5 things you might hear after quitting your job to pursue something else (if you’re a woman)

Sometimes I have the urge to write sarcastic, snarky posts and today was one of those days. It’s no secret that I quit my job to move abroad with Brandon for his career, and this post explains some of the comments I’ve heard throughout the past couple of years. Sadly, quitting your job to pursue other things is often looked down upon, so memorize these responses and save this awesome GIF to your computer if you’re in the same boat.

10 things you might hear after quitting your job

5 things you might hear after quitting your job to pursue something else:

1. Oh, you’re one of those women. Giving up your career for a man, huh?
Yes. I base all of my decisions on the fact that I’m married and because there’s a man in my life, I’m no longer able to think for myself. #helpmeimmarried

2. What will you do next? Start popping out kids?
Great observation. I do have a uterus and my sole purpose on this Earth is to help out the population by reproducing. This is clearly my next step in life.

3. You’ll feel so lost without a proper career.
Because blogging, writing that book, traveling, taking photographs, starting a small business, and pursuing my dreams will rot my brain and make me way unhappier than that 9-5 desk job I used to have. Bingo.

4. Why can’t you talk to me on the phone constantly? You’re at home all day!
Of course I’ll drop everything for you! You’re the one with the real career and like you said, I’m at home all day. Don’t mind that schedule I try and stick to. Writing, editing photos, and answering emails can wait!

5. It’s so weird that you’re having to rely on your husband and make decisions with him. I thought you were independent. Last time I checked I was still the same person, but you’re right, I make decisions with my husband; it’s what married people usually do. After all, he helped me decide to start a photography business and he fully supports my decision to do this full-time.

Have you heard any of these comments?


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  • http://tidethatleft.blogspot.co.uk/ Amy @ the tide that left

    I haven’t experienced all of these, but I do get irritated by the assumption that not working means we can just makes babies.

    I also love that people expect you to be free all the time. They do it to me. Call me on Skype and wonder why I don’t answer, or send an email and then complain I don’t reply immediately. Heaven forbid we do anything but wait by the phone!!

  • http://weiderjl.blogspot.com/ Jenn

    Love this post! Especially the one about babies … PUH-LEASE!

  • Sarah Beth

    I always get the question “so what are you going to do now?” because I just graduated university and moved home. My answer? I don’t know!!- and that’s okay! I’ve stressed myself to no end because I don’t know and it only took me two months to figure out that it’s okay to not know what’s next or what I want to do. I have my whole life to figure it out, figuring it out sooner rather than later would just be a bonus.

  • http://americannederlanders.blogspot.com/ Ace CB – @ Life in Dutch

    I love when people also assume I just clean around the house all day and have nothing else to do. Doesn’t matter how many times I talk about learning a new language, or teaching English, or everything else I do, it’s assumed that my house is spotless. Because we all love cleaning nonstop.
    Lovely post, and so true.

  • Jamie

    I didn’t quit my job, I was laid off. But I was miserable working in the places I’ve worked and decided that, since we could afford it, I was going to spend time searching for something that I’m passionate about and that doesn’t make me feel miserable every morning when I get out of bed. I’m still searching, but I frequently get looked down on and asked so many questions that honestly hurt my feelings.

  • Rachel

    Awesome! And sometimes people are flat out rude and narrow minded, like there is only one way to live and be happy in your life!

  • http://www.KimchiSweetTea.com/ Quinn

    Love this! I did quit my job to pop out kids, but I encounter the same things. Especially #3 & #4! I constantly hear “Oh, you have a blog? But what about a REAL job?” “When the kids are in school, are you going back to work?” Blogging is a tougher job than most people think…

  • thediynurse

    Yikes. I’m already getting some of these since I plan on not being a nurse when we move to central america [hallelujah!]. I plan on running businesses as well as my blog but no one can seem to grasp it. And my husband works from home but that’s apparently a problem for some. “But what does he DO?” Seriously.

  • http://www.diariesofanessexgirl.com/ Kate Hall

    I’m getting into this situation fairly soon where for at least 6 months most of the income will come from Dan whilst I try to set up my own business. Chances are for a long time he will be the one who we make lifestyle decisions based on and I’ve already had a few frowns over the whole thing. I really just do not care and it frustrates me as I am making this transition now that my friends think I am available 24/7 too!

  • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

    I so needed to hear some of these! Moving to a foreign country and having to start over has not been easy and some days its really hard to know I am financial dependent on a man until I get my feet under me. So great to have supportive men behind us who push us to follow our dreams!

  • http://www.lammtothelaughter.com/ Brianne @ Lamm to the Laughter

    #5 is so relatable, even if you’re not quitting your job. Being in a relationship requires a certain level of co-dependence and mutual decision making or it doesn’t work. I think people bring up the phrase “having to rely on [insert person here]” like it’s a bad thing, and it’s not. I feel your pain. We’re all growling against those comments for you.

  • Chloe

    People are so judgmental. Screw em.

  • Dayna Capone

    Ditto to what Chloe said… some people are so judgmental. You just worry about your life and your happiness. I have a full time job and I wish I could give it up for what you have. Starting your own business, traveling with your husband, blogging – all sounds so amazing to me! I give you credit for quitting your job and pursuing something different. I have no time to pursue the things I really want (writing, blogging, and the like). Plus what really gets to me (per #5) is how people don’t understand that once you are married, your decisions should be made jointly! At least big decisions. You are sharing your life with another person! You just keep doing you :)


  • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

    i would love to seriously answer people’s stupid questions and remarks with one of the things you said above. when i tell people that since we’ve moved back i’m able to fully concentrate on what makes me happy, i’m not sure what i’m going to do next for work (of it i’ll ever find a ‘conventional’ job again) they may give me funny looks but i’m just so excited that i don’t have to be stuck in a dead end job that doesn’t make me happy!

  • http://somewhereyonder.blogspot.co.uk/ Claire (@Kurea_San)

    Ouch. Sounds like you had a bad day. I get number two all the time. Now that I’ve hit 30 everyone thinks having children is my sole purpose in life… Hope tomorrow is better :)
    Claire xx | somewhere… beyond the sea

  • http://www.ollivandermo.com/ Mo Olivas

    It sucks that people can suck so much! It’s none of people’s business what someone else does with their life. It’s always been a dream of mine to do something other than have a 9-5 desk job. I bet if they could, they’d totally quit their job to pursue something a hell of a lot more fun! haha.

  • Dance With A Dolly

    I walked out of my 9-5 job after being there almost 10 years! I started my own photography business, have four, yes four, Etsy shops, blog, and write. Oh yeah and I have a two year old. If one more person asks when I am going to start working again, I’ll scream. Because I get all that done without working right?!

  • http://becomingadorrable.com/ Becca Dorr

    Ummmm…. all of them. I’ve heard all of them, and then some.

  • Hallie Oceanside

    I applaud you for your brave decision. I am so jealous I would love to quit my job and chase my dreams, but until than I’ll just live through you! :)

  • Simple Island Living

    Yup, had to add you to my bloglovin list after that gif. You win today in my book.

  • http://straightupzblog.com/ Z K

    Oh gosh, this is hysterical. I totally agree though – people are so judgmental and automatically assume you didn’t stick up for yourself/make this decision yourself!!! Will definitely miss you here in Boston – hopefully people are nicer in Virginia, hahaha.

  • Lisa C

    Ugh, yes. Being an Army wife, I get these all the time. All their rude comments aside, I have no regrets.

  • Megan Gardea

    I honestly wish I could quit my job and pursue my true passions, like writing and editing and blogging. Sadly, I am not as brave as you are! Jealous people will normally talk like this, which is sad since they should delight in your triumphs! Just keep doing you and being fabulous! Thank you for sharing this post! <3

  • Gina Bares

    Yep. Love this!

  • http://aroaringtwentysomething.blogspot.com/ Ashley Jones

    I love this! It’s so cool that you have the support to follow your dreams. I would love to be able to take that leap. Congrats to you and your husband.

  • http://www.abeautifulexchangeblog.com/ Hayley

    This post is golden. It took me a minute to get past that opening GIF simply because it is BEYOND hilarious. hahaha. Secondly, that first point is amazing. #helpmeimmarried bahaha. Just know that other ladies catch crap like this all the time, too. Especially those lazy, unmotivated stay at home moms. *cough*raises hand*

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  • http://sophieinclogs.wordpress.com/ Sophie

    Ugh that is beyond frustrating. I actually turned down an extension of my job contract last week and have told hardly no one yet because I KNOW people will disapprove. But let’s face it, nobody can handle 40 hours a week of Excel spreadsheets long-term.
    I get comments similar to the ones you describe sometimes because I moved across the ocean to be with my boyfriend. In some circles if we’re discussing feminism or boyfriends or what have you, I essentially have to keep my mouth shut or some delightful person will cheekily point out that I ‘sacrificed everything’ for a man. What century is this people??!

  • http://luyoutravel.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth Georgian

    I’m sorry for your frustration…it does make for an excellent post with excellent GIFs though! Number 4 and 5 are exactly what I hear all of the time. I’m writing up my dissertation at home, blogging, and I’m an expat for my husband’s career. Unfortunately, everyone he works with thinks that I do nothing at home and expect me to be wandering the city all day and have tips of what to do and see. I’ve found it is best to ignore and avoid the people who don’t get it.

  • Johlet

    Ahhh this kind of makes me want to quit my job. I’ve been so unhappy at mine and have know what I want to try next. But now to get the support. Doesn’t help that I have debt too! What to dooooo!

  • Michelle K.

    Love this post, made me giggle. You’re totally right!!

  • Casey C

    HA! Yep. All my least favorite questions/comments. Conventional jobs are SO overrated…don’t they know that? Blogging and traveling the world is where it’s at, baby!! No regrets! ;)

  • http://hemborgwife.wordpress.com/ Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

    Yes, yes, and yes! Last week Fredrik told me one of his fellow nursing students said to him I was such a great wife to put my life on hold so he could go to school and I was like WHAT!?!?! it is not like I just sit in place each day just waiting for him to be done with school, I am actually living my life that just happens to not include a job!

  • Milene – Milgrations.com

    I don´t have a husband so never got those comments. I did quite my job to travel the world and the only thing I got – “wow you are going alone? you must be either completely crazy and insanely brave!” I think I´m a little of both though ;-)

  • Ashley Angle

    Uh, people are so annoying. They should learn to keep their opinions to themselves! You should just make up really off the wall answers and see how they react!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • http://themovetoamerica.wordpress.com/ Molly @ The Move to America

    Yep, had some of those questions – especially as I am without a job at the moment, although I do write regularly for an expat website and will start writing for an online LDR magazine shortly, so I do have much to keep me going. I once even got asked, when they knew Hubby and I were apart, why I was moving to be with him … ummm, because we are married … really?

    It is so funny how people automatically assume you are putting your life on hold – they do not realise that this is your life, you are living it and not just doing nothing until the man comes home.!

    I loved this post! Made my day!

  • http://montgomeryfest.com/ Annie Montgomery

    uuuuh perfect. that baby one, like every day. ugh.

  • http://www.seekingsunshine.com/ Annessa

    I surprising had a lot of positive feedback when I quit my job and moved, but I def get questions that make me roll my eyes. My faves are: “So what do you to all day?,” “how long are you going to do this for?,” and such – usually in a judgmental tone. One day I’m just going to respond “YOLOOOOO!”

  • http://www.alexandrabrovco.com/en/ Alexandra Brovco

    Love this post, definitely saving the gif. :D The fourth point really strikes a chord with me.

  • http://southernbelle23.blogspot.com/ Whitney @ EHFAR

    People have asked about kids. I’m almost 28. Kids? No, thanks. Maybe when I’m 30. I mean, I definitely want kids, but not now. People assume that I wasted my time in graduate school getting my master’s degree because I’m not pursuing it. That degree won’t make you rich or even well off. Plus, I want to be HAPPY at what I do, not miserable. I’m growing my photography business. That’s what I do.

  • http://megancstroup.blogspot.com/ Megan C. Stroup

    Ha! #3 made me laugh.

  • http://www.astateofstylishgrace.com/ Kayla Grace

    Hahahha this is great! I have a feeling I will be going down a similar route at some point and I will try to remember these! :)

    a state of [stylish] grace

  • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

    I knew I loved you for a reason.

  • http://www.memyselfandatlanta.wordpress.com/ Rachel @ Me Myself and Atlanta

    This is fab!! I packed up and left the UK for my then boyfriends job (he’s now my husband!!) and people said things like ‘what are you going to do all day?’ And ‘you’re going to be bored’ but like you I blog and I’m not just sitting on the sofa all day!! It’s called being supportive and I definitely have no regrets!!

  • Tiffany

    I think I am getting to this point in my life as well, though I’ve never had a steady career. I hear this said a lot to other women and it really peeves me.

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  • http://www.freeborboleta.com/ Fran

    this is pretty great haha

  • http://www.aweekendcrossing.blogspot.com/ Marla Rogers

    This is amazing. Thank you for this!

  • Dominique

    HAHAHA! I relate to this ALL too much! I moved across the country with my boyfriend because he received a career opportunity after our graduation. What most people don’t understand is that I’m a digital strategist and I can do my work from anywhere. Instead of trying to understand our desires and be happy for us, people are quick to jump to conclusions about what will become of us because we don’t fit into their pretty little understanding of the way that the world works. CONGRATS TO YOU, for pursuing your LIFE first!

    I hope you don’t mind but here’s the link to my ‘quitting my job story’ (kind of) http://www.dominiquebennett.com/why-the-hell-did-you-leave-toronto/

  • http://www.earthtojade.com/ Jade @ Earth to Jade

    Puhleeeeez. In my opinion, you’re living the dream. You’re not stuck at a desk all day every day & you get to do awesome stuff like take photos & maintain an awesome blog. People that ask those silly questions & say those silly things are jealous!