top posts of 2013

top posts of 2013

2013 has come to an end and first and foremost, I want to thank all of you for sticking around and reading my blog. When I created this little space while living abroad in Scotland, I had no idea that it would grow to become such a creative outlet — and never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d make lifelong friends because of it.

The beautiful thing about blogging is that when you’re vulnerable and decide to share your ups and downs with the entire world, you receive support in return. This support makes life a little easier and I’m certain it made 2013 a better year for me.

So here’s to 2014. I couldn’t imagine a more excellent way to ring of the New Year than to share my favorite posts of 2013 with you all. ;)

improve your photography

1. Ways to improve your photography
In 2013, I started to write about photography, my new hobby. Since I was taking so many photography classes, I shared ways you can improve your photography. It doesn’t matter if you have a point and shoot or nice DSLR — follow these tips and rules and I promise your photographs will look amazing.

living with anxiety

2. Just breathe
This was the first time I really opened up on my blog and the response was amazing. I received countless emails about bloggers going through the same thing, and in a way, I felt like I was helping out by sharing my experience with anxiety.

top travel apps

3. Top travel apps I can’t live without
Since we travel often, I shared the top travel apps I can’t live without. We have these apps on our smartphones and iPad and they make traveling so much easier.

how to use your instagram photos

4. Ways to use your Instagram photos
Since we’re all about remember special moments in our lives, I shared ways you can use your Instagram photos for just that. Whether you use these apps to print out polaroids or create fun magnets for your home,

chocolate chip banana bread recipe

5. Chocolate chip banana bread
I blogged about one of my favorite recipes: chocolate chip banana bread. This banana bread is fluffy, moist, and you can use chocolate chips or peanut butter chips. Yummy!

Savannah, Georgia

6. Savannah, Georgia
While driving from Florida to Boston, Massachusetts, we stopped in Savannah, Georgia for a few days and enjoyed a gorgeous bed and breakfast. The dogs had a blast being spoiled with treats, and we got some great photographs of the town.

DIY bath salts

7. DIY bath salts
Since I’m obsessed with baths and bath salts, I shared an easy way to create your own bath salts with essential oils. This recipe is also perfect for creating gifts for family and friends.

Marrakech, Morocco

8. Marrakech, Morocco
While we were living abroad, we found that one of our favorite countries to visit was Morocco. We rode camels, drove through the Atlas Mountains, had lunch at an Imam’s house, and passed out pencils and candy to local children. It’s one of those trips we’ll never forget.

Athens, Greece

9. Athens, Greece
I never imagined I’d explore the Parthenon, Temple of Zeus and Panathenaic Stadium, but that’s exactly what we did in Athens and it was wonderful.


10. Sometimes a staycation is all you need
Even though hopping on a plane is one of our favorite things to do, relaxing in our own city is always a fun and relaxing time. Sometimes a staycation is all you need. Have you had one lately?

Oktoberfest in Munich

11. Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
One of the best things about blogging is documenting all of the fun vacations we’ve taken. In this post, I shared photos from our trip to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest. We ate brats and sourkrat, enjoyed beers as big as our head, and visited my family in Munich.

Traveling to Amsterdam

12. Scenes from Amsterdam
Speaking of vacations, our weekend trip to Amsterdam was a lot of fun. Here are a few snapshots from our trip to the gorgeous city!

Best photo poses for women

13. Portraits in Beacon Hill
The biggest change in 2013 came when I started my photography business, Voyage Photography Studio, and started building my portfolio here in Boston. I had a wonderful shoot in Beacon Hill and Boston Common, and they’re still some of my favorite photos.

Now it’s your turn. What would you like to see on this blog?


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  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    Looking forward to reading back over these… I’m new to your corner of the www.

    Happy New Year!

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Welcome and happy new year to you too!

  • Z K

    I love catching up on everything from your blog I haven’t yet read – all of these sound so wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. :]

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks for reading! :)

  • Jade Moat

    You had some fantastic posts in 2013! I was so pleased to become your blogging friend too :)

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Yay for blog friends! :)

  • adventuresofalondonkiwi

    What a year!! May 2014 be as full of fun and travel.

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Thanks so much! I hope you have a wonderful 2014. :)

  • Amicia Rai

    Oh yey! I’m a recent follower so I haven’t read any of those posts yet! ^_^ I will do so now! :)

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Welcome! :)

  • Gina Alyse

    Oh, this post was awesome! I can’t wait to read the travel app one and the Morocco one because I’m going there this year! Have an amazing start to 2014 :)

    xo, gina

    • Postcards from Rachel

      You will have such a blast there!

  • Fran

    Yay! Happy new year!