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Brandon doesn’t yet understand why we need a fully stocked bar cart in our living room, but he will soon enough. Especially when he has his friends over and a fruity cocktail is only an arms length away. But let me backtrack and confess that I rarely ever drink — I just think that bar carts are cute. I keep coming across bar cart inspiration photos on Pinterest and then I inevitably start searching for my own items to add.

Bar Cart Inspiration
1. Bar Cart | 2. Pop Fizz Clink | 3. Banded Bead Cocktail Shaker | 4. Balloon/Flute/Stemless
5. Dots Glass Coaster Set | 6. Brass Cocktail Decanter | 7. Candy Pink Flexible Straws

A bar cart is a great excuse to decorate your home with gold accent pieces like the cart, stemless wine glass, coasters and decanter above, plus you can add fun pops of color. I thought the bright pink straws were nice but then I had to add a cobalt blue wine glass to even it out. ;)

How do you feel about bar carts?


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  • Muriel

    I got that Target bar cart and it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. It looks expensive even though it was on the affordable side. After looking at me like a weirdo, my boyfriend started learning so many recipes and we know how to make so many delicious drinks! Such a good idea.

  • Whitney Morris

    I have something in my basement just waiting for a little TLC to become a bar cart!! Love them.

  • ruzu

    I believe they are awesome!! I want one bar cart, maybe someday… xo

  • Annessa

    There is something about bar carts that is just so cute. I love the gold tones you chose!

  • Kate Amunrud

    Love this! If you need any more info/inspiration, I did a full bar cart series on my blog last year.

  • Sara Louise

    The day I have a stocked bar cart is the day I’m officially a grown up :)