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Romantic and risqué European cities:

I’m here to share a new travel tool with all of my worldly friends. Expedia is currently running an interesting creative called Expedia Passion Maps, which is an exploration of the most romantic and risqué European cities. It gives an intriguing glimpse above and beneath the surface of classic European destinations, and allows travelers to discover all of the famous lovely and lusty places.

romantic and risqué european cities

When I first heard about and explored Expedia Passion Maps, I chose to view “risqué Berlin” to see what the popular city had in store. I found that the Berlin has a “dark” restaurant which means that the dining room is cloaked in complete darkness and your food is served by waitors who cannot see anything. Wouldn’t that make for an interesting night?

expedia passion maps Berlin

Next, I took a look at “romantic Paris” and was excited to see the “I love you Wall” in Abbesses garden at Montmartre. I had already known about the padlock bridges in Paris, but had no idea this place even existed. Apparently it’s a meeting place for lovers and displays “I love you” in more than 300 different languages. How cute is that? This is definitely going on our travel list.

I love you wall in Abbesses garden Montmartre, France

I think this website is so incredibly awesome and yay — it’s optimized for laptops, desktops and iPad so you can view it anywhere. I know that I’ll be learning a lot about European cities because of Expedia.

Would you check out the romantic or risqué side of Europe?


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  • Annessa

    This is so cool, I wish I had seen this before I moved back to the US, I will definitely have to bookmark this page for next time I hop across the pond. And of course, I would have to check out both the romantic and risque sides ;)

    • Postcards from Rachel

      It’s kind of fun to search for new and unusual places to explore. :)

  • Dorilyss

    Kind of disappointed to see only Venice for Italy :)

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Hopefully they’ll add some more cities soon! I agree, there’s so much more to see in Italy!