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Weekend Postcards

I’m very happy to have Amy from Créatrice Mondial featured on my blog today because she has some exciting events coming up in the near future. Moving to New Zealand and a half marathon in Napa Valley, California this summer?! Yes, Amy is doing it all. Also, at the beginning of the year she attended a blogger conference called Alt Summit so if you’re interested in doing the same, you’ll be able to find helpful information here. I have always wanted to attend one of these things. How about you?

Weekend Postcards
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  • http://sensationallysophie.blogspot.com/ Sophie McIntyre

    Attending a Blogging conference is on my to-do list in the near future. I think that it would be a great place to meet people who are doing the same thing as you and also maybe set up some fun bloggy things!

    Sophie xxx

  • http://www.deletingtheadjectives.com/ Rachel Brandt Fisher

    She sounds really fun. I’m off to check her blog out now.

  • http://www.bonnieroseblog.co.uk/ Bonnie Rose

    Oh yes I would love to attend a summit like that sounds amazing. I love Amy by the way. She is so encouraging and really a wonderful energy in the blogosphere. x