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changing your last name after marriage

Let’s just get to the point of this post, shall we? Since getting hitched to B, I have yet to change my last name and I’m not sure I ever will. I know, I know. Horrible isn’t it? (or so I’ve been told…) I’m supposed to take his last name so we can officially become a family unit. Plus, won’t our kids be confused if their parents have different last names? They cannot thrive under those conditions!

Truth be told, I like my last name and changing it would feel… weird. I love my husband and I know for a fact we’ll be together forever because we’re like two little weird peas in a pod, but I don’t necessarily think I have to change my last name to prove this love. Sure, it can be annoying when we’re filling out paperwork for our home, and I absolutely hate having to carry our marriage certificate around when we’re traveling (they usually won’t let us go up to the visa checkpoints together since I have a different last name), but like I said, changing my last name would make me feel like I’m losing myself. I’ve always been Rachel “X” and that makes sense to me.

Now, I’m known as Rachel “Y” on Facebook and when I send out mail or Christmas cards I put “from the Y family” and that doesn’t bother me at all. Not wanting to change my last name doesn’t mean I’m a man-hater and it definitely doesn’t mean I get upset when someone calls me Mrs. “Y”  because technically I am Mrs. “Y” since I’m married to Mr. “Y” — I just don’t want to legally change my last name. There. Now that that’s off my chest I feel better. Phew!

I don’t have a problem with women changing their last names because everyone in my family has changed their last names and that’s great! I just wanted to explain my strange thought-process and why my husband couldn’t care less either way. We love each other. We’re married. The end.

Maybe I will decide to change my last name before we have kids. Who knows? For now, we’ll just confuse everyone with our different last names.

What are your thoughts on this?


Today I have the lovely Nicole of Treasure Tromp hanging out in my post. I enjoy reading her blog because she has a great mix of travel, recipes, and other life adventures. She’s a fun gal and I’m almost certain we would be best friends in real life!

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  • http://sometimesztakespictures.blogspot.com/ Z K

    Personally, I have a weird last name. It’s difficult to spell and pronounce, so I usually have my middle name serve as my last name in non-formal settings. But I’m not sure…my mother never changed her name, which I love the idea of. But if I have a strange last name and whoever I end up marrying has an awesome one…hm. I’m not sure.

  • http://www.themarriedme.com/ Whitney Morris

    I love having the same last name as my husband. I feel like I waited a super long time to be Mrs.”Y”. I think the adjustment to my new name was only weird for like a month or so. Now it is as second nature as my maiden name.

    To each their own :)

  • http://carlyblogshere.blogspot.com/ carly

    I love this so much! I got married in May and haven’t changed my last name either– kind of for the same reasons. It is funny how some people feel so strongly one way or another about it! Before I was married or even engaged I never gave it any thought and figured of course I would change my name because that’s what people do– but when it came down to actually change it, it was a harder decision then I imagined! I think I will eventually before we have kids though!

  • http://www.thecrackedlensblog.wordpress.com/ Asia @ The Cracked Lens

    I’ve thought about this so much. I honestly really like my last name and I wanna keep it because it connects me to my family. I highly doubt not changing it would fly with the fiance but what if I don’t wanna change it?

  • http://www.whattheefff.com/ Jessica M

    I totally get this! I don’t think there is anything wrong with not changing it, though you’re right in thinking that ‘most’ people question it. My husband and I didn’t take his last name when we got married (there is a back story), but we ultimately ended up choosing a name together. THAT didn’t go over well with his family. In the end, who cares? If you and B are comfortable with it – that is all that matters – forget what anyone else’s uneducated opinion is!

  • http://southernbelle23.blogspot.com/ Whitney

    I didn’t like my maiden name. I was made fun of it during my elementary school years. Now, the I’m married, I have a really uncommon name. In fact, I’m the only one in the United States perhaps the world with it. Even though, it is hard to pronounce I love it! I’ve never felt like I was losing myself by changing it.

    To each their own though :-) As long as you both are happy, that is all that matters!

  • http://becauseeverybodyhasastory.blogspot.com/ Cece

    I changed my name and sometimes I regret it! Other times I’m glad I did. I really liked my maiden name and my married name is very likable too. I think it’s great you are going with your gut and not with what you are “supposed” to do.

  • racingcourne

    My mom & aunts didn’t change their name & I don’t plan to.

  • Nora Spaulding

    I agree, it is a weird thing to do. I changed my last name to become official and we don’t have kids yet and well I only wish I would have kept or hyphened it because there are no men to carry on my maiden name. It would have been too long- but that’s why we live in america… freedom of choice!

  • http://theannabelleblog.wordpress.com/ Anna Belle

    I considered changing mine, but I ended up keeping my last name because that is the custom/law in my husband’s county. I have never received any comments or questions from anyone about my choice. (Not cool, people-who-question, it’s a personal decision!) And I too enjoy the occasional Christmas card addressed to “the Xs”!

  • Vanishing Point

    I dont think there is anything wrong with not wanting to change your last name. There are a lot of cultures around the world where this is actually the “norm”. In the end if you and hubby are happy then thats all that matters.

  • Kendra Castillo

    I changed mine and it was weird at first, but now it really makes everything easier. One of my best friends didn’t change here name for over 4 years of marriage because they were living in another country. So my opinion.. to each his own and marriage is marriage no matter what :)

  • Chloe

    I’m actually planning on writing a blog post similar to this next week. I will most definitely be changing my last name when I get married because I’ve always wanted my family to have unity. Last names seem to symbolize unity to me. I already have a child, though, and unfortunately, he does not have my last name. He has his father’s last name because when he was born, I was planning on marrying his father at some point. He, however, changed his mind and left me for someone else. It bothers me having a different last name from my child because normally families have the same last name. It would make me angrier than anything to have someone question or be unsure of whether or not I was my son’s parent just because we do not have the same last name. I have even contemplated changing his last name to mine until I am married because I am his primary parent. It would only cause problems with his dad, and then I’d have to worry about changing his name again, but by then he’d be old enough to know his last name and it just would not be worth the trouble. That is my opinion on last names. It is definitely easier to have the same name, and I feel that it symbolizes unity.

  • http://heleneinbetween.com/ Helene

    i think that is perfectly fine! sometimes I miss my old last name. it’s whatever you want to do!!

  • http://www.scatteredseashells.com/ Chantal

    Do what you want, right? It was important to my husband that I change my name, and I didn’t care either way. I never had a big attachment to my former last name and now I like that we have the same name.

  • vintagezest

    I agree! I would lose myself and part of my identity. Also, in my profession once you have your degree and everyone knows you by a certain name, it would be awkward to change in the middle of your career. I compromised to hyphenate, but sometimes I think that’s awkward too… It’s each woman’s choice and I don’t think it reflects anything about a couple’s relationship, just a preference.

  • Cascata Nerina

    I’ll probably change my name because my legal name isn’t the name that I’m attached too. However, if changing it would be weird for you then stay with what makes you comfortable and happy. One the other hand, you should do what makes you happy and comfortable.

  • http://thebenroecks.com/ Lisa

    My husband and I have been married over a year and I’ve known since forever that I was never going to change my name to his. However, now that we’re pregnant, we’ve decided to combine our last names into a unique name and both change our names to that. I’m actually kind of excited to share the same unique name! i guess I really just didn’t want to feel like I was giving up my identity to adopt his. I think it would be kind of like moving into an apartment he had already lived in (alone) for years… It just wouldn’t feel like my own even if I lived there! (Sorry if this makes no sense, it’s late and my brain may have turned off hours ago…)

  • http://kcsaling.com/ KC Saling

    There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to change your last name, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to change your last name. The only thing wrong is doing whichever version feels wrong because someone else outside of you and your spouse thinks it’s right.

    I’m a professional woman in mid-career with a lot of publications under my old name, and I still changed my name, despite lots of people in my profession telling me I should keep my name, that people wouldn’t recognize me. It took a bit of paperwork, but people got used to my new name, and my old stuff is annotated for my new name. It’s not impossible and it was a lot less trouble than the naysayers said it would be, but none of that matters. The point was that it was what I wanted to do.

    Two of my best friends growing up never changed their names, never plan to, and one is continuing on in her family tradition – alternating last names as they have kids. And…it’s their thing. The world didn’t stop turning because they kept their own names.

    I wrote a blog post on this a while ago and got a couple of very nice emails from men who had changed their last names to their wives’ names.

    It’s whatever floats your boat. So do your thing as long as it’s right for you and B.

  • http://www.iris-hanlin.com/ Country Girl’s Daybook

    I don’t think there’a anything wrong with not changing your name. :) Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I think I would, though.

    ~ Country Girl’s Daybook
    recently posted: Rest in peace, Anna. http://bit.ly/1jbOPj0

  • http://djseaward.tumblr.com/ Cynthia

    I’m in the same boat (except newly engaged), but I love my last name and feel it’s part of my identity. Even the fiance has told me he doesn’t think my name would sound as cool with his, and that we would be fine with me keeping me last name. Which I will likely do. Don’t feel too bad– times are different now and I know many married ladies who are doing this too… I say do what you want :)

  • http://www.thewanderblogger.com/ Sarah Shumate

    I don’t think that’s odd! As long as both of you are fine with it, why bother? I didn’t mind changing my last name, but I don’t wear a wedding ring. {I know, the horror!! ;o) } And the reason is simply – I don’t like wearing rings…or bracelets…or any jewelry for that matter. Neither does my husband. It drives my parents up the wall and confuses the heck out of our friends, but who cares – we know we’re in this for the long haul!

  • http://www.adventuresofalondonkiwi.blogspot.com/ adventuresofalondonkiwi

    As much as I love my family, I didn’t like my surname so I on the contrary couldn’t wait until the ink dried on our marriage certificate!

  • http://www.rhymeandribbons.com/ Amanda

    It’s interesting because Sam and I both work in the theatre where it is much less common for married women to change their surnames because it’s makes casting and crediting too difficult! If you want to go by your husband’s professionally, then you have to list all your former work as (Person X now, Person T then). Basically it’s too confusing for everyone. If Person X sends a resume to a casting director that they worked with as Person Y, then there’s the chance that it might get thrown away without a glance as a stranger. That’s why actresses tend to not change their names, unless they are already famous. xx

  • http://www.seekingsunshine.com/ Annessa

    I feel the same way you do, I love my last name and it feels like part of who I am. If I ever were to change it years down the road, I would probably have to hyphen it.

  • http://www.armyeverafter.com/ Elizabeth Lynn

    I absolutely hated my last name growing up so I could not wait to change it to my husband’s. Even so, two years later whenever I’m called Mrs ‘T’ I always catch myself looking for my mother in law!!!

  • http://therococoroamer.blogspot.com/ Brittany Ruth

    I didn’t change my last name. At first it was because we moved to Germany right away and the paperwork wouldn’t have been done in time but now it’s like a pain in the ass and to be honest my husband has one of them the most common last names. No one has my first and last name….I’m really annoyed when people question me or assume I just haven’t changed it yet. Even my husband gives me shit, jokingly but not jokingly sometimes. And i say, why don’t you change your last name? I think these archaic rules don’t need to apply to everyone. Who knows, one day I may change it, but I’d like to have my graduate degree match my undergrad.

  • http://vowmovelive.com/ Kyom Aman

    at the end of the day, what you both decide is what matters. I changed my last name because I wanted to and it made paperwork easier as we were living as expats at the time. I did not enjoy having to carry my marriage certificate everywhere!

  • Lena B, Actually

    I live in Quebec, Canada and legally in this province we are not “allowed” to change our last name anymore. I’m actually glad I didn’t have to make the choice, because I don’t know what I would have done… I am who am. My name is part of that. We have children, and they have my husband’d last name & that’s fine with me!

  • RW

    I didn’t change my last name and I’m really happy with that decision. I felt the same way, like my name was part of my identity and I had no need to change it.
    Though I do get mad when people call me “Mrs Y” because it isn’t my name. I mean, not if they don’t know any better, that’s fine, but if it’s a family member it does bother me.

  • http://bybreenah.blogspot.com/ Breenah

    I didn’t really care for my maiden name, so I didn’t really think twice about changing it. I think, since I have a daughter, I’d want our last names to be the same. If for no other reason than all the paperwork is ridiculously annoying. Maybe I’d feel different if I cared about my maiden name, but I don’t think it’s a big deal that you didn’t/don’t want to change yours. I don’t know why people make such a big deal about it.

  • eHa

    Don’t let anyone make you feel bad since choosing to change your name or not is a choice that doesn’t hurt anyone. I wish people wouldn’t judge and give others a hard time because of something so silly. I didn’t change my name when I got married. It’s a unique name and it’s at the top of the alphabet. I had also established a little bit of a professional reputation with my maiden name. I am was kind of surprised though because of all the women from my law school class who got married I was the only one who didn’t change their name. I also know from my parent’s experience that if you’re both doctors its super confusing when you have the same last name. So that influenced my decision as well I think even thought Mr. H and I are not doctors.

    But, I have no problem when people call me Mrs. H and I perfectly fine being Mrs. H in social situations. I think it bothers him more than me when people we know send mail to Mr. and Mrs. H. On my blog I go by Mrs. H. On Facebook I list H as an alternate name for myself and have it displayed on my page so that people who know me through Mr. H can find me. But I know if we get a call from someone asking for Mrs. H then they’re a telemarketer, some who doesn’t really know us. So I find it a helpful screening tool.

    I’m kind of worried about what will happen when we have kids. We’re an interracial couple so our kids may not end up looking like both of us. Right now we think we’ll split up our kids last names so that the ones that look more like me have my last name and the ones that look more like him have his last name. But we’ll see. That might get what gets me to change my name to some sixteen charter, six syllable, hyphenated mess. Sometimes I wish I had changed my name since when we go to vote we have to stand in different lines because they separate the voters by last name in our town.

  • Rosie

    I will change my last name when I get married because it’s something I want to do, I don’t understand why anyone should make you feel bad about not changing your last name though. It doesn’t make you a different or a bad person, it’s just a name at the end of the day.

  • http://themovetoamerica.wordpress.com/ Molly @ The Move to America

    I changed my last name when I got married because I wanted to, and that is how it should be – you should choose what you do. Some people may struggle to understand it as it is a bit different – but it is a name, and it is your name, so you can do whatever you want.

  • http://www.aandbctheworld.com/ a&b

    I love this post! I don’t want to change my last name either and my husband could care less…but i’ve got a lot of flack from friends and strangers who think its horrible! I just don’t get why I have to change my name when we are already a family, name or not.

  • http://blog.stephaniecourt.com/ stephanie court

    I know exactly what you mean. We were married four months ago but I still haven’t changed my last name either. I changed in on FB and sent holiday cards out in his last name, too, but legally, I still have my lifelong name. I think women should be able to do whatever they want without being made to feel guilty or pressured from others. It’s OUR name, OUR identity, so WE should be able to make it whatever we want. That being said, I’ve decided I will add his name to mine before we have kids, but I’m still keeping my “maiden” name as well because it’s the option that makes the most sense to me. I’m still me, but I’ve added a new layer to my identity, so why not have a name that reflects that?

  • Madi

    I did change my last name, because I’ve never been particularly attached to my last name, but I know several people who have opted to not change their last name. I think whatever works for you guys is what needs to happen. Everyone has all this “great” opinions on other marriages, but people forget that everyone is an individual therefore every marriage is individual. The only thing that matters is that you two are happy… regardless of what your drivers license says. :)

  • http://erineflynn.com/ Erin

    I share your thoughts! Though I actually DID recently change my name. After my husband had to go to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy in the middle of the night, I figured having the same last name would make life a lot easier… no questions about whether we were really married or if I could make medical decisions if needed. Plus traveling is a lot easier too!

    I kept my maiden name as my business name, and made my old last name my current middle name. I sign with the Flynn still in there. =]

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Ahh, that’s scary! It definitely does make life easier in those situations. That’s why I might consider changing it before we have kids… I’m just not sure yet!

      Sometimes I sign my maiden name and sometimes I use my married name. I even confuse myself. ;)

      • http://erineflynn.com/ Erin

        I will say, that my mom never changed her name. She was in the military so had a career with her last name. It was (and still is) very confusing as kids to know whether she booked things under her maiden name or married name–and somehow she has credit cards, bank accounts, and IDs with different last names. But it would have been even harder for her, probably, to change her name with her entire career being under her maiden name. It’s kinda one of those things where either way, it’s going to be difficult and confusing! I’m definitely still finding lots of places I need to update my name, but I’m hoping all the work now will make things easier in the future…

        Also, I get offended when people address things to Mr & Mrs HisFirstName HisLastName. Maybe I’m just weird… Mr & Mrs HisLastName doesn’t bother me, but when they use his whole name and NONE of my name, I’m offended for some reason. haha

  • http://thequixoticchica.blogspot.com/ Sarah // The Quixotic Chica

    I didn’t change my name when we got married and will definitely keep my name forever and ever- it reflects my cultural heritage, and I have such a connection to it. We haven’t run in to any problems with having different names, even when traveling internationally or when dealing with medical emergencies, and I admit it never even occurred to me that anyone would give us problems. I think that if I ever encountered some ‘tude about having different surnames, I would whip out my best Evil Glare. :) I do chuckle when receptionists refer to the hubs as Mr. My Surname, but he takes it in stride, as I do when I am referred to as Mrs. His Surname. Our future spawn will probably end up going the hyphenated route… though we might have to flip a coin to decide whose surname goes first!

  • http://avidaebelaofm.blogspot.com/ Marisha Bailey

    I like your take on this, I’ve always thought i’ll only change my name if it all sounds good together hahaha, silly I know but I feel the same, i’ve always been Marisha B, and I feel like changing it would mean i’m not myself anymore. I think you should definitely do what makes you happy, end of story. :)


  • http://anothercleanslate.com/ Kate @ Another Clean Slate

    Not that this will happen to you, but it was a complete pain to change my name BACK after my divorce since I changed it when I got married. You just do what you want.

  • http://www.diariesofanessexgirl.com/ Kate Hall

    I really like your opinion on this and a little part of me has considered keeping my surname because I don’t want to give up that part of me. However, my fiance does have a way better surname and it makes my name sound a million times better, so I am going for it! However, I really can respect why you feel like this!

  • Ashley Angle

    Great topic! I changed my name and I really wish I hadn’t.
    ~Ashely @ A Cute Angle

  • Lauren Doxey

    im getting married in 18 days and am excited to change my name to his! i am just trying to figure out if i will use as my middle name. my current middle name, or my maiden name as my middle name? my sister kept all four names. im thinking i might do the same too because i love all four names so much.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! How exciting! :) I would love to have all four names – but does your sister ever get tired of writing them all out?

  • Jessa Olson

    I haven’t went down to change my name either. It doesn’t phase me that we haven’t changed but we are still the same family. Maybe some day. :)

  • José Vieira Mendes

    I think you should what makes you more comfortable.


  • Tyler Neeley

    My thoughts are… I’m exactly in the same boat you are! I definitely don’t get offended when people call me Mrs. Y either.. If we have kids one day, we’ve talked about hyphenating our last names and that being their last name.. Or just them taking his last name. But I’m keeping my name :p

  • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

    In Iceland there is no family names just the first name of the father with either son or dottir added to the end so no one has to change their name and I kinda love the idea.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      That’s awesome! I’m learning so much because of this post. :)

  • elle

    I think you have a very healthy sense of sense and will have an equally happy marriage ,with your own name and by being referred to as Mrs. Y, I took my hubby’s name because it was so much easier to spell, and I am glad. If it had been an easy name I might have kept it.
    XX, Elle

  • http://lifestyleloveblog.blogspot.com/ Samantha

    You know, why do we as a society worry so much about what other people think or say? I do it myself all the time. I think that if you not changing your name works for the two of you then perfect, go with it! Who cares if people get confused or don’t know what to call you :)

  • http://www.kayliwanders.com/ Kayli Schattner

    I’m not yet married, when I do get married, will I change my name? Yes. Do I think it matters at all? Nope! To each their own. Society is so focused on everyone else’s business when they should be focused on their own!

  • http://hemborgwife.wordpress.com/ Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

    I changed my name because I wanted to but there is no real reason why I wanted to just that I did and so when people asked me real life why I always got a bit tongue tied and say it was easier with moving to Sweden and what not even though in Sweden it is not very common for a woman to completely change her name. Now though living in Sweden I do like that my last name does not stand out and automatically claim me as an outsider as my maiden name would have done.

  • Andrea Derr

    I loved reading this post, especially with my upcoming wedding! It’s definitely something I’ve thought about and although I will be changing my last name, I think all of your reasons are excellent ones! I too feel a little sad losing the name I grew up with, so maybe I’ll incorporate it somehow or use it as my middle name. Thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I considered using my maiden name as my middle name, but I really like my middle name! Grrr. Decisions. ;)

  • http://thehillsarealiveblog.com/ Anne Hill

    Hey you gotta do what feels set for you! I didn’t change my last name on my passport for 6 years haha

  • http://www.freeborboleta.com/ Fran

    I changed my last name but that’s because I used to have my stepdad’s last name (long story) and I hated it so I was like “hey, hey new last name” but I think if I still had had my ‘original’ last name, I would’ve had a seriously hard time changing it haha

  • http://awayfromtenerife.blogspot.com/ Irene @ Away from Tenerife

    Maybe I haven’t travelled enough but I find it hard to imagine why not changing your last name would make it more difficult to travel or to handle couple situations.

    In Spain we don’t change our names and both father and mother pass their names to their children, as we have two family names, the first one coming from the father and the second one coming from the mother. I think now it is even legally allowed to change the order in case the parents want to or if the name of the mother is kind of disappearing.

    Having said all that and with a foreign boyfriend I sometimes think of what I’d do, as having two family names myself I think it’d be weird to add my future husband’s. I guess I’d either drop them alltogether or don’t change them at all … anyway, the time hasn’t arrived yet to worry about those details :)

  • Amber Marie

    It’s funny that this post came up, because for the first time in my life I recently considered the whole name thing for when the time does come. I have a live-in-boyfriend…or maybe I’m the live-in-girlfriend (???), either way, we already operate as family unit, and we haven’t got married yet not because of commitment issues, just simply because it’s not the right time. We’re not in a financial position, we’re both focusing on getting stabilized in careers, among other misc. reasons. Our marriage is going to be a celebration-not an official status. We already have agreed to forever. My friends don’t get it. I wouldn’t dare bringing up perhaps keeping my own name when we get married, but I have thought about it. It doesn’t mean I love him any less or that we’re not committed…I just realized since my father only had girls, I would be the last to have his name…and if I had kids I would still give them my partner’s name, but I feel like I could still do something with my own…one day I may get a doctorate degree or write a book…I think I would feel a deeper sense of pride with the name I was born with in those accomplishments-absolutely no offense to my partner or his family. Does that make sense?

  • http://patriciabinfrance.blogspot.fr/ Patricia B

    In France, this isn’t much of an issue. I automatically became Patricia MaidenName SPOUSE: NewName on all official documents. You get to decide whether or not you want to add your married name, but you always keep your maiden name either way. On papers they usually have a place for you to put your real last name (which they consider to be your maiden name) and another spot for the last name that you go by (married name).

    As for the States, it sounds like the name change is be long and complicated when you attempt to switch while abroad so I’m just putting it off. It’s not currently posing any sort of problem, so why switch?

  • Boughtin Baby

    I changed my name immediately and excitedly, but about five months later I realized that my maiden name was someone I was proud of and spent 26 years getting to know. It’s a strange feeling knowing I am someone new now!

  • http://wishfully.org/ Grey

    I’m getting married this year, and I doubt I will end up taking my fiance’s difficult to spell and pronounce last name. I’ve thought about just doing what it seems you do: use my maiden name for legal and work purposes and use his last name for social purposes. i didn’t know that having a different last name from your husband could cause travel hassles though!

  • http://www.sarainlepetitvillage.com/ Sara Louise

    I haven’t changed my name either and I don’t have any plans to. It’s not a feminist statement or anything, it’s just that it’s MY name and I like it. On Facebook I’ve hyphened my name to my husband’s and maybe I might hyphen it for real one day, but I’ll never swap my name for his. I would feel strange.

  • Synnøve Rakbbevåg

    my surname is a rare one actualy, and I wood newer change it. I don’t tink it methers if you have difrent names. and whats confusing about that for the cidos I wander.

  • Ech

    Growing up I always assumed I’d change my name. But when the time came to go through with it, I didn’t want to. I love my maiden name. It’s unique and a big part of me. But it meant so much to my husband for me to take his name so I did it for him.

  • kayleigh maryon

    Hey I totally agree with you. I feel like my last name is so much a part of me I would be lost without it. My name means a lot to me so I won’t ever change it. I think everyone has a different opinion on the subject and its whatever makes you feel comfortable.

  • http://montgomeryfest.com/ Annie Montgomery

    Heck yeah. Whatever works for you, I say. I’m in the opposite boat. I changed my name to his (my maiden name is totally regional and no one outside the area can pronounce it, so I knew early on it would probably get the sack..I was so tired of spelling it out to people when traveling!) and then we moved to Belgium where no one does such a thing. So, we introduce ourselves as ‘The M..’s and often get the reaction – ‘HE’S Mr. M, but WHO are YOU?!’ ugh.