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Recently, I’ve been looking back on our photos from Arizona. Because I grew up surrounded by corn fields in Iowa, moved to busy Washington, DC after college, and then to green and lush Scotland after that, being in the desert was such a huge change for me. When you’re used to being surrounded by some sort of greenery, experiencing a landscape of tan, red, and orange is strange. And it’s even stranger when an Iowan like me is among cacti. That was weird.

Since my husband and I sold both of our cars before moving abroad, we only had one vehicle for a while after moving back to the states. I remember driving Brandon to his office in Scottsdale and seeing wild horses roaming around the desert. I found everything about it to be crazy… and beautiful… and I wanted one of those damn horses!

Exploring Sedona Arizona

One of our favorite adventures was a weekend trip to Sedona. Nothing will ever compare to the red rocks we explored and hiked, and I think you’ll agree that these photos are absolutely stunning.

Sedona Red Rocks
Sightseeing in Sedona Arizona

Sedona had mountains and forests, and it was such a huge change from the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.

What to do in Sedona
What to see in Sedona
Exploring Sedona
Red rocks in Sedona
Red Rock State Park Sedona

While we were there with my sister and her friend, we visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross which is located on top of a bunch of beautiful rock formations and has great views from the top. We were also able to take photos of Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, hike in the Red Rock State Park, and fall completely in love with all of the huge mansions located around Sedona. Ahh, to live among these views. That would be the life.

Bell Rock Sedona
Sedona Park
Exploring Sedona
Sedona Arizona Vacation
Travel to Sedona
Hiking in Arizona
Sightseeing Sedona
Sedona Arizona

We could have spent an entire week exploring Sedona and I’ve heard that the resorts there are completely focused on spa treatments and relaxation, so there’s that. Someone should plan a trip and report back to me!

Have you ever been to Sedona?


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  • http://www.productdoll.com/ Bobbi Whitney

    Great pictures! Sedona looks amazing!


    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      It’s a beautiful place!

  • http://www.bakerstellstories.com Erica Baker

    I haven’t been to Sedona, but I have a goal of getting to one of those resorts someday! Fabulous photos of that goregeous red landscape

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I bet a resort stay would be ah-mazing.

  • Rachel Murphree

    I love Sedona, although people there can get a little crazy about the vortexes. Have you seen some of these signs? Apparently if you’re hiking you have to be careful because the people who live there sear there are energy vortexes throughout the desert, and if you walk through one they get very upset.

    -Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Wait, what? I’ve never heard about these vortexes before. So now I need to look this up… asap. Ha!

  • Caitlin Gray

    Lovely pictures Rachel!


    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks, Caitlin!

  • http://www.truecoloursblog.com Casey

    We’ve actually been playing with the idea of a short trip to Sedona. Looks beautiful!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Do it! You will love the area!!

  • http://www.toothbrushtravels.com/ Amy @ ToothbrushTravels

    Must of been weird without pure greenery, but the colours are lovely xx

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      The colors were definitely gorgeous!

  • http://www.alonewithmytea.blogspot.com Julie

    It is beautiful, but I think the puppy pictures are the best. haha I don’t have baby fever, I have puppy fever!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Ha, thanks! I thought it was hilarious that Malcolm seemed to be staring at the American flag. Since he’s from the UK and all.

  • Rachel

    Wow stunning is right! I want to visit Arizona some day!! I feel like the landscape is so different than any other state! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      It really is! And probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

  • http://becauseeverybodyhasastory.blogspot.com/ Cece

    We’re planning a trip there soon!! Looks beautiful.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      You will have so much fun!

  • Jodi

    So beautiful. I would love to do a spa trip there!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I think you should do it! :)

  • http://polishedarrow.weebly.com/ Jess Elyse

    I’ve never been to Sedona, but I have been to the Grand Canyon and other parts of Southern AZ. Like simple miles from the Mexican border in the legit desert on an Indian Reservation. Look up Kitt Peak and Baboquivari Mountain. That is where I was!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Ooh, now I want to go there!

  • Catherine Lux

    I visited Sedona a coupla years back and *loved* it! It was so beautiful, and the small town was lovely. Sadly we didn’t have much time there as we were on our way from LA through Phoenix and then onto Grand Canyon and Zion, but I’d love to go back and explore Sedona more!

    C x
    Lux Life

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I remember that small town! We had lunch there and visited some doggy bakery. :)

  • http://talesfromoverthehorizon.com/ Zoe

    Sigh. I’d love to visit the US.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      You should! So much to see here.:)

  • http://indiellie.com ellie

    Beautiful pictures!!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thank you!

  • http://themovetoamerica.wordpress.com/ Molly @ The Move to America

    These photographs are great! I love looking at how different the terrain is compared to what I am used to seeing in the UK and now my surroundings in the US. It is amazing how diverse climate and how places look are here!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks, Molly! And yeah… it’s crazy how each State is so different!

  • http://www.apinchofjasmine.blogspot.com/ Jasmine

    Beautiful photos! I would definitely enjoy a spa weekend getaway there with that kind of view.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Thank you! And yeah, I’m so mad I didn’t plan a spa getaway. Sigh.

  • Jessa Olson

    I love all these photos.. We didn’t go to Sedona while living inAZ. It’s one of my biggest regrets in Az. I miss AZ so much.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I miss AZ too!

  • http://theinfinitesmile.com Kim

    We just went to Sedona a month ago. It’s just so rejuvenating and a great place for clarity and calm. it’s honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. We hiked to the vortex and coming down this man handed us hearts he carved out of the red rock, climbed up to the top of the vortex on a cliff and played a flute for an hour. Sounds so weird, but it was pretty amazing. :)

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Whoa, that’s awesome! I saw a few people doing yoga and meditating on the top of rocks, but no one played the flute for me!

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  • http://www.sparklesandshoes.com/ Kelly

    So much red/orange dirt! I would totally be down for a spa visit!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I know. The colors are crazy!

  • http://www.ollivandermo.com/ Mo Olivas

    Aww! Your pup is so cute! I need to visit Sedona still, everyone keeps telling me to go! I live in Tucson right now and my sister is up in Phoenix, yet we still haven’t managed to get up there. One day. :)


    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Ooh yes, definitely make the trip. You’ll love it!

  • Leah S.

    Looks beautiful! I’m putting this on my lists of places to visit and relax.

  • dasFrollein

    Great shots!!! We’ve been in Las Vegas and visited the Grand Canyon and the Red Rocks. Such an amazing landscape! http://frolleinliebelei.com/en/blog/travel-en/