diy painted terra cotta pots

diy painted terra cotta pots

The previous owners of our house left behind a couple of scuffed up terra cotta pots, so I decided to spruce them up a bit with a coat of paint and some cacti and succulents. And by spruce up, I mean that I wanted to find an extremely easy DIY that even I could do. These are basically the only plants I can keep alive because they don’t need much water or care, so to show my appreciation, I wanted to give them a stylish new home with some pretty craft paint. Thanks for stayin’ alive, plants! Keep up the good work.

terra cotta pots
painted terra cotta pots

Since I already had two of the plain terra cotta pots, I made a trip to Michael’s to pick up a few more supplies.

What you’ll need:
1. Small terra cotta pots. I used three.
2. Paint. I used Martha Stewart Crafts multi-surface acrylic paint in yellow gold metallic, mint chip, and lake fog. This is great craft paint and it comes in a bunch of fun colors.
3. Tape. I had leftover FrogTape from painting our house so I used this. I like that I don’t have to worry about bleeding on the edges!
4. Paint brushes.

DIY painted terra cotta pots

I squeezed out the paint onto a paper plate and applied it to each pot using the foam brushes I had purchased. I had to use quite a bit of paint because I didn’t want any of the original color showing through, and this paint goes on nice and thin (aka you don’t have to worry about nasty clumps) so layers are totally doable.

DIY painted terra cotta pots

The FrogTape made painting the tops of the pots easier, and I decided to use the tip of my finger to create the gold polka dots on the little cactus pot. Such an easy and fun home project — plus, plants look so much better in pots with a bit of character!

diy painted terra cotta pots

Have you ever created your own DIY painted terra cotta pots?


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  • Molly @ The Move to America

    When I finally have my own place, I will be doing things like this to spruce up plant pots etc! Love it!

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks! Can’t wait to see all of your projects!

  • Casey

    So cute and simple! Love your Jade!

    • Postcards from Rachel

      That little plant has been with me since Arizona. Yay for not dying!

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  • Megan

    I just bought a non-toxic, cat friendly succulent (because my luck my cat would try to eat it if I hadn’t bought this particular one) that I can’t find a little pot for that I like. Definitely going to be doing this this weekend :)

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Oh yeah, these are super toxic to animals! Luckily they’re up high so the dogs can’t get to them, but if I had a cat, I’d buy a different type of succulent.

      Can’t wait to see your decorated pots! (PS you should start a blog)

  • Kate Mothes

    I love handpainted plant containers and flower pots!! Always fun to add a bit of whimsy to the sill or tabletop :D

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Exactly! They make our kitchen look a lot happier. Haha.

  • Mar

    These are great! I love Michaels, and Martha Stewart products.

    • Postcards from Rachel

      The Martha Stewart craft paints are awesome! Tons of fun colors for spring. :)

  • Elizabeth Georgian

    This is a cute idea! I will have to try it sometime :)

  • Ktcyril

    I haven’t…yet! And I *just* bought some herbs so Michael’s, here I come! Thanks for the inspiration!