gallery wall, some of my favorite pieces from abroad will make their way into a gallery wall :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection! xx

    The What’s In Between

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I really need to add postcards to my wall. Yours sound adorable!

  • Victoria Lau

    I love this idea! I often times pass up the chance to buy postcards/drawings/any type of art on paper because I never know what to do with them. I love your eclectic mix of art, maps, photos, etc. Great inspiration!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks, Victoria! :)

  • Nico Vermeulen

    Really love it. I made mine but the sticky hooks I used in my apartment, fell down after a while. (As it’s not my apartment, I didn’t wanna make holes in the wall or wallpaper.) So now I am looking for alternatives.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I hate using those sticky hooks! We had the same issue in our apartments when we tried to hang robes in the bathroom, etc.

  • http://Carolinebogush.blogspot.com Caroline Bogush

    That’s so neat! Love the frames!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks, Caroline! I’m glad we decided to go with random frames.. the mix looks so cool!

  • http://www.themerrycaper.com/ Isabel

    All of the pieces are wonderful, but the paintings(?) are especially lovely, they look almost like storybook illustrations! I love the way you’ve set this up; my favorite gallery walls are the ones that look purposeful yet can still expand organically.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks, Isabel! I love the paintings too. And I like that each one has its own story… we usually bought the paintings from random artists on the streets.

  • Nicole Prša

    I love this! We used to have one in our old apartment in Croatia, you’ve totally inspired me to do it again! I love the frames you guys chose! Looks great all together

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks, Nicole. And I’m so jealous you lived in Croatia. Croatia is at the top of my travel list!!!

  • http://www.bakerstellstories.com Erica Baker

    We have one above our bed, but it’s just photographs from our travels. Such a fun way to re-live adventure everyday! Love yours -great job!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I might have to add one above my bed now. That’s a great idea! :)

  • http://www.thetelephonebox.blogspot.co.uk Becky

    This is lovely! I cant wait to hang all my travel photos up when we’ve finished decorating out house!
    Becky x

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks, Becky! Can’t wait to see yours.

  • http://gina-alyse.blogspot.com/ Gina Alyse

    I’m in LOVE! This is so beautiful and I’m hoping to do something similar down the road. I love how it’s a mix of maps, typography and pretty places. Great job with the details–it’s truly inspiring! xo, gina

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks, Gina! I love the mix of different prints and paintings too!

  • Britt @Perpetually Daydreaming

    I always buy a little print/piece of art when we travel and we have a travel gallery wall too. I want to redo ours though. Yours looks great!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Gallery walls are the best! I love that you can constantly add to them. I’d love to see yours.

  • Martina

    Sooooo cool! I love the idea and the photos. Will definitely start building mine. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Awesome. Can’t wait to see yours!

  • Kathleen Walpole

    I am in love with this idea! I’m moving to a new place in the next month, and I need to do this!

  • http://www.inspirationsparks.com/ Laura @ Inspiration.Sparks

    I am obsessed! I was figuring out what type of souvenir i want to collect and decided on post cards/art! I want to do exactly this and omg you got me so excited! haha!

  • http://www.toothbrushtravels.com/ Amy @ ToothbrushTravels

    I have something similar pinned onto a secret pinterest board for the day S and I find our forever home.
    absolutely love the eclectic frames and the way you’ve shaped it – makes a great feature piece! x

  • http://www.hopeengaged.blogspot.com/ Katie Cook

    This literally is the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen hung above a couch!!! What a fantastic idea!! I always am trying to figure out what to do with all of our travel moments! Thanks girl!! xoxo Katie

  • http://eatseedoblog.com/ Anna

    This is so cute! I really want to do something like this once we have a ‘proper’ home. For now we just have things in tubes and boxes at both our mums’ houses!

  • Happyeverafter_Bride

    Ahmazing! I’ve been planning one for sometime too! Nice to get inspiration from you. I think I might take on the eclectic look too. It’s so pretty.

  • http://www.trbcca.com Rebecca

    just discovered your blog through your post on blogging tips! I love this DIY idea. I’m a big fan of postcards but I never know what to do with them. I’ll have to make a mini gallery of my own! :)
    rebecca @ trbcca.com

  • http://www.earthtojade.com/ Jade @ Earth to Jade

    I love it! I think it’s perfect.

  • http://fashionpeekaboo.com/ Anastasia Polosina

    The idea is brilliant! Thanks!


  • http://totravelandbeyond.wordpress.com/ Macy Gutermuth

    I love this!!! I need to start something like this in my house

  • http://luyoutravel.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth Georgian

    This is such a great wall! J and I have been collecting art and our own photos as well to hang up when we have somewhere.

  • http://beyondblessedblog.com/ Chloé Arnold

    Absolutely adore this!!! So wonderful! Goodness can’t wait to make my own. Definitely copying you on buying a print at each location!

  • http://www.alonewithmytea.blogspot.com Julie

    I love this eclectic style, but my husband doesn’t. :( I’m currently brainstorming ways to incorporate all of our travel photos and maps in a way that we both will enjoy. It’s tough!!!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Hmmm. Maybe you can talk him into black picture frames? That would look cool too!

  • dasFrollein

    wow, this is such a great idea!!! I am sure I will try this out after our Half-year Bali time :) Some many impressions that should be posted in our walls. Thx for the inspiration!! http://frolleinliebelei.com/en/blog/travel-en/