the top 3 times i needed a walgreens healthcare clinic

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When we moved to Northern Virginia at the end of last month, I vividly remember bragging to my husband about the state of my immune system and how well it was holding up through all of our travels abroad and moves across the country. I hadn’t been sick in a while and although I credit that with quitting my stressful job, I figured I was becoming healthier or something. Yeah, not really. I should have knocked on wood because days later, I came down with a miserable cold. Don’t you love when that happens? Even though being ill majorly sucks, I feel better knowing I have the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Washington DC minutes away from our new house. Sometimes it’s so difficult to find a convenient #HealthcareClinic when you’re feeling cruddy!

Let’s continue our healthcare chat and discuss the top 3 times I needed a Walgreens healthcare clinic:

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1. You have Influenza A?!
When I was a sophomore in college, I came down with a demon virus that made me sweat through layers of clothes, shake uncontrollably, and long story short, it felt like I had just been hit by a train or incredibly large truck. To this day, it’s the sickest I have ever been. It took hours to find a reputable healthcare clinic I could drive to in my college town, and when I arrived they weren’t very helpful. I had to talk them into doing a flu swab and when the test came back positive for Influenza A, the doctor seemed shocked. He wrote me a note to give to my professor (she still made me turn in my paper that day… pshhhh) and kept saying that Tamiflu probably wouldn’t work so he didn’t give me a prescription. Since my mom is a nurse, I called her and she got someone to call in a Tamiflu prescription to my local pharmacy. I had to jump through hoops to get the medicine I needed and that made me feel even more miserable.

If only I would have had my Healthcare Clinic Washington DC instead of having to make multiple trips and phone calls. You can schedule an appointment online, plus they have the wait times available!

Top 3 Times I Needed A Walgreens Healthcare Clinic
Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Appointments Online
2. I like to faint. A lot.
God decided to give me a tiny frame, low blood pressure, and a fast heart rate so I deal with dizziness from time to time. The next time I feel faint, I can have B run me to Healthcare Clinic Washington DC to ensure everything is alright. Fainting isn’t fun and sometimes I just need a doctor to explain to me (preferably in a soothing voice) that I’m not actually dying, and that’s why Walgreens is so great. They’re open 7 days a week (weeknights included) and they have convenient locations all over the country so you’ll be able to get an appointment fast. They also accept walk-ins.

3. The flu vaccine.
I’m sure everyone’s dealt with a man in their family refusing to go to the doctor’s office because they don’t want to be inconvenienced and I must admit, I do the same exact thing. I should have gotten the flu vaccine months and months ago, but I finally got it a few weeks ago. Oops. Thank goodness I didn’t catch anything from all of those Boston trains I rode.

With Walgreens Healthcare Clinic, why would you put off getting a vaccine? They offer so many!

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Vaccines

When have you needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic?


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  • Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom

    I hate having to go out of my way to make an appointment for my flu shot. I’ve slowly moved my annual physical to the fall so that I can have it coincide with flu season. But just popping into a Healthcare Clinic would have made even more sense! #client