moroccan riad in marrakech

Instead of staying in a touristy hotel in Marrakech, we chose to book a room in a traditional Moroccan riad. At first we were slightly uncomfortable, especially since none of the rooms had locks on the doors so our belongings were out in the open, but after we met the family that owned the riad, we really enjoyed ourselves; these arrangements made our trip even that more special!

Dar Jaguar is an ancient riad that has absolutely beautiful touches in ever corner. We stayed in the Damascan Blush room and enjoyed a view of the courtyard and the sounds of birds every day — even though we were in the middle of the very busy medina. It was like our own private oasis with very tasty Moroccan pastries and freshly-squeezed juice in the morning. I would go back in a heartbeat!

Moroccan riad
Staying in a riad
Moroccan breakfast
Marrakech riad

We absolutely loved relaxing on the rooftop of our riad, especially after a long day of sightseeing. The view was wonderful and we could enjoy the vibrant colors of Marrakech from the comfort of their outdoor living space.

riad rooftop
Dar Jaguar riad

riad courtyard
rooftop balcony in Marrakech
Staying in riads
Where to stay in Marrakech
Where to stay in Morocco
Shoes in Morocco
Door in Marrakech
Bath tub in Morocco
Moroccan chandelier
Moroccan fountain
Moroccan fountains
Description of Photo
Description of Photo

The riad was conveniently located and we were steps away from restaurants, shops, and local tours we could join. And now I want to buy a Moroccan riad. In my dreams, right?

Would you ever stay in a riad?


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  • Esther

    Ah yes, Riads are the best. Loved staying in them when I travelled through Morocco with my husband. Loved the Riads we stayed in in Fez, Essaouira and Meknes!

  • lucyandthesky

    Oh wow, you’re so lucky to have had this experience! I would stay in a riad, especially after seeing this post, but I might think twice before leaving my laptop in an unlocked room! xxx
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  • Amanda

    It looks absolutely beautiful! x

  • Sophie

    Beautiful place, beautiful pictures. Your photography never ceases to inspire me!

  • Kaelene Spence

    Beautiful place! I love the cheetah print walls.

  • Sarah Libros

    What a gorgeous location!!! Definitely looks like you made the right decision to stay there!

  • Becky Conroy

    I loved Morocco when I went a few years a go. We stayed in a beautiful Riad just outside the centre. I would love to go back. Your photos look amazing!

    Becky –

  • Kirsty Yule

    That riad looks amazing. I’ve never stayed in one but my boyfriend and I are looking at going to Marrakech. We would definitely stay in a riad and your photos have definitely confirmed this. Kirsty x

  • Julie

    I’m not sure what a riad is, but based on the looks of it, I’d stay there in a heartbeat! (I have a feeling it’s like a Brazilian “pousada” – like a “hostel” that is actually more like a house?) Those pictures are amazing, I can’t wait to go there some day!

  • Emily

    This is so stunning! Definitely looks like a better and more unique experience than a hotel :)

  • Brand New Sunrise

    This is absolutely stunning I am hoping to go to marrakesh next year and would love to stay somewhere like this rather than a touristy hotel. I didn’t even know you could find somewhere like this to stay but I will without a doubt look into it.
    The rooftop looks like a gorgeous place to spend time after the busy day. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and also showing there’s more to life than the tourist trail of hotels :)
    I do have to ask was the teapot full of moroccan mint tea? If so this has made me all the more jealous I love the mint tea! x

  • gabrielle

    wow — this looks so gorgeous. i’d be nervous about not having a lock on the door either…but i’m glad no one touched your belongings. it is SO much more authentic and exciting to stay somewhere non-touristy!

  • Lauren

    Beautiful photo of you, your skin looks flawless! The hotel looks amazing, I hope to go to many places like this one day

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  • Lisa

    Thank you for the tour of the place…what a gorgeous place and decor! Is that a stone bathtub?! The fountain in the plaza area reminds me of southern Spain, where many houses have the outdoor patios and garden. I just LOVE it too! I bet if you get a riad, all your blog followers would come visit you….at least I would, just sayin’ ;)

  • Anna R

    I stayed in a few riads in Morocco and LOVED it too. I also want to buy one now! Apparently this happens a lot because when I googled it (LOL) lots of websites and blogs come up about how to go about owning your very own riad.

  • Jordan Kovacs

    Stunning! Absolutely gorgeous! Estimate on cost per night in dollars? I would love to stay there!

  • lauren | eyes/ears/mouth+lens

    This looks amazing!!

  • Sabrina Kara

    Impressive photos ;)

  • Margo

    I recently returned from Marrakech and also stayed in a beautiful riad, though I think yours takes the cake! Lovely pictures! :)

  • Muriel

    This is beautiful!! I can’t wait to visit in the near future.

  • Kelly

    This place looks beautiful and like a destination in itself!

    xx Kelly
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  • Selina Boullin

    Funnily enough we stayed in this exact same riad and we loved it!!!

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  • Gabrielle RoseBonniee
  • Danielle E. Alvarez

    Ah, I stayed in a riad in Marrakech and absolutely loved it. What a special experience. Yours looks extra nice, too!

  • Jane

    Ahhhh this looks amazing! What a great place to stay. <3

  • Dar Jaguar

    Rachel, it means the world to us that you had such a wonderful time at Dar Jaguar. Your photography skills are amazing and we loved seeing our riad through your eyes. Pleased to hear that you got into the Marrakech Lifestyle – no locks, birds tweeting, rooftop relaxation and great service. We’d love to welcome you again soon… x

  • jana pekova

    Morocco is special in so many ways. One of them is the different type of accommodations one can find here. Staying in riads is a must if you are looking for something different and authentic. Then in South you find real Kasbah where one can stay or auberges or you can do nights in cave rooms or desert camps from basic to super luxury. Morocco has it all