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15 Blog Post Ideas

I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired lately so I took a look around my WordPress drafts and blogging notebook and realized that if I would just finish all of these posts, I’d be set for months! Even though I have plenty of blog post ideas right now, writer’s block is inevitable. For those of you who are dealing with writer’s block right now, here are 15 blog post ideas to help you out. Sometimes a post prompt is all we need!

1. Home Tour.
This is the first thing that came to mind since we just purchased our own place and I’m excited to decorate. Even if you live in an apartment, show us some of your favorite areas! I know I’ve instagrammed our apartment kitchen “drink station” a few times and I love to see other bloggers’ spaces since I’m snoopy. ;)

2. Your Jewelry Box.
I’ve been meaning to photograph and write about my favorite pieces of jewelry for ages. I think it’s a great way to share your style and tell stories about the more sentimental items you own.

3. Personal Stories.
I’ve found that I get the most blog views when I share a personal story that is close to my heart. I think that personal stories are refreshing and relatable.

4. Books You’ve Read.
I’m not sure about all of you, but I’m a hardcore bookworm and am always looking for new reads. Why not share your list from this past year? Also, feel free to share books on your must-read list for 2014.

5. A Day in the Life.
These are some of my favorite posts because I get to see what a usual day looks like for some of my favorite bloggers. Be sure to take your DSLR or smartphone camera with you and snap away. Get creative and make it fun; we all love pretty photographs!

6. Pet Guest Post.
Sometimes when I get lazy, Malcolm takes over my blog. Who doesn’t like hearing from cute and furry pets?

7. Skincare Routine.
Tell us about your favorite products. How do you get ready for work? Do you switch up your routine for lady’s night out or a date with your significant other/spouse? Include your favorite washes, toners, serums, and makeup.

8. Your City.
Why not be a tourist in your own city? Take photos and show us your favorite places to explore, restaurants you can’t live without, cafes you blog at, and museums.

9. Recipes.
You can never go wrong with recipes on your blog — just make sure you have plenty of nice photographs to post, too.

10. Reverse Bucket List. 
A couple of my favorite bloggers have shared their reverse bucket lists and it’s such a great idea. Instead of documenting things you want to do, revisit everything you’ve already accomplished.

11. Tutorials.
Whether you’re a photography expert, blogging guru, or interior design star, why not share that knowledge with the rest of us? It will get your blog traffic, plus readers love pinning tutorials!

12. Mood Boards.
I consider mood boards candy for the eyes. I’m always drawn to blog posts with spectacular color palettes, textures, and items on bloggers’ wish lists. Do this for outfits, home decor, and blog designs!

13. Organizational Tips.
It’s the New Year and everyone wants to become more organized. Share your secrets with everyone!

14. Awkward & Awesome. 
Sydney from The Daybook used to document awkward and awesome moments from the week and these posts were hilarious. Plus it was always fun to hear about what she was up to.

15. Introduction Post. 
And last but not least, tell us about yourself! As your blog grows, so will your readership and it’s a smart idea to do an introduction every couple of months. Be sure to link to your most popular posts.

How do you stay inspired?


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  • http://www.theartisticbrunette.com/ Megan Thudium

    Great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  • OhHeyNerdGirl

    This is a super helpful post as I am always at a loss for what to post on my blog.

  • Amber

    LOVE these ideas. I actually have a couple of them in drafts already :) But like you, while I have ideas – it’s still hard to get over that hump and actually WRITE!

  • http://lulug1975.blogspot.co.uk/ Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    Brilliant list!

  • http://www.aventurasdemariposas.blogspot.com/ Lisa

    It’s the little things that are so interesting! I definitely want to do #8 soon – how fun a city tour!!

  • http://flyingonarainbow.blogspot.co.uk/ Jenni @ Flying on a Rainbow

    These are great! It’s always good to have some ideas to fall back on for the days where inspiration just sort of eludes you. I’ll be making a note of these for sure!

  • http://www.rhymeandribbons.com/ Amanda

    I really love the jewellery box idea- what a lovely post that will be to read! x

  • http://hemborgwife.wordpress.com/ Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

    Great Ideas I think you will be seeing quite a few of these from me soon!

  • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

    All great ideas on this list! Definitely pinning this so I can have something to help inspire me one the days writers block hits.

  • http://www.wanderlyn.com/ Eternally WanderLyn

    Great ideas! I already use some of these, but I’ll definitely be implementing some of the others. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Kate Mothes

    This is wonderful, thanks! :D (For some reason this is the first time I’ve been able to get your blog to load in like, a week, so I’m relieved. Ha!) I keep a list similar to this on a variety of papers and Post-Its stuck to my bulletin board just in case I can’t think of anything, and you’ve given me a few more backups.



    Artsy Abroad // http://artsyabroad.blogspot.com

  • http://stylishimoto.blogspot.jp/ Anna

    Great suggestions, thanks for sharing with us! When I start running out of ideas I will definitely be referring back to this post!

  • Jessa Olson

    I love all the advice. Thanks!

  • http://www.freeborboleta.com/ Fran

    these are awesome ideas! Thank you for sharing :)

  • http://likealittlefox.blogspot.com/ gabrielle

    so helpful! all of these ideas are great — it’s hard to come up with new topics all of the time!


  • LO_TS

    Love the idea of a pet guess post – I know my kitties would probably have a lot to say!

  • http://clubnarwhal.blogspot.com/ Amy | Club Narwhal

    Rachel, I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately too and love this list–especially the awkward/awesome idea :) I’m a total snoop too so I can’t wait to see your apartment tour!

  • Annie Montgomery

    these are so great! my draft box starts piling up and its silly to let them go to waste!

  • http://BecomingBailey.com/ Bailey @ Becoming Bailey

    Thank you, Rachel, for this post! I have had writer’s block for a few weeks now.

  • http://www.artofbalanceblog.com/ Codi @ The Art of Balance

    some really great ideas on here Rachel! especially the introduction post. I know I’ve come across blogs where I felt kind of lost as to who they are, their purpose of the blog etc and I think it’d be great to get a little recap on their life. ive got lots of new followers so I should probably do something like this

  • http://www.crazytragicalmostmagic.com/ Michael

    Thanks so much for the ideas! I wrote a lot of these down in my blog planner just now. Hopefully they turn into real posts!

  • http://www.themarriedme.com/ Whitney Morris

    I love reading about books people like! I love to keep my Goodreads stacked with lots of good books so I can keep things fresh. I wrote a few of these ideas down for myself :)

  • http://heleneinbetween.com/ Helene

    these are all excellent. i hate when i can think of what to write. I always just think of a little moment that ws interesting in my life and turn it into something for the blog.

  • http://www.iris-hanlin.com/ Country Girl’s Daybook

    This is great! Thanks for the ideas! I take a hike or a long, silent walk to get inspired. :) Reading great books always helps, too.

    ~ Country Girl’s Daybook

    Recently posted: Vintage Bluebird Locket Giveaway. –> http://bit.ly/1kC6Jgh

  • http://she-travels.net/ Chantal

    Great ideas, thank you for sharing these tips!

  • Alisha B.

    Great ideas!!! Im def in a rut now so I’ll be putting a few of these ideas to good use!

  • Andrea Derr

    Such a helpful post filled with really great ideas :-) Thanks for sharing them!

  • http://carlyblogshere.blogspot.com/ carly

    So many good ideas! Thank you :)

  • fancynonsense

    What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration Rachel.

  • Rebecca Robinson

    what a helpful piece!

  • http://amiciarai.com/ Amicia Rai

    These are fantastic ideas! I love them all! :D

  • La Valise de Louise

    Excellent tips :)

  • Keith

    Thanks for the motivation boost! Your post has given me some good ideas!

  • http://withoutlicense.blogspot.com/ duaba

    omg malcom is so cute!!! i am loving the idea of having my furry ball of mischief take over for a day >_< thanks for the tip!

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  • http://www.lulabelleblog.com/ Lianne

    Love this list! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Tracy@hearts_and_home

    Great list, definitely feeling inspired!
    Thank you, Tracy

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  • He Calls Me Grace


  • http://happinessineverydaylife.com/ Artemis

    Thank you Rachel! This wad very helpful :)

  • Amy Dawn Bishop

    This was super helpful, thanks!

  • http://www.justthegooddays.com/ J & A Tandy

    Thanks for all the great tips!

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  • http://alamaxfield.blogspot.ca/ Nicole Maxfield

    Thanks for such awesome ideas!

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  • http://fashionmagpiejewellery.blogspot.com Leah Wilkinson

    Some great ideas, thanks for the tips. Found you on pinterest

  • Steph Strays

    Great ideas – this post has been bookmarked for those days when I just come up with anything to write. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.


  • Hannah Kane

    These are such great ideas, will definitely be using some of these! Thanks for posting this.. would be great if anybody wanted to check out my blog.. only set up a few weeks ago so it’d be great to get feedback and interest :)


  • Anu Ali-Raatikainen

    I’ve never thought about the “Reverse bucket list”, that’s a great idea! As are the other ones. Thank you for the inspiration! Just found your blog and I think it looks amazing :) xx

    Anu | mylifeasanu.blogspot.com

  • http://pepperexpress.blogspot.com/ Jenn Iversen

    Great IDEAS!!! thanks!

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  • Lalaine

    I think “a day in the life” post is cool. Some peoples lives are completely different from mine and it would be nice to see everyone’s routines from day to day!


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  • http://dreamsandcolourschemes.blogspot.co.uk Sophie Hill

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’d love to do a mood board post one day. Thought I’d let you know that I have featured this in my new blog post ’15 Posts To Put A Stop To Writer’s Block’ (http://dreamsandcolourschemes.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/15-posts-to-put-stop-to-writers-block.html)

    Sophie | http://dreamsandcolourschemes.blogspot.co.uk

  • MK

    great ideas! will have to try each and everyone of these! even though I mainly blog about weddings/love/dating because of my wedding planning business, I can easily relate so many of these ideas to job-related content. i love your site & blog. Thank you for the helpful tips. If you have time, check out my website/blog at http://www.toptierweddings.com/blog

  • http://bylabellefraise.blogspot.com/ Lola Al

    thank you it’s help me alot

  • Suladys

    I so needed this. A lot of wonderful information!!!!

  • http://www.iamkelskels.blogspot.com Kelsey Miklos

    the Awkward/Awesome post is a wonderful idea. I’m known for having stupid/awkward things happen to me, so this is perfect. Thank you!


  • http://www.journeyofbecoming.com Caytie Langford

    Fantastic ideas Rachel!!!! Thank you so much :)

  • http://weheartbeauty.com Larisa

    This is great! Getting writer’s block can be frustrating! xx Larisa @ weheartbeauty.com