10 great reasons to use mineral makeup

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Flipping through a magazine is often like gazing at a portfolio of aesthetic inspiration. However the longer you stare the bold statements of style the more a look becomes less believable for your day-to-day features. The mid-90’s brought about a buzz in the cosmetic industry that resuscitated a trend that daily strutted about the halls of Ancient Egyptian palaces.

We’re talking mineral makeup.

While creamy conventional cosmetics are still loved by many, let’s take a look at 10 great reasons to use mineral makeup:

benefits of mineral makeup

1. Your own personal lighting team – kind of.
It takes a bit of practice, but the luminescence mineral makeup brings to your complexion is enough to make you feel like a celebrity on a red carpet. A few tips if you are switching from foundation to mineral makeup powder:

Tip 1 – Wait until your moisturizer is completely dry before applying.

Tip 2 – Always apply in thin layers. In this case, “less is more” has never been more important.

Tip 3 – Swirl your brush in the powder and make sure to tap off excess product. Repeat layers until you get the amount of coverage you desire.

2. About as “au natural” as you can get.

3. Say bye-bye to blotchy.
It can be extremely difficult for individuals with skin conditions like acne and rosacea to create an even complexion with cosmetics, but mineral-based products absorb oil and camouflage redness. The helpful elements here are silica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are all gentle on the skin.

4. The perfect match for sensitive types.
Sensitive skin screams at the sight of filler, fragrance, and preservatives, but mineral makeup is free of all 3 of these often irritating ingredients.

5. Über vibrant colors.
Found in abundance deep within the Earth, minerals are pulverized and blended to make a rainbow of vivid, iridescent hues.

6. A double dose of SPF.
Do not ditch your sunscreen, but a bonus to using mineral makeup is that it contains zinc and titanium dioxide. Yes, these elements act as a natural sunscreen, but Maria Ricapito of WebMD states, “No mineral makeup is going to give you enough SPF to protect you against damaging ultraviolet rays.”

7. Gives the skin a barrier to trap in moisture.

8. Magic for acne-prone skin.
Mineral makeup lays on top of the surface of the skin and is oil-free, bringing another powerful product to the acne-prone community arsenal.

9. Perfectly paired.
The color of your complexion is unique and mineral makeup boasts customized color for a harmonious skin tone match.

10. Questions? Your dermatologist will know the answer…
If you are unclear as to whether or not mineral makeup is appropriate for your skin, reach out to your dermatologist or esthetician with questions.

Be aware that not all products labeled as “mineral makeup” are uncorrupt of fillers, dyes, and chemicals. Take time to read product labels as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve cosmetics sometimes making manufacturers claims a bit blurry in marketing claims. As alluring as mineral makeup seems, make sure you start with a solid foundation of healthy skin to achieve optimal results. A nutritious diet, consistent exercise, and lots of H2O will do nothing but add to your natural glow…

Elizabeth Rago is a freelance writer specializing in health, wellness, and women’s lifestyle content, working with yoga studios, chiropractors, mental health, and wellness practitioners. Elizabeth writes the weekly column, The Circular Home for Chicago Shopping (an editorial partner of the Chicago Tribune) and is Senior Editor of All Things Girl, highlighting topics related to the modern domestic woman. She has been published in Mamalode Magazine, MOMentumNation.com and thesavvyfreelancer.com. Connect with Elizabeth on Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz, and Google+.


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  • Tara Howisey

    LOVE mineral makeup! Just make sure the brand you buy doesn’t contain bismuth. I had a hair sample done for health reasons and bisthmus had begun building up in my system after 4 years of wearing mineral makeup. Check the label!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Ooh, I didn’t even think about that! What type of foundation do you use now?

      • Tara Howisey

        I use a Laura Mercier’s tinted sunscreen and Lancome’s pressed translucent powder. This works pretty well as I don’t like full coverage and have slightly oily skin. Lancome has a mineral powder available too – may have to give it a go!

        You’re blog is beautiful, by the way. <3


  • http://becomingadorrable.com/ Becca Dorr

    Great points! I was just thinking earlier today that I should try it out. I never have.

  • http://sometimesztakespictures.blogspot.com/ Z K

    This is awesome! Most of my friends have been using mineral makeup for a while, so if I ever end up using foundation (I have /very/ sensitive skin), I’ll probably use this! Thanks for all the tips!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      You have perfect skin so you don’t even need foundation! I’m a little jealous if you can’t tell…

  • BlushandBarbells

    I LOVE mineral makeup, I use it for everything – foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow…it’s so versatile! I really like indie brands that are created by one-woman shops – these women usually understand what we’re looking for.
    Great article!

  • http://lulug1975.blogspot.co.uk/ Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    I didn’t get on with mineral eyeshadow – it made my eyes puff up in an allergic reaction! – but, I love the mineral foundation and blusher. It looks and feels natural.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Oh no! That sounds horrible. I have really sensitive skin and I got huge, puffy eyes when I tried a new cream. I think it was made by Kiehls.

  • http://therococoroamer.blogspot.com/ Brittany Ruth

    I’ve been using Bare Minerals since 2006 and I love it. I hate wearing liquid foundation. Feels and looks cakey.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Yeah, liquid foundation makes my skin way too oily.

  • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

    Bare Minerals is the only kind my skin can tolerate, I love how light it feels on your skin as well much better than a liquid foundation.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      For some reason my skin hated Bare Minerals. I’m having good luck with Tarte though!

  • Jessa Olson

    I love mineral makeup. Its much more of a natural look.

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I think so too! Plus I can’t use liquid foundation because my skin gets too oily.

      • Jessa Olson

        Me too!! I have given up on liquid foundation.

  • http://www.iris-hanlin.com/ Country Girl’s Daybook

    I’ve been using mineral makeup for about a year, and I can definitely tell the difference. I love it!

    ~ Country Girl’s Daybook, recently posted: #whywemarch

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      Which brand do you use? I have Tarte right now!

  • http://www.freeborboleta.com/ Fran

    I’ve been on the fence about trying mineral makeup but I might have to bit the bullet.. I have a crazy acne prone skin (seriously, looks like I’m in middle school some weeks) so this might be a good thing to try!

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I have the same issue… sometimes my skin will be clear and perfect, and sometimes I’ll have a million pimples. It’s so frustrating!!!! And then there’s the hyperpigmentation since I have olive skin. Grrr…

      • http://www.freeborboleta.com/ Fran

        I have the same problem! ugh, so annoying!

  • Madi

    I go back and forth with mineral makeup. I’m always looking for something different, and I’ll bounce back and forth. :/ I think I have cosmetics ADD

    • http://www.postcardsfromrachel.com/ Postcards from Rachel

      I’ve been using Tarte mineral foundation and I like it so far. It doesn’t cover as many flaws as my Clinique city base, but it’s more natural. We shall see…. I also have cosmetic ADD!

  • http://stampinmypassport.blogspot.com/ Jess Boyd

    I was (and still am sort of) a firm believer in mineral makeup. Especially for those of us with pale skin like me; I could never quite find a liquid shade light enough that wouldn’t leave my face a different color than my neck. But now thankfully my acne has decided to clear up and all I wear is tinted moisturizer with a little concealer under my eyes :)