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I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser #WalgreensOlogy. Thanks to #CollectiveBias and Walgreens Ology products, I’m on the road to detoxifying my life!

I want to share some tips on how I’ve achieved my healthy home. This is something that’s near and dear to my heart because I want our home to be a happy and chemical-free place, especially since we have two dogs living with us. I want to use products that are safe for them, safe for us, and safe for our future children! So, here is a list of 10 ways to detoxify your life:

10 ways to detoxify your life

1. Use cleaners that are chemical-free and include natural ingredients.
I hate having to worry about my two dogs getting into bleach and other harmful ingredients when I’m cleaning the house, so I was very excited to find that Walgreens Ology products get rid of grease and grime while using non-toxic and natural ingredients. My favorite products to try have been the laundry detergent, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner. Oh, and the best part? These products are very affordable!

chemical-free cleaners
Walgreens Ology products

2. Building on cleaning… Spring clean!
We love getting rid of clothes, furniture, and electronics we’re no longer using. Donate them to people in need or participate in a community yard sale. You’ll definitely feel “detoxified” after a much-needed declutter session. Plus, it’ll get the whole family involved — especially if you use safe, chemical-free Walgreens Ology products to wipe everything down after you’ve made room.

3. Buy products that contain sustainable raw materials.
Walgreens Ology paper products are made from fast-growing sugar cane husk and bamboo and are completely tree-free. Now, that’s something you can feel good about.

4. Overhaul your beauty routine.
My New Year’s resolution was to pay more attention to labels before buying products for my skin and hair. I try and buy products without parabens, sulfates, dyes, artificial fragrances, and anything tested on animals. If you have the same goal as me, you’re in luck because Walgreens Ology products make this task simple! I absolutely love the Ology white pear and cucumber shampoo and conditioner. Now I don’t have to worry about chemicals in my relaxing bath since it’s plant and mineral based! It’s also color safe which makes it perfect for everyone.

chemical-free shampoo and conditioner

5. Replace soda with detoxifying green tea.
It’s okay to splurge on your favorite soda once in a while, but try and drink water and tea when you can. I absolutely love organic jasmine green tea because of the many health benefits. Plus, what’s more relaxing than a hot mug of deliciousness in the evening? If you’re not a fan of hot drinks, iced tea works too. Walgreens has a wide variety of wonderful beverages.

6. Avoid processed foods.
I have a confession to make… My diet used to be horrible! Now I try really hard to avoid refined grains and sweeteners, synthetic dyes, and anything else that might be had for my body. Like I mentioned above, I do have cheat days, but my diet is much better than it was before and I feel good about that (and so much healthier).

7. Shop organic.
We only buy organic meats and dairy, and when we can, this includes vegetables and fruit. Make sure you read up on the “Dirty Dozen” so you know which highly sprayed fruits and vegetables to shop organic for. This is necessary if you want a happy and healthy home!

Tip: If you want to save money, plant your own garden. We have a new one in our back yard. Hopefully we don’t kill it off…

8. Recycle.
My husband makes fun of me because I’m insane when it comes to recycling. We always have way more recycling than trash because I grew up recycling at my parents’ house, I did it in college, and I’m always thinking about it now. It makes me feel better that I’m helping the planet by doing little things around the house.

9. Use toxic-free paint in your home.
When we moved into our new home, our top priority was switching out the paint. After looking at Pinterest for weeks, we decided on a grey color and found a high-quality toxic-free paint to use. I’m glad that’s one less chemical to worry about.

10. Stop worrying and enjoy life.
Because that’s the most important step to achieving a happy, healthy home.

How do you detoxify your life?


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  • Ktcyril

    this might seem weird, but I try to eat spicy foods to keep up the endorphins and metabolism. Also, when my mouth is on fire it causes me chug chug chug the eight classes of water I was supposed to have drunken that day! win win win. :)

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Ha, I’ll have to try that sometime! I always need to drink more water. :)

  • Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom

    These are all great suggestions! I do most of these, but could always do better! #client