$200 paypal cash giveaway

These ladies have joined together with me to offer one lucky reader $200 in cold, hard, Paypal cash. Yep. We could all use a little money about now, eh? Also, it’s never a terrible thing to splurge every now and again. Here’s to hoping you win! Don’t forget to read the rules as well as enter daily via twitter! The more entries you put in, the more likely Mr. random robot rafflecopter guy will pick you. :)


1.Scattered Seashells || 2. The Nectar Collective || 3. Postcards from Rachel || 4. Simply Clarke || 5. Eat, See, Do || 6. Diaries of an Essex Girl || 7. The Happy Type || 8. Venus Trapped in Mars || 9.Northern Belle Diaries || 10. The Bradleys || 11.A Moving Story || 12. Living in Another Language


1. Winner will be notified February 7-10th.
2. Winner will be verified. If the winner cannot be verified, a new one will be selected.
3. The winner has 48 hours to claim their prize after the notifying email has been sent out.
If they do not respond to the email within the 48 hours a new winner will be selected.

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  • http://www.geezlouiseblog.com/ Kalyn V

    I could use $200 for so many things! But I really need to get my hair done… so I guess that would be the first thing I’d do!

  • http://erineflynn.com/ Erin

    I’d probably use it to buy a bed frame–we’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Ugh!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Have you checked Overstock? We’ll be getting our new frame from there because they’re cheap! Then I plan on *attempting* to make our headboard. We’ll see if that works…

  • Maggie Wallace

    I would buy new clothes for my internship!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Congrats on the internship!

  • http://www.crazytragicalmostmagic.com/ Michael

    LOFT spending spree!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      My.favorite.store. Love it!

  • http://teri-b.tumblr.com/ Teri

    WINE. I’d buy wine. Or chocolate. Or both!!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Definitely both. Good luck!

  • http://BecomingBailey.com/ Bailey @ Becoming Bailey

    I would spend the $200 on blog sponsorships!

  • http://theannabelleblog.com/ Anna Belle

    I would get my house cleaned (seriously there is nothing nicer) and then have a really really nice steak dinner (with fancy cocktails)!

  • Rebecca Powell

    I’d use it on for food/cooking supplies so I could make some fancier meals for myself :)

  • Ashli Hall

    clothes & cute boots!!

  • Alisha B.

    Id def use the $200 to treat myself to a little shopping spree! After the holidays and buying materials for my biz I def deserve a little treat!

  • Ari_P

    I would spend $200 on new clothes and (probably) a new tattoo

  • ari michael

    I would buy comfy sweater because its freezing!

  • http://blog.stephaniecourt.com/ stephanie court

    I’m saving up for a new camera body so the $200 would definitely go towards that!

  • chantielk

    Love your blog! What am awesome give away, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Tracy McConnachie Collins

    Books – for my next trip on the TransMongolian express and some about making resin jewellery!

  • Nikki


  • http://botanicalcurator.blogspot.com/ Van at Botanical Curator

    I would buy more clothes of course.

  • http://martinisbikinis.blogspot.com/ Emily B.

    Clothes & jewelry shopping! Or I might even save it for some of mu upcoming trips!

  • Justine B

    I’d take a mini vacation up to Northern AZ where it snows!

  • Abby

    I would buy a headboard and new rug!

  • Chloe

    Clothes!! :)

  • http://33sprincess.blogspot.com/ Lisa

    I would get new carpet… I neeed it.. hahaha

  • Sarah Burton

    I really want some LL Bean boots!

  • Mar

    Our trip to Seattle and Alaska this summer! We would treat ourselves to a nice dinner.

  • OhHeyNerdGirl

    Hmm good question! I would spend half on craft supplies and half for Vday gifts for my husband.

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    I would go thrifting for a year!

  • Kayla

    I would use it to help save up for a new camera, thanks for this giveaway :D

  • Blissful Rambles

    Donate $100 to a non profit organization that is focused on helping improve women’s lives and use the other $100 to go towards paying for my college tuition.

  • http://hemborgwife.wordpress.com/ Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

    I would put it towards our Stockholm trip this Spring, maybe a fancy dinner! Or maybe new black boots!

  • http://www.sarainlepetitvillage.com/ Sara Louise

    I’d use the money to spoil my dog with a new bed, bowls, collar and leash for his new home in America :)

  • http://mrsgaeul.com/ Autumn

    I would use it towards a vacation! I really want to visit Taiwan soon. :)

  • http://www.fizzandfrosting.com/ Lauren {Fizz & Frosting}

    I’d put it towards some new Spring clothes. My wardrobe could use some brights and color!

  • Anathalia Santos

    A girl can never have enough boots, right? ;)

  • http://shanascott.blogspot.com/ Shana

    I would buy my boys winter wardrobes for this coming season! I get totally excited about buying them clothes! I’m weird!

  • Change of Art

    What a fun (and practical) idea for a giveaway! I was introduced to a few new blogs I’d like to get to know, too. I’d use to pay down bills from my struggling business. (Boring, I know.)

  • http://www.strollingabout.blogspot.com/ Maggie Frej

    I would spen it on a trip to Isle of Skye in the north of Scotland

  • Sarah Fav

    This is awesome! I love doing giveaways and getting to participate in others. I would probably spend it on stuff for my instrument – it always needs money haha

  • http://www.freeborboleta.com/ Fran

    Books an clothes shopping haha I’m so boring

  • http://www.sunshine2thesquareinch.blogspot.com/ Beka Johnson

    I’d put the money right towards my Hawaii vacation.

  • Kayti Clayton

    I would definitely use it for my upcoming trip to NYC for Beautycon!

  • Kelly Kimmell

    I would put it toward a new computer!

  • http://vowmovelive.com/ Kyom Aman

    I’d put the money towards a new camera :)

  • Alex Donovan

    I would use it to pay my rent. Practical but so is the life of a broke college student

  • Erica Tighe

    I would buy gold flatware for my kitchen!

  • jennifer

    I would use it towards the “Disney World” trip for my 3yr old.

  • vintagezest

    I would take lessons on how to use my camera… and some camera equipment? :)

  • Karrie Smith

    I would buy fabric to make cute dresses!

  • ashley

    Steve Madden boots that I have been eyeing for my trip to Germany!

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  • Lucki Grrl

    wedding junk! I love buying decorative items, but most of my money is devoted towards bills and wedding vendors.

  • http://megancstroup.blogspot.com/ Megan C. Stroup

    My MacBook Pro fund! My current MacBook is six years old, and it sounds a little like an airplane taking off as I type this. :/

  • steve weber

    I would spend it on concert tickets.

  • LAMusing

    a day at the spa and lunch