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Today I have Whitney from The Married Me discussing Segway tours. Now, we have traveled quite a bit and have never, ever tried a Segway tour before! B is all about taking one but I’m afraid I’ll crash into a vehicle. I did crash into mailboxes when I used to ride bicycles as a child, so…

Looking to try something new when you travel? I have just the idea for you! I should probably preface this post with a warning that when my husband, Chris, and I travel we tend to keep it pretty touristy. We’re not those people who can travel to a foreign country and just assimilate in. So if you are someone who likes to visit a new city and blend in with the locals then this option probably isn’t for you. You will stick out. Trust me! However, if you are up for some fun and looking for a unique way to explore a new city then I have just the idea for you, Segway tours!

Segway tours on vacation

Segway tours happen to be a favorite when we travel! This whole idea started back in 2009 when my husband, then boyfriend, and I took a Segway tour for fun in our capital city, Indianapolis. We mainly went to ride a Segway (bucket list!) because how else do you get to ride around on that modern contraption? We soon realized we loved them and made it a goal of ours to attempt a Segway tour in every city we traveled to if time permitted. We’ve since Segwayed ourselves through St. Louis and Columbus, Ohio and have plans to do the same in Las Vegas this spring!

Segway tour

My favorite time to take a tour is the first morning we have in the new city. The tours offered often give you lots of useful information for navigating the city and other great insider tips. Now your experience from tour guide to tour guide will differ but we have found that Segway guides are pretty awesome people! They are locals themselves and can often offer insider information on the best places to eat and visit in town. This information is most useful at the beginning of your trip so touring early helps! What makes Segway tours so great is that they allow you to cover more distance than you usually would get to on foot. This means you see more of the wonderful city but not at the sake of your poor feet! It has also been our experience that the tour groups are often pretty small which we find nice. In fact our St. Louis tour ended up just being my husband and I and our tour guide. The intimate experience meant we heard a lot of great local stories from our guide!

So the next time you are in a major city and are looking for something different to do I encourage you to try out a Segway tour for yourself!

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Have you ever booked a Segway tour?


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  • vintagezest

    I have never done one, but a few years ago we we supposed to be booked for a tour in Split, Croatia…until it started to rain. For safety reasons, we couldn’t go on it, but it’s probably just as well because we were able to walk the entire area. I think it’s an especially great idea for large cities, and a great option to hop-on, hop-off buses or bicycle tours. Thanks for the info!

    • Whitney Morris

      I have actually done one in the rain. It wasn’t very pleasant. Lol!

  • Vanishing Point

    I did a Segway tour in Madrid. It was a great way to see the city and our guide was excellent. It was my first time on a Segway and i was worried id crash into something too, but ended up having a great time.

    • Whitney Morris

      I found them easier to navigate than I expected! Plus each time you take one you get better!

  • Lisa K

    I did the Segway tour in Columbus & thought it was a ton of fun! I just did the regular one over the summer, but they also have a Christmas one & they give you a head set to listen to Christmas carols while you look at the lights. I’d like to do that one, too…only not if there’s ice because I picture that being a disaster!

    • Whitney Morris

      I’d LOVE to take a Christmas one! Omg! That sounds so perfect! I’d be scared of the ice too though :)

  • Anna

    Am interested in trying a Segway tour one day. One reason is it seems like a really convenient way to explore a new city, the other reason is just because it looks so fun!

    • Whitney Morris

      I find it way more convenient than walking everywhere! And it for sure is fun!

  • Kaelene Spence

    I have always been interested about what was up with the Segway tour groups. Not sure I would want to do one just yet but maybe one day I will have to give it a try.

    • Whitney Morris

      Be brave! :)

  • Anathalia Santos

    I took a Segway tour at Savannah, GA and I loved it! Actually, I loved it so much that I took it again when I went back. It’s so fun!

    • Whitney Morris

      Ha! Thats a whole new level! The same tour twice :)

  • Anna Belle

    My best friend loves them, but I have never been! I’ll have to check it out… I do love exploring new cities.

    • Whitney Morris

      I bet you’d enjoy it! Its so much fun!

  • DC Minute

    I’d totally crash. But I love watching everyone else on ’em! And I even like to play tourist in my own city – who wants to blend in? :)

    • Whitney Morris

      They are much easier to use than you think! Plus they don’t go all that fast!

  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    I’ve always wanted to try riding on one of those things… But something tells me I would end up in a ditch.

    ~ Country Girl’s Daybook, recently posted: #whywemarch

    • Whitney Morris

      I promise that it is much easier than it seems! All you have to do is lean forward (and no you can’t just fall over the handlebars.) Plus when you take the tours they usually lock the speed on you anyway so you can only go so fast!