grand canyon national park

Grand Canyon National Park

I can’t believe it has been 14 whole months since we left Arizona. Our corporate rotation was a whirlwind to say the least, and it just dawned on me that I haven’t even shared any photographs from our awe-inspirig trip to Grand Canyon National Park.

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When we first visited the park while living in Arizona, we drove around with Malcolm (our Westie) on the Desert View Drive scenic route and made a ton of stops to check out the sites. This was a quick way to take everything in, and since it was so hot on that day, it was nice to hop back into the air conditioned vehicle. We also talked to visitors from at least five different countries and they all had the same sentiment — wow, a place like this actually exists.

Not only is the depth somewhat terrifying (we seriously saw a guy hiking on top of a rock in the middle of nowhere and he could have easily fallen to his death), but there’s an unusual mix of colors in the rocks. It’s similar to the red rocks in Sedona but a deeper color that’s just gorgeous.

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We visited a second time when a friend was in town from Washington, DC. This time we left our vehicle at one of the visitor’s centers and hiked the entire day. I kept telling the guys that we were going too far because the hike up would be absolutely miserable in the heat but they didn’t listen to me. Needless to say, they were both struggling later on. Just keep that in mind for your trip to the Grand Canyon. The way down is a breeze because, well, you’re going down into the canyon. On the way back up you’ll be sweating, hopping over big rocks, and dodging tired mules.

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Although we spent all of our time on the South Rim, I’d love to visit the North side at some point and experience the Grand Canyon Skywalk. But that seems really frightening for someone afraid of heights like me.

Have you ever been to Grand Canyon National Park?


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    This view looks so incredible and surreal, I need to go there one day! :)

  • Cassie Lee

    If you ever get a chance, visit the north rim! It’s even more amazing!

  • Ella

    Great photos! I can’t believe the one time I went I didn’t manage to get any pics (my camera broke!)

    Ella | 

  • Quyen Nguyen

    Grand Canyon is a national gem! I love these photos. I do agree to be careful with the hike down because the hike up can be pretty tough. It is also much cooler on the bottom than the top.

  • Steph Gregerson

    Wow. Your pictures are just beautiful. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, but it’s definitely on my list :)

  • Brianne

    What spectacular pictures you took! I just shared my pictures from my trip in March just this week. We didn’t do any hiking though, but I’ll have to keep the donkey dodging in mind for next time.

  • Julie

    Great pictures. My husband and I first talked about going to the Grand Canyon when we were just barely dating. We still haven’t made it there yet… hopefully soon!

  • A Country Girl’s Daybook

    How absolutely stunning… I’ve always wanted to see the Canyon in person, and my brother’s fianc√© and her family are on their way there now. :) Looking forward to those pictures, too. Could you perhaps write a post about travel/hotel tips around the Canyon?

  • Zoe

    These photographs are really too fantastic! I love the depth and the absolute rainbow of color. Isn’t it incredible that nature can make something so stunning? I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, but would love to make a trip…preferably in the winter when it maybe isn’t so hot :) I will keep in mind your tip to remember the hike back up, though! xx

    The What’s In Between

  • Pearl – Pretty Mayhem

    Your photos are always gorgeous Rachel. Seeing the Grand Canyon is definitely on my bucket list but I’m not sure if I could the sky walk as I’m terrified of heights too!

  • Copeyjoe Blogs

    Lovely photographs. We had a very rushed yet amazing visit to the Grand Canyon in December and I can’t wait to go back and try out the Skywalk.

  • Nina

    Grand Canyon is so amazing. I have been there quite a few times, and hiked from rim to rim. It’s one of the places where I always love to return.

    Thank you for sharing the gorgeous pictures!

  • Maura

    Ah! I’m so jealous. This is probably my number 1 place in the US that I want to visit.

  • Kerri Heritage

    Wow, it’s amazing. I’ve never been but I could go tomorrow. I love how it just fades in the background because it’s so huge.

  • Ashlea Derry

    Oh this post is timely for me because we are going to be there on Wednesday! I am so excited to go back (it will be my 3rd visit). It takes my breath away every time!

  • Melanie Fontaine

    I visited Grand Canyon on a trip to the US with my parents just after I graduated High School – and it was so impressive! I felt like I was on another planet! It was completely otherworldly and breathtaking. We did a short hike into the canyon which really wouldn’t have been to exhausting anywhere else in the world, but the heat was so extreme! ;) I think there are so many great natural wonders to be seen in the US – I have a long list with other places that I’m dying to visit!

  • Jess Elyse

    I went to the Grand Canyon a few years ago and it was amazing. Definitely one of my favorite places that I have been. I had always been wanting to see it and when I finally set eyes on it’s breathtaking canyons and beautiful rocks, I cried. Legit cried. It is one of the grandest things I have seen. Love the Grand Canyon! Love your pictures!

  • Brittny McLeod

    My parents and I visited the Grand Canyon about 8 or 9 years ago. I was just looking at the some of the pictures the other day. It really is an awesome place. I remember my parents and I eating breakfast at the hotel before heading out one day, and realizing we were probably the only Americans there other than the staff. Now that I’m a little older, it will definitely have to be a place I visit again. :)


  • Capturing Joy w/ Kristen Duke

    Beautiful pictures! I just found your site, hopping around. We went to the grand canyon a few weeks ago and I just blogged about it, too!

  • Anastasia Polosina

    This place is on my list of Must Seen! Canyons are so magical, so beautiful. I share this love for canyons especially after going to Atacama desert with it’s incredible landscapes.. By the way you can read about my trip to Moon Valley in Atacama, which is famous for moon surface, here