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It’s kind of funny. When I was bored and we were moving around every six months, I posted on this blog every day and felt completely caught up with everything blogging-related. Now that we’ve settled in Northern Virginia and I’m actually growing my photography business, I feel like the shittiest blogger ever. I’ve temporarily suspended sidebar ads, I’ve been ignoring emails regarding sponsored posts from random companies, and I just don’t have anything to say. I’m sure this will change when we go to NYC, Panama, and Peru and I feel the need to share a million travel photos and sightseeing tips, but for now, my posts will probably be a bit sporadic.

But here are some cute baby photos to make it up to you.

Newborn Photography

Although I really like posed photos involving buckets, hats, and faux fur, there’s something about lifestyle baby photos… they’re so sweet and natural. And look at that chubby baby hand!

Lifestyle Baby Photos
Newborn Photos
Newborn Photographer
Newborn Photography
Lifestyle Baby

Do you think bloggers focus on other things in the summertime?


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  • rachel

    Love these photos!!! Stunning.

  • Danielle @ The-Lifestyle-Prj

    I think that you’re not alone and in general blogging tends to slow down during the summertime. I like how you didn’t apologize for sporadic posting though. If you’re not fulfilling your sponsorship requirements, that’s one thing, but as you mentioned above you’ve already taken care of that. I think it’s wonderful that you’re doing so much to build up your photography business and I wish you all the success with it!

  • Stephanie

    Oh my goodness, these are so adorable!

  • KateAdam Florken

    As someone who will (hopefully) be self-taught, I really admire your photography skills. These are beautiful!


  • Brianna DePauw

    These photos are great! And I absolutely think bloggers focus on other things in the summer! I have personally struggled with posting this summer, its hard to motivate to be inside when the sunshine is outside!

  • Irene @ Away from Tenerife

    I think what you’re going through with blobbing is perfectly nornal. When I was unemployed i pushed myself to blog at least twice a week but now that I’m working again i just don’t have the energy right now. Mayne i will figure it out in the fuure but truth is that i dont even feel as if I was missing out on something. Especially not now when the sun is shining outside and i have so much to discover in Dublin :)
    Best of luck with your photography business, Rachel! Oh, and I’m kind of jealous of all your travel plans!

    • Irene @ Away from Tenerife

      P.s. sorry for the many typos – I was commenting from my mobile phone.

  • Lauren {Fizz & Frosting}

    Oh my goodness. I’m pretty sure I need you to come to Richmond and take some newborn shots when my baby arrives! SO SWEET.

  • Fran

    These are so, so great!!

  • Abi

    Amazing photos! especially like the second to last one it looks so good in black and white as well! Abi :)