women’s argan oil cooperative in morocco

We took a tour of a women’s Argan oil cooperative in Morocco and it was one of those experiences I’ll always remember. The co-op was in between the Ourika Valley and the Atlas Mountains, and when we arrived, Berber women were preparing the argan tree nuts for production.¬†This oil is made from a nut that only grows in Morocco, so many of these co-ops are scattered around the country.

Women's Argan Oil Cooperative in Marrakech, Morocco

This particular co-op employs widows from the local villages so they are able to support their themselves and their children. All of the work is done by hand so it’s a tedious process, but this ensures that the product is pure.

Women's Argan Oil Cooperative
Argan Oil products from Morocco

Argan oil is commonly used in cosmetics but it also has many culinary uses. The oil has a nutty flavor and can be used for dipping breads and different dressings. We purchased a bottle of pure Argan oil to cook with, and I also found lip gloss and an Argan oil mask.

The prices were more expensive than Argan oil sites you find on the Internet, but the women here use traditional methods to extract the oil and we were able to watch a demonstration. Plus, by purchasing these products, you’re making a difference in these women’s lives. It’s completely worth it!

Argan Oil uses
Argan Oil Co-op tours
Women's Argan Oil Store
Women's Argan Oil Cooperative Tour
Women's Argan Oil Co-op Tour

Have you ever visited an Argan oil co-op?


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  • http://livinitupashayup.wordpress.com/ HayUp

    Big believer in Co-Ops! Great article


  • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

    this looks amazing. and I love Jenna (obviously)

  • Jessica

    That is really cool, I had no idea what the ‘Argan’ in my hair products was :/

  • Shelby E

    I am obsessed with this stuff! I use it in my hair after every wash, so awesome that you got to support women that work hard to make it!!

  • http://mariellegreen.com/ Marielle Green

    What an interesting tour! I’ve gotten my mom hooked on Argan oil; the stuff I find on Amazon says it’s produced by a women’s cooperative. How was cooking with it?

  • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

    the more i travel the more i realize that i want to spend my money supporting a greater cause such as this one rather than buy something that was mass produced and causes more problems than anything. i know this is not always possible but when it is i think we should all take advantage!

  • http://www.theargancompany.co.uk Hari

    Why not check our site!? Our oil contains nothing but 100% pure Argan oil which is collected by the traditional Berber women of morocco and turned into the ‘liquid gold’ we all know and crave. If it’s not what we say then simply just return your product to us, that’s how confident we are!