blogging and social media | a guide for beginners

I’ve been on a blogging tutorial kick lately, so why not talk about social media? Here are some important tips I think every blogger should keep in mind:

Blogging And Social Media

1. Use your blog name and make sure your handles match.
If your blog name is “Puppies and Kittens” (hehe) but your social media handle is “ChristineM123” how will people find you? Make it easier on your readers by using your blog name and ensuring that all handles match or are as similar as possible. Since my blog name is “Postcards from Rachel”, my Twitter handle is @PostcardsRachel, my Pinterest account is @PostcardsRachel, and my Instagram handle is @PostcardsfromRachel. You get the idea!

2. Promote other bloggers’ content and they’ll return the favor.
We’re all trying to grow our presence on the Interwebz, so why not help each other out? Tweet and Facebook some of your favorite bloggers’ links and I’m sure they’ll do the same for you.

3. Display your social media buttons on your blog.
If I find a blog with great content, I’ll most likely follow that person on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to stay up-to-date. However, if their social media buttons aren’t in a prominent location on their website, I’m not going to waste my time by digging around for them. Make sure your social media buttons are front and center! Or front and sidebar…

4. Continuously pin your posts on Pinterest.
Every few days, I pin some of my most popular posts. It’s a tedious process and if you pin your junk too much you’ll probably annoy your followers, but eventually you’ll see increased traffic. Make sure you have an interesting photo with text and you’re good to go. Oh, and make sure to #hashtag that shiz so people can find your pins in a search.

5. Use Buffer and/or HootSuite.
Not only can you use Buffer and HootSuite to shorten URLs and to schedule tweets throughout the day, but you can also use it to keep track of clicks and retweets since they give you access to analytics. This is a great way to measure interaction and find out which posts your readers enjoy.

6. Find bloggers in the same niche and add them.
I love using social media for networking and on occasion I go crazy and add a million people on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. This is always a win-win situation for me because I find new blogs and they usually add me back. Hooray!

7. Create a Facebook page for your blog.
I don’t get a ton of traffic from my blog’s Facebook page, but if it’s a really good post, I’ll get some clicks. I do think that Facebook is a great way to interact with your readers by sharing fun photos, quotes, and life updates.

8. Share your posts on Google+.
I still don’t quite understand everything about Google+ but I do know that the blog posts I share on Google+ almost always show up in search results. An easy way to get traffic to your blog? I think so!

Any other tips? How do you keep up with social media?


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  • Beka Johnson

    I haven’t even dove into Google+. I’m still trying to figure out Twitter. It’s so fast and by the time I tweet something it says ’10 new tweets’ aaaah =)

    These are good tips! Thanks for sharing.

  • Amy Lynne Hayes

    Great suggestions, all around! I have yet to jump into using Buffer or HootSuite, but I definitely see the value in what they do. I just haven’t had time to sit down and learn yet another interface! One of these days… lol

  • Chantal

    I’m not giving in to Google+ Not yet!

  • Megan Thudium

    I love it Rachel! Tweeting it just for you…and me. ;)

  • Kaelene Spence

    Great suggestions, I love using hootsuite for my tweets as well, so nice being able to schedule a day of tweets and just go on with your day. I don’t understand Google+ yet but Will have to check it out.

  • Sarah Shumate

    Ugh – social media. I know I’m not the only blogger who absolutely hates it, but accepts it as a necessary evil. I have tried to get into it, but the only ones I like are Instagram {because I love photos, obv} and Pinterest {because it’s useful for my trip planning}. All the others are just something else I’m forced to keep up with. How about you do a post on how to fall in love with social media? I could use that one. ;o)

    • Suzy @ Joy Is At Home

      Love your post! Social media…. ugh. I love instagram & pinterest but beyond that I totally suck. :)

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  • Anna

    Thanks for the good tips. I definitely need to get Twitter, I keep reading everywhere how it helps but I keep putting it off. I have Google+ but don`t understand it all either! If you do eventually understand it then a post on it would be very helpful for people like me :)

  • Quyen Nguyen

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. I haven’t really done anything with Facebook and Google+ yet, trying to find the time! I prefer Instagram the most.

  • Jessa Olson

    I need to get more into Google+ but I just can’t get into it.

  • Madi

    I hadn’t thought about the connection to posting on Google + to getting search hits… Interestinggg… I HATE it when a blogger has different names, I need it to be easy for me to find you if I need to say hey! :)

  • Claire (@Kurea_San)

    Great post. Thanks for all the advise.
    Claire xx
    somewhere… beyond the sea

  • Fran

    Oh, bloggers with different names are so confusing! I need to know who you are if you’re liking my pics on instagram haha

  • Patricia B

    This is great advice, even for people who’ve been blogging for a while. I’d never thought of pinning my posts more than once. Thanks Rachel!

  • Elizabeth Lynn

    Thanks for the great tips! I really need to get into Google Plus more.

  • Lisa K

    I gave in and started a Twitter just for my blog, and now I think I like it more than Facebook…except for the fact that Twitter cuts you off. Sometimes I get a little wordy, haha… As for Google +, maybe one day! Thanks for sharing your advice!

  • Christina McCall

    Thanks for the tips! I haven’t really utilized my G+ account, but I may have to do so now :)

  • Christina McCall

    PS … I definitely violate #1 on the list, but my photography biz & twitter account long preceded my current blog name & there’s no way I could keep up with two twitter accounts!

  • Claire

    A great help! Thank you

  • Marisha Bailey

    These are all great tips, I still need to switch a few things over, but i’ve now completely most of them!


  • Autumn

    This is a great list! I always try to give some love to other bloggers posts because I genuinely like them, but in my experience it usually just gets a thank you and rarely do I find them sharing my content. Maybe because their blogs are too big so they don’t check out the blogs that they interact with?

  • Anna

    Great advice Rachel. Google+ is definitely becoming more important. I also share the sentiments re Facebook page. It’s pretty useless as a referrer but it’s good to have and I like using it to share my instagrams, pinterests and maybe other things that are related to the blog (and travels) as well as blog posts themselves. You’re right, sharing isn’t just about sharing your own work.

  • Elizabeth Mayberry

    thinking i should finally figure this whole hootsuit thing out! great advice Rach! :)

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  • adventuresofalondonkiwi

    Great advice – and yep Google+ helps your posts appear in the Google search engines.

  • J & A Tandy

    This is great advice. I’ve been reading various stats about Pinterest. It’s rapidly becoming the largest form of social media.

    Apparently I was out of the loop on this one for a while. Just started using it a month ago. Any advice on how to grow that following? -April

  • Tiffany

    Awesome tips! I’m not very familiar with Google+ either. I’m working on understanding it better though.

  • Krystal{Perfect Enough For Us}

    Google+ Seems to be a great mystery however I have found that because of it, if you search my name on Google posts from my blog come up on the first page. That’s a winner for me.

  • Cecil Vedemil

    This tips are great, not the typical boring advice that’s out there. Thanks a lot for sharing and I’ll definetly keep these in mind :)

    xx Cecil //